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Building Home Equity

How long after you purchase a home do you accrue equity in the home?

How long after you purchase a home do you accrue equity in the home?

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There is no hard and fast formula for how quickly you will (or potentially will not) accumulate equity value in your home. Typically, appreciation is dependent on many factors driven by your local market, including: supply of homes on the market, demand for homes by buyers, local wage appreciation and then national factors including interest rates and economic growth.

When you purchase your home, if you put money down that starts you off right out of the gates with equity value. By doing home improvements you can directly impact the value of your home, and potentially equity value. You can also pay off your mortgage over time, which increases equity value (all else being held equal).

Net-net: many things impact equity value, and generally, based on historical data, your home equity value will increase in time.

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