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Auto insurance offers you, your passengers, and your car protection in the event of an accident.  Learn about what auto insurance covers and how you can save on auto insurance.  Find out about auto insurance by browsing though the responses of our financial experts to our reader's questions or submit your personal question to Ask Bill.

  • Betsalel Cohen
    Choosing between Life Insurance Term and Unviersal Policy
    Life Insurance: Term vs Universal Policy | Life insurance policies cover for different events. Make sure that you choose a policy that covers your needs and....
  • Betsalel Cohen
    Life Insurance Beneficiary
    Life Insurance Beneficiary | Life insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the person insured. A third-party beneficiary receives benefits...
  • Mark Cappel
    Types of Life Insurance
    Term insurance premiums for younger people in good health who do not use tobacco products is so cheap it is almost a no-brainer decision for heads of households
  • Mark Cappel
    Credit Life Insurance
    Credit life insurance can be purchased when borrowing for a vehicle (such as a car or truck), mortgage, or unsecured debt including credit card debt.
  • Mark Cappel
    Insurance Beneficiary
    If your spouse has not listed someone as a beneficiary, then the distribution will go to your spouse's estate where it will be subject to creditors' claims.
  • Daniel Cohen
    Mortgage Life Insurance
    Free advice on life insurance, disability insurance, and when it makes sense to have these mortgage life insurance or mortgage disability insurance
  • Mark Cappel
    Private Mortgage Insurance
    PMI protects the mortgage company, but does not protect the homeowner. However, it is the only way to buy a home with a low down-payment. Make sure you...
  • Mark Cappel
    Homeowners Insurance & Chapter 7
    Homeowners Insurance, Chapter 7 & Quitting a Property | If you vacate your home, surrendering it to the bank, don't forget to deal with your insurance policy...
  • Mark Cappel
    Warrant-EASE Refund
    Assuming that Warrant-EASE has ceased operations and declared bankruptcy, you have one recourse and that is to find the bankruptcy trustee who is handling the c
  • Mark Cappel
    Cancer Insurance
    Assistance for Cancer Treatment | A few hospitals and other non-profit medical facilities receive funds from the federal government so they can offer free or...
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