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About PHH Mortgage

PHH Mortgage has been a good choice for consumers because of their excellent customer service, quality loan products, and easy to use web interface for loan applications and payment options.
Mt Laurel, NJ
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PHH Mortgage is one of the top ten originators of retail residential mortgages in the United States. PHH Mortgage has a goal to provide superior service.PHH Mortgage will offer refinance loans and also purchase mortgage loans.
Instant phone or online loan decisions, informational webpage.
PHH Mortgage has limited locations and face to face interaction with loan officers.

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PHH is a very frustrating company

by | May 28, 2015
I signed up SOLELY so that I could spread the word about how awful my continued experiences with PHH Mortgage / has been. 45 minute holds & then having to hang up while still waiting for customer service to answer; unexplained late fees; no way to have payment withdrawn from bank, payment amounts that change unexpectedly so you can't plan; And I'm trapped until I can refi. That's the worst part. They have no need to change their ways because their customers are CAPTIVE.

Wish I had known what a crappy outfit this was, I have to choose one star? zero is my real choice

by | October 7, 2014
This blankety blank company doesn't even permit you enough space to tell your story. Suffice to say, they gypped us out of $2500 in our closing price because the "lost" the P/S agreement that had been updated with a seller concession of that amount. Never received the home appraisal we paid for and still don't have any communication from them where to send my payments. had to contact KeyBank for that. No confirm of my first payment, except cancelled check online. No response to letter requesting confirm

Lots of Luck

by | June 8, 2014
Perhaps the worst loan servicier in the US. At this point they are repossessing the home that they stole from us. They slammed us with forced place insurance and payed our taxes before we had a chance to so they could add to the balance.The payment became 3 times the amount and everything was figured wrong. Lots of luck with them.

worst morgage company ever!

by | April 22, 2014
Should be less than one star ratings. Cause they FUCKEN SUCK!!!!!!

It's Amazing How Little They Help

by | January 28, 2014
Look at all the reviews. Think before you sign. This is the worst company in the mortgage industry. One horror story after another.

Worst Company EVER!

by | January 21, 2014
transferred their PHH loans directly to PHH. Originally, I was put into the modification loan program in 2010 for 6 months, I was told on many occasions that once I was in the program that as long as I made my payments on time for 6 months I would continue to be in this modified loan. I did exactly what was requested and after 6 months they threw me out of the modified loan and requested payment for all the back balance, which I then paid. I sent every single requested document outlined for the 2009 modification

Nightmare!!! Stay away

by | September 29, 2013
I make mortgage payment every month yet these scam artist charge me late payment every time. Now they are threatening me with foreclosure. These people are a nightmare, stay away from them. Refinance elsewhere!


by | September 19, 2013
I have had PHH for about 5 yrs now..Now my account is always figured wrong.I was sent a letter telling me my account would increase due to escrow and sent a new payment book then in two weeks I was sent another letter telling me a mistake and a new payment book was sent. Last night I got a call telling me I missed a payment found out they sent my payment to escrow. I screamed about my credit because I have NEVER missed a payment oh they said will wave late fees I said YES YOU WILL YOUR FAULT.horrible


by | September 18, 2013
PHH purchased my mortgage several years ago.They failed to pay my insurance premium and left my home unprotected for a full year.Then they send me a letter stating I didn't secure insurance. Had to get new insurance, then I was contacted by the new insurance Co and told they had not paid the premium.Now PHH has decided to back charge me $1,000 for a premium that has never existed because it is in the "mortgage agreement."I have refused to pay and was told it didn't matter they would tack it on payments!

Terrible service. Just terrible

by | September 13, 2013
This company is a nightmare. DO NOT USE them unless you have unlimited time to make phone calls, send letters and be frustrated. I used them for a typical mortgage. My closing day was a fiasco. The paperwork wasn't in place for closing, the closing costs were wrong, I didn't have my total for closing costs until 4 on a friday. Which meant a desperate trip to the bank for a cashier's check. Not to mention EVERY year, I have had to fight to get my taxes paid. Last year I sent my tax bill in 6 times.

Under trained, Dishonest and Poor Business Ethics/Practices

by | September 6, 2013
We found mathematical errors in our escrow account. Contacted PHH on numerous occasions to try to have overages paid back to us. Were constantly redirected or told the matter would have to be investigated further and that they had no record of these overages. This could not possibly be accurate as all mortgage lenders receive HUD statements and copies of all documentation pertaining to the loan. Also did not assume responsibility for property taxes when property taxes are to be paid through escrow.

