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American Credit Foundation's website emphasizes its debt management plan. Unlike most other Consumer Credit Counseling Services, their website doesn't focus on educating consumers or the other services they provide.

Regarding the debt management plan (DMP) that American Credit Foundation offers, based on research by, they don't charge a set up fee, where many firms do. They do charge a monthly service fee that is capped at $39, but may be less.

American Credit Foundation quotes a program of an exact length, not an estimate. 

ACF did not present a detailed plan in writing prior to signing up. They quoted a program of an exact length, but did not break down the interest rates they would obtain from each creditor.  Not presenting a plan in black and white, so a consumer can easily compare it with other proposals differs from the other credit counseling firms researched. 

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About American Credit Foundation

American Credit Foundation (ACF) is a Utah based Consumer Credit Counseling Service. They are a non-profit that was founded in 1999.

American Credit Foundation's credit counselors are certified by the National Institute For Financial Counseling Education. 

ACF is licensed to operate in 23 states, as of November 2018. They are an accredited member of the BBB, with an A+ rating, also as of November 2018.

American Credit Foundation offers a budget review that can be done over the phone.

ACF also offers a debt management plan to consumers who can benefit from it. They enroll unsecured debts greater than $100 for debts such as credit cards, personal loans, and medical bills. They accept accounts already in collections.

American Credit Foundation has a sub-company called Debt Guru.

Midvale, Utah
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by December 10, 2019

After coming up with a plan over the phone, I reconsidered and called back THE SAME DAY to cancel; They assured me they would not pull out the $276 from my bank account or contact my creditors. THEY LIED! Money was pulled out 48 hours ago; my creditors are cancelling my cards as American Credit has apparently renegotiated everything. All these accounts are now being reported to reporting agencies as being closed due to payment arrangements being made and my score has taken a MASSIVE hit! American Credit refuses to return my calls.

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    October 14, 2020
    I know dear...