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Chase Mortgage is one of largest mortgage lenders in the US, originating thousands of new mortgage loans each year. You can get a Chase Mortgage Refinance loan, a home purchase loan or even a debt consolidation loan. Chase also offers Chase reverse mortgage loans. Chase Mortgage offers a diverse array of loan products, including fixed rate and ARM products, conforming mortgage loans and jumbo mortgage loans. Chase is a well respected national lender and has a new mortgage program called the 1% Mortgage Cash Back. Chase Mortgage's new program gives customers 1% cash back each month based on their scheduled monthly payment.

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Chase Mortgage and Chase Bank in general is a good source of information to help educate borrowers on what products are available and what loan would suit their needs. Chase Mortgage's customer service is knowledgeable and friendly in helping consumers decide which mortgage products they need. As with any big bank, there is the possibility of a slow mortgage application process. Lastly, Chase Mortgage's new 1% cash back program can result in thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of the loan.

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They layoff my loan officer last Friday
by April 14, 2014

Meaning they are not doing good. Overall very bad. Will close my private client account after closing. All they care is about money. Customer relations is overrated to Chase.

Refi/Cash Out Saga.
by March 6, 2014

I was laid off from my job and my husband and I decided to refinance our current loan and line of credit through Chase and consolidate debt. We currently have a 15 year mortgage - the loan officer was proposing a 30 year mortgage based on one income. After providing all of the documentation, I was informed that we barely qualified for the new loan and that if underwriting found any discrepancy, we would need to bring the exact amount of our savings to the table. Coincidence? I think not!

From a former Chase underwriter
by January 27, 2014

These reviews are mostly unfounded despite having bits and pieces of truth. Please keep in mind that: - Chase and the loan officer do not make money unless your loan closes. - Processors are graded based on customer service - Underwriters have their loans audited to ensure every required piece of documentation is in the file. - Investors wont buy our loans if just one of their requirements are not met. Could be something as simple as the underwriter not asking the borrower about a large deposit

Chase is the worst place to apply for refi
by May 16, 2013

I went to get a home equity loan & got talked into a mortgae refi. After submitting loads of documents to Chase, my refi app just got denied. I have a CR of over 800. The refi amount was half the appraised value (chase appraiser). I think I was denied because I questioned their underwriter's demand for some documents that seemed unreasonable. The loan officer also wondered about that demand. Now I am out $460.00 and am looking to file a complaint!