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US Bank Home Mortgage is a leading provider of home purchase, refinance and home equity mortgage loans. With various tools, calculators, and FAQ, the US Bank Home Mortgage website provides valuable information for consumers looking to get a mortgage. They offer online services, including a pre-approval process. While they cover many areas, their loan officers are not located nationwide. In addition to the standard products, US Bank Home Mortgage offers construction loans, investment mortgages, and low down payment purchase products.

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U.S. Bancorp headquarters are located in Minnesota. The commercial bank has nationwide branches and has, according to Wikipedia a “consumer banking division (that) serves consumers and small businesses."

According to, the US Bank Home Mortgage is one of the top five national mortgage originators. They originated through their branches and wholesale department more than $78 billion of mortgages. 

The US Bank reports that they have loan officers in 22 states, however operate nationwide through their wholesale division and online services. US Bank Home Mortgage offers purchase, refinance, and home equity mortgage loans. They offer a large variety of mortgage products.

According to JD Power’s U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study (2016) US Home Mortgage Bank ranked number 17 with a two star rating and 806 total points over the six categories.


Bloomington, MN
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we will take every penny by law from you
by September 12, 2014

They call every month demanding their payment suggesting default counseling when every month the payment comes out of my bank at the same amount same day .

Loved them but they have dropped
by March 17, 2014

I have always loved US BANk but with this new conversion to a separate Mortgage Corp. there has nothing but passing the problem along. No one will take responsibility for any the mistakes on my mortgage or even the responsibility to fix them. I understand that during conversions mistakes get made but the fact that the bank is not fixing these errors in a timely manner is unexcusable. This is a billion dollar company. I expect more professionalism from them.