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Browse our collection of articles to learn more about buying a home and getting a mortgage, whether you are a first timer or a veteran.

Our articles on buying a home cover topics from choosing a realtor, to how to go about securing a home loan, to the ins and outs of FHA loans. It is our goal to  equip you with all you need to know to make the right decisions as you take this big step. You may find more useful material in our archive of Ask Bill questions about buying a home.

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  • Betsalel Cohen
    Is Homebuyer Counseling Beneficial?
    A recently published paper shows that Homebuyer Education and Counseling programs are beneficial. They help create more informed consumers, who make better...
  • Betsalel Cohen
    Mortgage Tips - Getting Qualified for a Mortgage mortgage tips will help guide you through the shopping process. The first step is to get qualified for a mortgage. You can save the most money...
  • Betsalel Cohen
    Home Affordability | Regional HOI Index
    Home Affordability varies over different regions and neighborhoods. Make sure that you look at local data and prepare your finances so that your income...
  • Team
    No Down Mortgage
    The VA, USDA, and some local governments offer no-down mortgages. If you do not qualify, you have several good options for low-down mortgages from...
  • Team
    Conforming Loan
    Conforming loan limit for a one-unit residence in 2012 is $417,000 for most of the US. You must know the limits in your area because...
  • Mark Cappel
    Mortgage After Bankruptcy
    You can qualify for a mortgage after bankruptcy as early as 12 months after the discharge. Learn the FHA and VA's rules for bankruptcy...
  • Mark Cappel
    Home Loans For People With Bad Credit
    Learn about government programs to help homebuyers who have bad credit. You may be eligible for a no- or low-down payment loan...
  • Betsalel Cohen
    PMI: Low Down Payment
    PMI | If you are looking to buy a house and take a mortgage loan with a low down payment then PMI can...
  • Daniel Cohen
    US New Home Sales Plummet in Feb 2011
    New home construction fell to a record low, in February 2011. This happened at the same time that there were a low number of existing homes sold.
  • Daniel Cohen
    7 Reasons to Choose a Mortgage Broker
    7 Reasons to Choose a Mortgage Broker | Read about the advantages of working with a mortgage broker. The biggest reason to work with a broker is that you...
  • BS
    Home Purchase Testimonial
    Read a personal story about a family and their home purchase loan, and gain a better understanding of what's involved.
  • BS
    How to Find a Great Mortgage
    Looking for a great deal on a mortgage but don't know where to begin? Learn how to find the best deal on a mortgage.
  • BS
    Tips for Home Buyers
    Buy a new home before you sell your current one with these home buying tips from
  • FP
    Buying a Home in Today's Market
    Undervalued homes, low interest rates, and less competition make now an ideal time to buy a home.
  • Mark Cappel
    Buying a Foreclosure Today
    Things to Consider When Buying a Foreclosed Home
  • BS
    Buying a Home Step 3: Make an Offer
    The seller may accept your offer to purchase, reject it, or make a counteroffer.
  • Mark Cappel
    How to Buy a Home
    Purchasing a home will most likely be among your largest and most important investments. Determine the pros and cons of owning a home to make the best decision.

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