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Consolidation Plus offers an unsecured personal loan that can be a great option for someone enrolled in a debt settlement program. It slashes the time it takes to settle the debts with creditors, reducing the chances of aggressive collection efforts by a creditor. Consolidation Plus does not currently accept unsolicited loan applications. Origination fees are charged, but there are no pre-payment penalties if you can pay off the loan early.

Consolidation Plus is owned by the Freedom Financial Network, which also owns

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About Consolidation Plus

Consolidation Plus made its first loan in 2011. Consolidation Plus offers debt consolidation loans of $5,000-$65,000 to eligible borrowers who are enrolled in select debt settlement programs.

Consolidation Plus has helped consumers consolidate over $1 billion since 2011.

The Consolidation Plus loan program is innovative. Credit score is not a primary factor used in qualifying customers. The company pays close attention to the most recent payment history on secured debts and the timely payments made to the customers' debt settlement program.

Consumers find value in a Consolidation Plus loan because it provides funds that are used to very rapidly reach and pay out on settlements negotiated on the consumers' debts.


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Financially relieved
by August 30, 2020

Before Consolidation Plus I was making my monthly payments to get out of debt but now with this program I was thrilled with to get on the right track and start to get out of debt sooner. I feel relieved and happy to get on the road out of debt.

New client looking for help
by August 25, 2020

Consolidaition Plus is here to change my life for good.

by August 24, 2020

Maurice was wonderful to work with. Very courteous and knowledgeable.

New Consolidation Plus Program
by August 22, 2020

I was extremely satisfied with the customer service that I received when starting up my Consolidation Plus program. The representative was very helpful and very prompt. I am looking forward to consolidating my debt faster and to have a fresh start and getting my credit score up.

Debt free
by August 15, 2020

My debt will be paid off sooner because of consolidation plus. Thank so much for your help and the peace of mind you gave me.