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Fremont Bank Mortgage is a local lender headquartered in Fremont, CA. Fremont Bank services mortgage loans primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1964, Fremont Bank Mortgage remains independently owned and has expanded to 19 branches located throughout the bay area. Fremont Bank Mortgage's success has been built through its commitment to consumer service and in providing consumers a personal touch to the mortgage application process. Fremont Bank Mortgage offers FHA loan, jumbo loans, and super conforming loans (mortgage loans between the amount $417k to $729k)

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Fremont Bank Mortgage understands the importance of community banking and focuses on providing the best customer service. Fremont Bank Mortgage gives customers a personal touch and personal service, while providing competitive rates you normally see at big banks. With options to secure a loan with no closing cost or hidden fees, Fremont Bank Mortgage offers some of the best rates in the bay area. Fremont Bank Mortgage provides a simple and easy loan application process, but the application process can be slow at times.

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