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Citimortgage is a great option for new buyers and experienced home owners looking to refinance. They offer a large variety of products and a option for online application. Their nationwide branches coupled with their advanced online portal allows a customer to keep updated throughout the mortgage process. However, their big size has potential problems in terms of flexibility.

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Citimortgage is a subsidiary Citigroup Inc, and according to Wikipedia is “an American multinational investment banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Manhattan, New York City".1 The parent company company has a number of subsidiaries including Citibank.  

The reported that: Citimortgage's headquarter is located in Missouri. In 2014 they had about 16,000 employees. In 2016 they ranked number 12 in terms of residential loan origination. They originated about $24 billion of mortgages.

 Citimortgage offers purchase, refinance, and home equity mortgage loans. They offer a large variety of mortgage products. According to JD Power’s U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study (2016) “CitiMortgage moves up three positions from fifth in 2015 to second this year, with a score of 851". 

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They forward you to another company
by September 23, 2019

I got a loan through CitiMortgage in December of 2018. It took them two months to set everything up (started payments in February), but if I expected competence, frankly, I wouldn't have gotten a mortgage. However, immediately, and without informing me, they forwarded my loan to some company called CenLar. CenLar has absolutely terrible information, user experience, tooling, and customer support. They deserve a 0/10, and given that Citi is responsible, they also deserve a 0/10.

  • 60x60
    September 24, 2020
    I agree with you 100%. More than 2 months have passed, 2 mailings from me - one certified - and I am still trying to resolve an issue and get them to release the money from escrow after the completion of payment on my mortgage. If I were delinquent by more than 7 weeks in payment, they surely would have threatened foreclosure. Would not go to them to finance a doghouse! Worst customer service - with many automated choices on phone but no option to speak with a rep.

  • DC
    October 2, 2019
    It is common for lenders to transfer or sell loans to a firm that specializes in servicing loans. Permission for them to do so is in the loan agreement. Cenlar is a very large company. They should have the tools necessary for you to view your account and to take appropriate actions when necessary. You find their customer support, contact info for them is listed at, abysmal and you are not alone. There are a lot of negative comments available when you do a search for "CenLar reviews." Interestingly, the BBB has an A+ rating, but the average rating from the 137 reviews from customers is one star, The explanation for that, I assume, is that they are such a huge company that the BBB feels the weight of the negative reviews is far outweighed by the number of satisfied customers.
mortgage - new loan - 99 days passed and citi cant get their act together to close.
by July 9, 2014

My loan has not closed in 99 days.... mortgage - new loan - 99 days passed and citi cant get t citi did not ask certain questions till after the contract end date/close date. I asked why were these questions not asked back in the 90 days prior to the contract closing date the entire 3 months citi was "processing" the loan. If these questions were asked at any point in the 3 months they had the application, the questions could have been answered before 10 days after closing and after closing extension.

Go ahead and refinance, ours went smoothly
by June 14, 2014

We kept getting no-closing-cost refinance offers from Citi but were hesitant after reading these reviews. Finally did in late spring of 2014. The process was simple - two phone calls, one fax, and then a notary came to our house and we spent 30 minutes signing the paperwork. We had 18 years left on our mortgage and reduced it to 15, plus our payment is $22 less per month now. Huge savings in interest. I think now that the refinance rush is over and they're not so backed up, Citi refinances go fine.