Money Coach FAQ

Money Coach FAQ

Learn how Money Coach can help you make better use of your monthly income, cash flow, and assets.

Editor's Note, January 2014: The Money Coach service has changed. Instead of the detailed, free analysis that was provided, you can now speak with someone about some specific financial question you have. The goal is now to point you in the right direction, so you can find the best solution for your unique situation. There is still no charge.

What is Money Coach?

Money Coach is a free, personalized advisory service to help average Americans make better use of their monthly income, cash flow and assets. We focus on assessing our client’s financial health, improving spending habits and optimizing borrowing patterns. Members receive concrete recommendations to manage their income, debt and assets more efficiently.

How does it work?

The Money Coach service begins with an in-depth initial consultation with a Money Coach Advisor. During this consultation, the Advisor will evaluate the member on 25-30 criteria to complete the Member Profile; these questions will focus on a member’s income, assets, debt obligations and spending patterns. At the conclusion of the initial consultation, the Advisor and member will set a date and time for a follow-up consultation to review the Action & Recommendations Plan (or ARP), usually within 48 hours.

The Money Coach Advisor will review the customized Member Profile, along with additional information pulled from third party sources, possibly including credit reports, home value information, average income/ spending information, etc. This review is done after the Initial Consultation and the Action & Recommendations Plan is created out of this review.

During the second consultation, the Advisor will present and share the Action & Recommendations Plan with the member. This consultation will include a review of the member profile, an overall assessment of the members’ financial health, and a detailed review of the Action & Recommendations Plan designed to improve the member’s financial profile with concrete and realistic moves for the member to make.

Who can Money Coach help?

Money Coach is built to serve households that have steady monthly income, some assets and significant ongoing debt obligations and other financial responsibilities — basically the average American household.

The service is not specifically designed for those who are either

  1. Very financially secure (high income, low expense, many assets) and who have access to a private banker or asset manager, or
  2. Younger Americans who have little or no income and are not yet facing more complex money-related questions.

What is the cost?

Money Coach is 100% free — there is no cost to current members. The service will remain at no cost while learns the needs of members. will introduce optional premium services designed to help members make better money decisions. may charge a fee for future members. However, current members will not be charged a fee for standard services.

What is Money Coach?

Money Coach is a service of is the leading resource for free and personalized money help. Founded by a group of financial experts intent on helping consumers save time, money and stress, is designed to give consumers confidence in making money decisions. The site offers useful information, powerful tools, and real money experts to give consumers the information they need in the way they want it.

What is in an ARP?

The Action & Recommendations Plan includes:

  1. An assessment of the member’s financial health (letter grade);
  2. Easy Wins — some easy, short-term moves the member can make to see immediate results;
  3. Listing of concrete moves the member can take to improve their financial health and make better use of the monthly income; also includes timeframes;
  4. Recommendations for services and products that will help the member reach their goals; this may also include "carrots" or services and products that will be available to the member once they complete a few of their moves.

How do I start?

Money Coach is a FREE service of, LLC. To start, call 1-888-849-0170.