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The Federal Savings Bank is a federally chartered savings bank providing mortgage loans to all 50 states. The Federal Savings Bank offers loans to veterans and has a complete set of mortgage products from FHA loans to conventional fixed and adjustable mortgages. Securing a loan from The Federal Savings Bank loan can be done completely online and over the phone. You'll be assigned your own dedicated mortgage banker to help you with your mortgage loan application from start to finish.

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As a VA mortgage loan specialist, The Federal Savings Bank can be a terrific option for veterans looking to purchase or refinance a home. The Federal Savings Bank has great coverage and can originated loans in all 50 states. They offer competitive rates and provide great consumer service from when your mortgage application is received to when you loan is funded.

Overland Park, KS
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Loan and then Refinance
by November 22, 2014

Our Loan Agent, Chad Reynolds in Arizona was great!! both times we used TFSB. He called us on a regular basis, kept us informed, worked really hard. Then TFSB sold our loan to Chase and everything went down hill. Months later Chad called to say interest rates were down did we want to Refinance. Called Chase to see if they'd refi. NO we didn't qualify. In less than a month we closed w/TFSB (sent a closer to our house) saved us 2 months payments and almost a $100.00 a month on payment. Thanks Chad.