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Although NBKC only has a few regional offices it is possible to begin an application through an online form or a Toll free number. They offer updated rate tables, that show different options based on state, credit score, purpose of loan (refinance or purchase), and loan duration/type. Their website offers a pre qualified option. Although the website does have an array of calculators and information, some of the information is a bit hard to access.

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NBKC Bank, is a privately owned company, with headquarters in Overland, Kansas.. It was formerly National Bank of Kansas City and was chartered on 1999. It has regional offices in Kansas and Missouri, although it operates it mortgage operations nationally.

NBKC offers a larger variety of mortgage products. According to HMDA data NBKC originated 8329 mortgages in 2016. Of those loans a very high proportion were VA loans (35%). Conventional loans accounted for 61% of the loans and only 4% were FHA loans.  In addition 54% of NBKC 2016 mortgages were refinance, 36% home purchase, and 10% home improvement. For a breakdown by state check out this image

NBKC has an A+ rating with the BBB

Overland Park, KS
Customer Reviews (3)
Excellent service.
by February 11, 2013

Several friends have used National Bank of KC; so I gave them a call. My loan processed as easily and as fast as possible. No hidden fees.

Best loan officer ever from National Bank of Kansas City
by July 27, 2011

I dealt with one person only, he was the most polite, freindly, helpful mortgage loan officer I have ever dealt with. Besides the excellent rate, the service was outstanding.

Wonderful experience
by July 22, 2011

Everything about the process met expectations. Would absolutely recommend and do business with again. Can't beat the rate and the service. All online and over the phone. Notary came to our house for closing. If you are low maintenance and like the online, self directed world, this is the bomb.