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About One Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages are becoming a great alternative to traditional mortgage for senior homeowners, and One Reverse Mortgage makes the process easy, understandable, and painless for their borrowers.

San Diego, CA
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One Reverse Mortgage is part of Quicken Loans, the #1 online mortgage lender with more than 33 years of mortgage experience. Based in San Diego, CA, One Reverse Mortgage offers both private and government insured reverse mortgages. They are a FHA and HUD approved lender and are members of the NRMLA. One Reverse Mortgage is dedicated to customer service, helping seniors to get educated and evaluate their options with each step of the reverse mortgage loan process. One Reverse Mortgage is a top 10 HECM lender in the US and offers a variety of tools and estimates on their site so seniors can better understand the product.

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Friendly, knowledgeable loan officers. Understandable loan terms and forms.


Not a lot of flexibility on products.

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by | October 6, 2014
AFTER WORKING WITH THE MORTGAGE PEOPLE FOR A MONTH AND ME SIGING FOR MY WIFE with (power of attorney)for her as she has Mild Dementia hell started. for the next three month I proved three letters from two doctors AS TO HER COMPETENT now and a year ago when she gave me the power of attorney they would not approve the reverse mortgage all though it had been approved before. So it looks like the banking people also must have a doctor degree and can say who is competent are not.

Excellent Company

by | June 4, 2012
Heads and shoulders above the rest.


by | November 9, 2011
This was the most dishonest experience we've ever had. From the beginning the information was misleading. One Reverse claimed to provide services to assist with estimates on home repairs when needed. The estimates were either never giver or were extremely inflated. We were able to find our own repairs immediately at much lower rates. They charged many out-of-pocket fees and refused to provide copies of reports for these services. Elderly should have assistance with this process.

  • JC
    Feb, 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    One Reverse Mortgage has nothing to do with repair estimates. Your house was probably in a sorry state of disrepair. The problem is YOU not your lender.

One Reverse

by | March 7, 2011
My daughter recommended this service to my husband and I and it was excellent. They did exactly what they said they would do and they were very friendly and timely. I would recommend them to all of my friends.

  • RJ
    Apr, 2013
    New York, NY
    Before taking reverse mortgage loan it is better knowing about reverse house loans, and particularly the changes in reverse mortgage expenses could alter your potential future.