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Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company has been around since 1986 and is one of the largest privately held mortgage originators in the US. In 2012, Sierra Pacific did over $5.8 billion in business. Sierra Pacific has wholesale, retail, and correspondent lending divisions. They are licensed in 48 states and have 12 regional loan fulfillment centers.

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Sierra Pacific offers a wide range of home loans, including FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conventional loans. Years of experience. Sierra Pacific offers loans direct to consumer and also operates a wholesale operation that focuses on working with mortgage brokers and independent loan originators.

Folsom, CA
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Used car salesman from California
by April 24, 2020

I went to this company because I heard a good review on Hugh Hewitt. I called and started working with Alfonso Jr, he was very vague about how much it was going to cost, I was very disappointed on the price but I did get my loan. The appraiser came in gave me fair market Price stayed for about an hour and a half measured everything and looked at everything I was pleased with the home price. Fast forward eight months later I get a notification saying somebody check my credit report. It was Alfonso from Sierra Pacific mortgage so I called him,he tried to explain that it was good to check my credit every now and again and that I could get $200 off of my monthly mortgage if I refinance. I was very hesitant knowing that he is a used car salesman from California. He finally talked me into it a week later and we went through the hoops. He told me I needed to get another appraisal which I just had one 8 months earlier, I was very hesitant because I did not have the extra money he guaranteed me it wouldn't be more than $500. Well it was $625. the lady appraiser that came over spent 20 minutes and did not do her job. there was so many Stark differences between the appraisals, I could not believe how much this lady missed including 300 square feet , a room, the Attic, all new flooring upstairs and entryway, complete remodel bathroom and kitchen including granite countertops. It was appalling. Of course didn't hear anything from Alphonso Junior for several weeks. When I finally got ahold of him he told me he couldn't do anything because the appraisal came in so low. I informed him to look at both appraisals and see how bad of a job is second appraisal did.I also informed him that the house across the street that is an exact duplicate of my house sold for $12,000 more than the appraisal that I got from this lady and that house had far less upgrades, six months earlier. He finally told me that I can write a rebuttal asking for a rebuttal to the appraisal. So I wrote one and sent it to him of course didn't hear anything from him for almost 3 weeks. He told me he was working on it. Fast forward 3 more weeks as I attempted to contact him at least once a week to see how it was going never heard anything from him. finally I sent him a text message because that's the only thing he does is text messages, I told him I was going to write a bad review and no longer wanted to work with him. I got a response in 5 minutes. At this time he started mocking me making fun of my grammar and telling me he was going to close my refinance req****.at this time I reminded him I wanted to work with someone else and to please not contact me anymore. Of course he came back mocking my grammar and making fun of me I repeated to him that I no longer wanted to work with him and not to contact me. Of course he responded back making fun of my grammar telling me he was going to close my refinance request. This went on for around five minutes. I tried to contact management and another sales person to get this res*****.of course I still to this day have not heard anything back and I am out $625 on a very poor appraisal. I recommend that you do not use this company and stay local. Sincerely very disappointed D.

Worst company ever!!!
by May 1, 2019

This place is a total joke of a company, check out their reviews in other websites. The place is a total nightmare to do business with and the employees are a cesspool of inexperienced people that can care less. Don’t use this company.