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HSBC Mortgage Bank is one of the nation's 10 largest banks. HSBC Bank provides a full-range of products and services to individuals through its personal financial services, private banking, commercial banking and corporate, investment banking and markets segments. HSBC Mortgage offers a suite of subprime and prime mortgage loan products, and does lending across home loans, refinance loans, purchase mortgages, reverse mortgages and debt consolidation loans. They have a national footprint and are one of the largest mortgage lenders in the world. HSBC has many retail locations nationwide.

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HSBC Mortgage has many different loan choices and friendly experienced loan officers, they are a great lender for all borrowers and situations.

Charlotte, NC
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It has been a nightmare working with HSBC and Gregory X Doxbeck
by August 7, 2020

We tried to get a mortgage through HSBC and our coordinator was Gregory X Doxbeck. First exchange with Gregory sounded promising but very quickly it all fell apart. Below is a laundry list of the many issues we had in dealing with them. Some of which pretty egregious in my mind... Gregory took off for a week long vacation without any email automatic email responses advising his clients why he is not responding. Only after I get on the phone and spent 1 hour to get someone to help us with our application. Poorly communicated the status of missing documents, which were almost always positioned as last-minute emergencies instead of simple requests. Their online submission process is so inefficient and impossible to track. Constantly sent spam e-mails and texts that have nothing to do with the status of our loan, many of which actually confuse loan process. They processed the $500 appraisal fee without approving the property HOA. Every document sent had to be revised 3 times over and apparently internal communication is a joke. There is no point person that can guide you through the process as Greg in the end proved to be a completely inept and incompetent. I'd read terrible reviews before using them, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt since I used HSB many years back but apparently things have fallen apart there. DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME WITH HSBC and Gregory X Doxbeck.

by April 2, 2016

In late January, 2016 we received a form notification that our personal info (SS#’s, bank acct #’s, etc.) had been breached to an “unauthorized 3rd party.” The law states they had 30 days but this was over that deadline. We spent many a futile hour trying to speak with someone in the US that would give us answers. Finally we were given the name of Heather Kranick ( supposedly the Liaison to the Pres. ( She was absolutely no help and REFUSES to give us the name of this unauthorized 3rd party which we feel we have the right to know. When asked for Messina’s phone number and e-mail address, she didn’t know yet she professes to be his liaison. I goggled his name, got his address and sent him an e-mail which Kranick answered. Their solution is to give us, free of charge, enrollment with Identity Guard for up to $40K. Wow, what a magnanimous gesture! However, if just one of our cards is compromised and maxed out, that $40K won’t cover it. Google HSBC and you will see thousands of complaints against them including laundering drug money, not applying mortgage payments to accounts, etc. They are morally and ethically bankrupt and the most corrupt corporation I have ever seen. I rated them the worst I could but actually would have given them negative ratings.