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Chase Mortgage is one of largest mortgage lenders in the US, originating thousands of new mortgage loans each year. You can get a Chase Mortgage Refinance loan, a home purchase loan or even a debt consolidation loan. Chase also offers Chase reverse mortgage loans. Chase Mortgage offers a diverse array of loan products, including fixed rate and ARM products, conforming mortgage loans and jumbo mortgage loans. Chase is a well respected national lender. As of October 2018, Chase is offering a $500 credit to borrowers who choose to receive a paperless mortgage statement and have their monthly mortgage payment taken automatically  from the borrower's personal Chase checking account.

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Chase Mortgage and Chase Bank in general is a good source of information to help educate borrowers on what products are available and what loan would suit their needs. Chase Mortgage's customer service is knowledgeable and friendly in helping consumers decide which mortgage products they need. As with any big bank, there is the possibility of a slow mortgage application process. Lastly, Chase Mortgage's 1% cash back program can result in thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of the loan.

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If you're now a happy Chase customer, you won't be after your mortgage experience
by March 10, 2020

Chase Mortgage talks a great game but their service is abyssmal. My processor will say whatever he thinks will get me off the phone. He promised that my loan would have a closing date "within 24 hours." He did that FOUR times. Weeks have passed. The date of my loan rate lock has passed. Still no closing. Go elsewhere for your mortgage, unless you're a masochist.

terrible service
by November 28, 2019

my taxes we 3 weeks late the converted my mortgage to an escroll account and it doubled my mortgage. who can handle a double mortgage>?

Never will I work with them again
by October 24, 2019

They purchased my mortgage from my previous provider. Since that point, I have wasted hours of my time with their customer service team that does not care about the consumer. If you have any other choice, go with anyone other than Chase.

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    October 24, 2019
    What is the specific problem you are trying to resolve with Chase? No problem should take hours of time. I am happy to suggest ways of trying to effectively communicate with them, if you share some details with me.
I've never had problems with mortgage lenders or servicing companies, until Chase
by September 3, 2019

Unfortunately my latest mortgage got sold to them after the close, so I didn't even get to choose them. Unfortunately: 1) they've got the worse website for making payments -- won't give you the flexibility that every other mortgage company I've used has. Can't make early, partial, or extra payments dedicated to principal. Just a bit annoying but indicative of their lack of customer friendliness. 2) they kept losing our proof of flood insurance -- literally provided it to them 4 different times in 3 different ways (website upload, fax, mail), but they still charged me $2k for extra flood insurance that they bought 3) worst customer service -- completely condescending; no access to talk to a manager when they didn't address my concern; and of course no resolution of the issue. 4) lying -- they said they'd reached out to my insurance broker and company multiple times, yet I confirmed with both that they'd not received any notification. So, obviously I would NEVER use Chase as a lender if I had a choice....and going forward, I'll check with the original lender to see if Chase is one of their servicing partners. Avoid my wasted hours and heartburn (and $2k)

Chase loves to rip people off
by August 18, 2018

I applied for a mortgage with Chase because I bank there. I was pre-approved. They asked for $500.00 as a good faith, i gave it to them. My application went to under writing and they denied me because My exhusband let his house foreclose. I gave them the note of that house to prove I wasn't on the loan. They still denied me...... I was able to get a loan and approved through another mortgage company. I asked them to deposit my $500.00 back into my account... Today I look and they only deposited $222.00 bank into my account. I feel they ripped me off