This company wants to charge me $20 to tell me my payoff amount

by | September 3, 2013
These people are such scam artists, they won't even give my new mortgage company the payoff amount, nor will they give it to me unless I request it in writing and pay them $20. They will send it by U.S. Mail only - no fax, no email, no nothing. You must request by mail and wait for them to decide when they'll send it. Don't use third class lenders like this. They are thieves.

Horrible Customer Service

by | August 30, 2013
I just closed on my loan with PHH Mortgage and it was the worst mortgage transaction I have ever encountered. The mortgage rep did not know what he was doing throughout the entire mortgage process. I ended up paying more for the mortgage than what was disclosed at the beginning. They had to re-appraise a house of mine twice. The PHH mortgage company was asking for documents two days before close that should have been asked a month before close. I was extremely dissatisfied with the transaction.

Cannot even provide you with loan number on the phone

by | August 21, 2013
The IVR system for getting customer support is terrible. The person on the phone cannot provide you basics like your loan number. They are terrible. I am putting a condition on all future loans that it cannot be sold to them.


by | August 21, 2013
Simply put - I have a 15 year mort. paid automatically from my checking account. NEVER ONE LATE PAYMENT. Well, my bank "upgraded" their online services, this resulted in a slight delay of 3 days. I have ALWAYS paid my mortgage on the 10th of every month. Well, holiday weekend, bank error = what? A #^#$ late charge by PHH. Here's the kicker, I found out AFTER MY CREDIT HAD BEEN WRECKED. I have 2 years left on this mortgage, can you believe they actually sent my account to COLLECTIONS? WTF?


by | August 21, 2013
Government intervention is desperately needed. Wake up government officials and help all these victims. COMPLETE INJUSTICE

Intentionally frustrating!!

by | August 20, 2013
Strategy to keep an ethical "appearance". They create walls to prevent you from obtaining necessary information about your account . They annoy you.. make it confusing/difficult, then make constant changes to create delinquencies. When you call the agents are incompetent. They attempt to answer your questions but have limited knowledge on their policies (intentionally in the dark). The difference between upper management "actual" goals and how they keep their employee's belief in co. ethics are separate.

Advice on dealing with PHH. They are in business to make money.. And they do it unethically

by | August 20, 2013
I've had PHH which was a refi since 06/11. In 3 months I started having problems with them due to their underestimate for escrow. Insurance had increased (a partner with PHH). I paid them and 3 months later they claimed I was late again. It's cat and mouse with PHH with continued changes. Essentially hire someone else to handle your escrow account. They cannot move money between accounts if they are not in house. Then you control where the money goes and they cannot play with your payments.

Total Incompetence - 0 rating

by | August 19, 2013
I never would have guessed they'd be so incredibly incompetent. I've had a mortgage with them for 10 years. I have great credit and my only debt is my mortgage. I have given them everything requested right away yet they still missed the closing deadline. 5 months after beginning this process they claim my documentation has expired and we need to start over. My sense is they're hoping I'll cancel so they can charge me the $500 fee. Don't recommend using them at all. I'm looking for another company.

PHH is Incompetent

by | August 16, 2013
My husband and I invested four months into a relationship with PHH in an attempt to refinance our house which at the last minute did not happen. Why? We provided all necessary documentation in a timely manner. What was not timely was the response. So three days before the closing they said they couldn't get it together. Unbelievable. Of course they offered us a higher interest rate because the original had expired. Is this any way to treat an existing customer of 20 years? Lousy business practices.

Can't Wait to Sell My House to Drop PHH

by | August 14, 2013
I have received horrendous service from this mortgage company. Back in February, someone from the company sold us on the idea of re-financing. So we start the process, they push back the close date nearly 5 times back by 4 months. On top of that they ran our credit scores every 60 days (without our consent). They hire/fire loan processors like crazy because our point of contact changed a few times. The customer service was horrendous. Long story, short they ended up charging us $500 cancellation fee!


by | August 3, 2013
I have two loans that were sold to these guys when Schwab got out of the mortgage business. One was for my primary residence. I moved recently and converted it to a rental property and changed my insurance from Homeowners to Landlord. PHH got the cancelation of course, but then claimed they never got the new policy despite my agent filling sending them the info TWICE and then me filling out the info on their site. Turns out they applied it to the WRONG PROPERTY! Now I'm fighting them.

