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Vylla is new but not inexperienced. With personnel that has decades of experience, Vylla understands how difficult the home-buying process can be. Their stated goal is to remake home-buying, so it is a simpler and easier experience.

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Vylla currently has offices located from coast to coast. Vylla has specialized expertise that covers every area of homeownership, including home loan lending, Real Estate brokerage, and title and escrow services.

Aliso Viejo, CA
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Don’t do business with Vylla
by December 15, 2019

I would never recommend Vylla EVER. My wife and I had a horrible experience with this company in July, 2019. We were looking for a lender to get a VA loan and ended up finding speaking with a loan officer from Vylla. His name was Jared Robbins he was so great and optimistic over the phone the first till we spoke and he got us the pre approval for 250k VA Home loan. He told us that he would make sure we were taken care of even if it kept him working a late day or over the weekend. Once we found a realtor we started looking for a home and we found one. We put in a offer and it was accepted and at that moment we payed the earnest and the option period and got all the inspections done within a couple of weeks I was trying to reach Jared and he wouldn’t get back to me and told me to speak to his assistant that would take care of everything for us. Her name was Lisa Keeling this person requested many documents from us that I had ready sent Jared when he pre approved us and I spoke to him and he said he would let her know and never did so she said that it was needed to make sure the underwriter could take care of us. I sent her everything and she emailed me again asking for more things so I sent it to her and there was just a back and forth because she kept asking for more. I asked her to call me because I tried to reach out to her and she never replied so I contacted Jared and after a couple of days he said that she would call me and she never did. They didn’t even work in the same office for some reason so there was really no way of reaching anyone it was horrible to communicate. I was sent some paperwork on a online portal from Carrington Mortgage Services and Jared explained that they are Vylla but the loan is managed by Carrington. I felt like it was a little odd that all this things had been happening but my wife and I just kept going. Long story short a couple days before closing some guy from Vylla contacts me named Dustin Hall and Amanda Castro and he tells me Jared is out because his son is in the hospital and they are missing info for the underwriter so I start sending all our stuff again and more time so we had to push closing a week out and then he told us we are all set in a week. Then the day before closing Dustin hall tells us we cannot close because they need more time and we asked how much and he said maybe a month. We asked why and they said because they couldn’t approve the loan at this time and the Seller say he couldn’t wait any longer. He said sorry but there was nothing they could do for us. At that time we expressed to him that we had already payed over 2k for the process in buying the house and the seller kept the earnest money and everything and he said that was our problem. We told them we wanted them to pay us back because we lost it all and he said no my problem. We spoke to him over a hour trying to understand what happened I even recorded the call because he was so rude to use. From there we lost our dream house and all the money in the process. I would never recommend Vylla to anyone. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. There are so much better lenders out there. We are military and look how they did us.

Exceeded all expectations!
by November 27, 2018

I can't say enough about the pleasant experience I recently had with vylla. I was blown away by everyone's professionalism, knowledge, and genuine level of kindness. The team really knows their stuff, and you can tell they really do care. Within minutes of speaking to a "home specialist", I was transferred to a loan officer, set up with a real estate agent, and the rest is history. Thank you vylla for taking the stress out of buying a home! :)

Smooth and simple
by November 27, 2018

Vylla really makes the process of buying a home simple. They hook you up with a great loan officer and a real estate agent to help you find and then buy a home. I'll definitely be using Vylla when I buy my next home.