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PHH Mortgage offers nationwide service through their website and phone consultations. They offer basic information and tools on their website. PHH Mortgage has what looks to be an easy to use web interface for loan applications free pre-approvals, which is helpful for home purchasers. They offer a variety of mortgage products, including conforming loans, jumbo, FHA, and VA. It isn’t clear if they offer Home Equity Loans or Home Equity Lines of Credit. For those purchasing a home, PHH promises (but see the fine print), “As part of our competitive service guarantee, we'll close your loan by the agreed upon closing date – or we’ll pay you $500.

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About PHH Mortgage

PHH Mortgage is a subsidiary of PHH corporation, headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and with a mortgage origination and mortgage servicing division, according to Wikipedia

According to  PHH's website, they are a leading non-bank mortgage originator. While they only have loan officers in seven states, they operate nationwide through their online and phone services. PHH also has a marketing partnership with Realogy Holdings Corp. providing mortgage originations to more than 700 real estate offices.  PHH Mortgage offers purchase, refinance, and home equity mortgage loans. They offer a large variety of mortgage products. It is possible to obtain a pre-approval through their online service or by speaking with a loan consultant.

According to PHH ranked number 10 in mortgage originations for 2016 with $37 billion, down from $41 billion in 2015. PHH offers a wide variety of mortgage products. 


Mt Laurel, NJ
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Fumbling along
by April 19, 2021

PHH bought our mortgage from Quicken/Rocket Mortgage. They took four weeks to even give us the needed account number to start paying them (two weeks late)! Then they failed to pay the property insurance on time (sending payment three days AFTER is was due to be recieved) and our insurance policy was cacelled.... but wait... there's more: They sent the payment to the wrong address or account number anyways. Now they want to place lender-forced insurance because of their incomptence! PHH needs to be audited!

by April 19, 2021

This company is totally worthless, I have 8yrs of payments just vanished, unexplained fees and adjustments made to my acct when transfered from Ocwen. In 1 yr my 1098 went up 40k from prior year and showing my loan is more that 20k than it was when I purchased it in 2005. Fees for stuff like inspection and certified mail every month and sometimes more than 1 a month at 37.50. Never gotten a piece of certified mail and never had an inspection. My Loan with Ocwen was opened with my escrow in the rears 14k and that is not even possible and with 4k in fees..I purchased in 2005 for 125k paid the 25k off in 2010 yet as of today I owe 143k how is that ... I had over 13500 in payments made to them but not posted for 2yrs.. Never did a refi never added on to my loan everything is about this loan is wrong and I have filed complaint after complaint. Spent 100's of hours trying to speak to people who do not speak good english, sent letters, emails...These people are ocwen just gave it a new name.. BEWARE it is bad enough I am ready to walk away from my home of 16yrs but why stay in it if they only increase my mortgage

Slow processing with A Paper!!!!
by October 6, 2020

60 days and counting on a refi that they solicited us for. The loan is A Paper and still taking for ever. No call backs and when we call them its like one excuse after another. 60days??

Nothing good to say about PHH
by December 12, 2019

Their new "improved" portal screwed up. Gave me a confirmation and NEVER drew Nov payment. Now they want a Late fee and 2 payments. Plus I have to call because they won't let me pay online. Which is wonderful since you can't understand them, no one speaks English period. Last time they royally screwed up my payments, took months to fix. Glorified Loan Shark. Even the web site states Debt collector, not a mortgage company. Ready to refinance or sell just to be rid of them.

New Portal Login Problems
by November 29, 2019

Still can't log into New Portal. All other areas of website are accessible.