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About NBKC Bank

NBKC Bank, formerly National Bank of Kansas City, offers numerous loan products and its willingness to offer a customized solution demonstrates their commitment to finding a loan that is right for the customer. NBKC Bank offers great rates and its strong customer service make it an easy bank to work with.

Overland Park, KS
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NBKC Bank, formerly National Bank of Kansas City was chartered on 1999 and has been a leading mortgage lender in the state of Kansas and Missouri. NBKC Bank offers more than 100 loan products, including a conventional 15 or 30 year fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. NBKC Bank also provides VA loans, USDA loan, Interest Only, and customized mortgage solutions to fit your needs. NBKC Bank prides itself on customer service, believing every customer should be treated with responsive, professional, and courteous service. As one of the ways to give back to the community for its success, NBKC Bank holds a fundraiser each year for United Way.


Strong customer service, low rates, great service from NBKC Bank loan officers


Limited office locations, limited use of technology in application process.

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Not to be trusted

by | March 14, 2013
Be very cautious about using this bank! You will be lead along with assurances that everything is fine...until the last minute. Then you find out the loan is denied. I spent substantial money on a home I was considering...made decision based upon this bank's mortgage broker's assurance that everything was going fine. Then, three weeks before closing, he tells me the loan was denied. So, I suggest you use a local bank and leave this bank be...or make no financial decisions until the money is in your hands.

Excellent service.

by | February 11, 2013
Several friends have used National Bank of KC; so I gave them a call. My loan processed as easily and as fast as possible. No hidden fees.

Poor communication and service

by | October 24, 2012
I got pre-approved and had a house under contract when the loan officer informed there would be an issue with my FHA loan due to credit issues. They said the underwriter did not review my credit, just the income! What! Really?! They said I would not qualify for FHA. I saved my deal with a local lender and closed my FHA loan in days without issue. Shane Cuevas was my loan officer and I would not recommend him to anyone due to lack of knowledge and poor service.

  • TB
    Nov, 2012
    Raytown, MO
    Who did you end up using?

Not great

by | September 9, 2012
NEVER GET MICHELLE O. She had no communication skills and she gave us three different closing dates. We got our hopes up to close on a certain day, and then she would call us saying "Umm, well I need some more of your information". She was not good at all. She ruined our first time homebuying for sure.

Glen Coger

by | August 30, 2012
Wouldn't give me any information on loan qualifiers until I gave SSN. Interrupted me many times in Tel-con and wouldn't let me finish my sentence. Seemed to think he could read my mind before I asked question. How would I have been treated after he put me into a committed position. Glad I didn't do business with this company.

Best Lender To Work With

by | July 25, 2012
I worked with Chris Hendrix who was very experienced, diligent and made the application process flow very smoothly despite unexpected setbacks to meet a tight deadline. He was proactive throughout the process, kept me posted on the status of my application and always returned all my calls in a timely manner despite his busy schedule. I would highly recommend Chris and NBOKC to anyone who is interested in acquiring a mortgage with great rates and excellent service.

Have used National Bank of Kansas City for 4 years in a row...

by | January 31, 2012
I have been speaking with Aspen Hill at the NBOKC for the last 4 years on different homes and she is the best mortgage lending officer that I have ever worked with. She is professional, helpful and she is very timely in her responses. National Bank of Kansas City has exceptionally low rates and they always seem to beat out their competitors (I use Other lenders have told me that they have a hard time competing with NBOKC. You can call Aspen


by | December 19, 2011
You've written loans for every Tom Dick and Harry in the past but when someone with a very high credit score and superb past performance in paying their bills, you turn them down. You are the reason I was against any kind of bail-out and became a Tea Party Member. Thanks for nothing!

Best loan officer ever from National Bank of Kansas City

by | July 27, 2011
I dealt with one person only, he was the most polite, freindly, helpful mortgage loan officer I have ever dealt with. Besides the excellent rate, the service was outstanding.

National Bank of Kansas City Rating

by | July 22, 2011
I rate National Bank of KC a five. Good all around.

Wonderful experience

by | July 22, 2011
Everything about the process met expectations. Would absolutely recommend and do business with again. Can't beat the rate and the service. All online and over the phone. Notary came to our house for closing. If you are low maintenance and like the online, self directed world, this is the bomb.

National Bank of Kansas City review

by | July 18, 2011
National Bank of Kansas City gave me a fantastic rate and was very efficient and friendly. I have no problems with how they handled the entire application process. The only issue I have is that they sold the note before the ink was dry. Don't count on them holding the loan!

Refinance mortgage with National Bank of Kansas City

by | July 18, 2011
Our loan officer at National Bank of KC was a wonderful experience with our Re-Fi-mortgage. He,was personable, responding immediately to every question. My only disappointment with this entire process was the Appraisal. I was told it would be a drive-by Appraisal. I get a knock on my door no phone call ahead of time, she wants to take pictures of the inside of the house. I said I was not informed of this. The appraisal turned out to be $54,000.00 less than we paid three years ago.

Just refinanced with National Bank of Kansas City

by | July 18, 2011
I had a very good experience with this bank. The process was faster than expected--from initial contact to close in less than a month. There were no hiccups or excuses. If an issue came up, the loan officer always had a helpful recommendation or solution.