Ensure Your New Home isn't Going to Cost You a Fortune

Ensure Your New Home isn't Going to Cost You a Fortune
  • Avoid costly mistakes by doing your research before buying a home.

What to look for when buying a new home.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many consumers today aren’t looking at the right aspects of a home when they go to buy. With so many deals on the market it is easy to fixate on the lowest purchase price and just look at the number, but that doesn’t always mean you are going to get the best deal. There are many homes out there that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that you don’t know about. If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, follow these handy tips:

Spotting Water Damage: Bathrooms and kitchens are the most likely culprits for water damage, but windows can also leak. Beware of orange rings around any surface and be sure to ask about any discolorations you see anywhere in the home.

Examine the Basement: The usual workings of a home are all typically found in the basement. Have a look at the quality of the plumbing, electrical, and construction materials used to create the home. Poorly maintained or old equipment in the basement could be costly to repair.

Foundation Checklist: Cracks in the foundation can result in major instability of a home. Check the drywall and all hard surfaces (like the basement slab) for unevenness or cracking. Also, look for large trees, or trees that are likely to grow very big around the home. In time, the roots of these trees could damage your foundation even if there is no visible damage today.

The Rainy Day Check: The easiest way to check if windows, doors, and the roof are well sealed is to visit your desired new home when it’s raining or very windy. This will tell you immediately if there are any critical problems to fix.


KKunal Punjabi, Jun, 2013
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