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The Ditech of today is not the same sub-prime direct-to-consumer lender that ceased operations in February 2010. Relaunched in 2013, the new Ditech is developing co-branded and joint-ventures with 600-plus financial institutions offering mortgages and refinances. It will also offer direct loans, and work with independent loan officers.

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Since 1995, Ditech.com has helped homeowners across the country reach their financial goals, by unlocking equity in their homes, eliminating their high interest debt, and providing them with the extra spending money they need. Ditech leverages technology to provide a quick online application experience. Customers applying with Ditech can receive customer support by phone, where loan consultants are available 24/7, or via online chat. If approved, all the loan documented can be signed electronically online and funds are sent overnight by Fedex.

Fort Washington, PA
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Ditech had low rates, but ran out of cash... like the rest of America.
by April 18, 2012

Too bad the quick refinance loan shops like DItech are all gone now! I'd refi again, but the big banks are too slow and terrible at client services.

Ditech had decent rates, but someone else serviced the loans
by November 5, 2011

I don't even think that Ditech Mortgage exists anymore. They were a leader in refinance mortgage loans and they had decent rates, but their processors were slow and I think that someone else ended up owning and servicing many of the loans anyway... so I would recommend applying with someone else and seeing if you can get a better rate and experience than Ditech.