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Getting health insurance may cost a lot but not having any insurance could cost you more. Learn about health insurance terms, coverage, and costs. Review specific questions about different real-life situations that readers submitted to our experts and read the detailed answers.  Submit your personal question about any health insurance issue to Ask Bill.

  • Betsalel Cohen
    Choosing between Life Insurance Term and Unviersal Policy
    Life Insurance: Term vs Universal Policy | Life insurance policies cover for different events. Make sure that you choose a policy that covers your needs and....
  • Betsalel Cohen
    Life Insurance Beneficiary
    Life Insurance Beneficiary | Life insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the person insured. A third-party beneficiary receives benefits...
  • Mark Cappel
    Types of Life Insurance
    Term insurance premiums for younger people in good health who do not use tobacco products is so cheap it is almost a no-brainer decision for heads of households
  • Mark Cappel
    Credit Life Insurance
    Credit life insurance can be purchased when borrowing for a vehicle (such as a car or truck), mortgage, or unsecured debt including credit card debt.
  • Mark Cappel
    Insurance Beneficiary
    If your spouse has not listed someone as a beneficiary, then the distribution will go to your spouse's estate where it will be subject to creditors' claims.
  • Daniel Cohen
    Mortgage Life Insurance
    Free advice on life insurance, disability insurance, and when it makes sense to have these mortgage life insurance or mortgage disability insurance
  • Mark Cappel
    Private Mortgage Insurance
    PMI protects the mortgage company, but does not protect the homeowner. However, it is the only way to buy a home with a low down-payment. Make sure you...
  • Mark Cappel
    Homeowners Insurance & Chapter 7
    Homeowners Insurance, Chapter 7 & Quitting a Property | If you vacate your home, surrendering it to the bank, don't forget to deal with your insurance policy...
  • Mark Cappel
    Warrant-EASE Refund
    Assuming that Warrant-EASE has ceased operations and declared bankruptcy, you have one recourse and that is to find the bankruptcy trustee who is handling the c
  • Mark Cappel
    Cancer Insurance
    Assistance for Cancer Treatment | A few hospitals and other non-profit medical facilities receive funds from the federal government so they can offer free or...
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