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Should I Consolidate My Personal And Auto Loan Into One?

I want to consolidate my personal and auto loan into one. Is this the best way to go?

I have a personal loan that I owe $10,500 and have a car loan for $24,000, and would like to consolidate the two to reduce my payments. Would this be the best way to go?

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It may be difficult to consolidate the two accounts into one. Most banks are not willing to lend approximately $30,000 if it is not secured by property. The difficulty in consolidating into a new auto loan is that vehicles are depreciating assets. The purchase price you paid for your vehicle most likely does not resemble its current value. Therefore, a bank may not refinance your auto loan to provide you the amount you need to cover both loans. In most cases if a bank did this it would mean that they will be lending you more than what the vehicle is worth, and that would be taking too much risk. After the financial crisis that banks have experience it is highly unlikely they would taken on such risk.

If you own a home and have sufficient equity you may be able to consolidate the two with an equity line of credit, a second mortgage, or a cash out refinance.

If you are able to obtain a loan to consolidate both debts you want to consider all the fees associated with the new loan and the interest rate. If the total cost of the loan, including interest over the life of the loan, are less than what you would pay on the loans if you continued doing what you are currently doing, then it may make sense to consolidate the accounts into one.

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