wolf in sheep clothing

by | August 2, 2013
I have had a mortgage for 6 years with PHH. We have also had large medical bills for the past 6 years and now my brother has bladder cancer, I will be the one to take care of him. I have been trying to get something better from PHH. SAVE OUR HOME program is even trying to help. They came up with something we can afford and still eat. PHH sold our home before the deadline. Now we are being forced out and I need back surgery. They don't care about us. It all about the money. There is a place waiting for them

Class action lawsuit

by | July 22, 2013
Does anyone know of any class action lawsuits pending? I've been dealing with these clowns for 4 years now and I'm done. Email me at with info. I think we should all take these CRIMINALS to court

No Problem

by | July 21, 2013
I have dealt with them for a long time with 2 mortgages Never had a problem They are most willing and knowlegeble in all phases of your mortgage always helpful and concerned to give u the best service

Cost me my credit rating and now interest rates are climbing

by | June 29, 2013
This company purchased my mortgage from my original bank. At 66 I struggled but NEVER missed a payment. They contacted me and wanted to refi my home and give me a better rate of 4%. I bit. BIG MISTAKE. I had a payoff amount and a closing date. The inept person I was dealing with changed the date causing me to miss a payment. Now they will not refi and I am stuck with a 6.5% interest rate. I cannot refi now for 6 months because of them and with interest rates rising.

(no title)

by | June 28, 2013
I have never written a review on any product/service or item. However, with my experience with PHH, I feel am compelled to advise all potential customers looking to refinance with PHH. My interest rate has changed three times and my loan is still pending. I have spent several hours providing the same information, over and over. I can never speak with my loan officer, because he is always away from his phone or office. It appears that he works from him. Listen! Do not waste your time.

The worst ripoff artist in the home mortgage industry.

by | June 16, 2013
We were looking for a home refi with no cost. What a mistake, NFM and PHH partners in crime. I ended up with 10K added to my original loan amount. My monthly payments were not what they told me it would be. I never got a refund of monies they claimed I would receive back.Basically I was taken to the cleaners and fleeced. When I asked if I could pay bimonthly they said i would have to pay an extra months payment up front and pay a third party one hundred a month to access this feature. Am I stupid?


by | June 14, 2013
I'm going on my 5th month waiting to close. Everything they asked for was provided immediately. I've been approved, but no one can tell me anything about closing. They have extended the closing 5 times and on the last one raised my rate because I haven't closed yet!! I should have read these reviews first. so I am starting all over with a new company. I can't wait any longer. WORST SERVICE EVER!!

Withdrew money from my bank

by | June 14, 2013
After giving PHH my bank information and putting up with 3 months of being dragged around, I went to a different lender. PHH withdrew money without my approval. A big waste of time and money.

Poor service, beware!

by | June 11, 2013
I already have a mortgage through PHH, and working through them to refinance. It has been 5 months and counting...passed from one processor to the next. Supervisors were no help. Will continue to post on other review sites to make sure everyone is aware of their incompetence.

Never Had an Issue

by | June 5, 2013
My mortgage was sold to PHH shortly after I bought the house. I have not had any issues with them. I've used their website and bill pay set up through my bank and both have worked flawlessly. When I call with a question, I've not been kept on hold too long. I routinely pay my mortgage on the 12th and had started getting calls from the collections department even though not supposed to be late until 16th. They said courtesy reminder calls start the 10th. I asked them to stop and they did. No issues.


by | May 21, 2013
It's rare that I give negative ratings, but my experience with this company has been ridiculous. Too many details to go into, but the customer svc has been wretched. I am supposed to be approved for something and I can't get any details to help make a decision. The paperwork was sent to the wrong address, the customer svc person doesn't respond or is so rude when she does. I was told I can not speak to a supervisor! If I don't comply with this unknown offer, I may lose my house. Very frustrating and wrong


by | May 17, 2013
Words cannot even describe how much I HATE this company, my story is a combination of harassing automated phone calls and several attempts of trying to speak to a customer service rep that eventually got me outsourced to India. I have never had so much problems with a lender, I've been trying to refinance ever since my loan was sold to them, Finally happening but the have "no record" of my refinance and are threatening to foreclose on a loan they don't even OWN ANYMORE!!!!

Run away, go someplace else

by | May 8, 2013
Last year I paid off my mortgage with PHH. I have been a customer for nearly 20 years, never been late with my payments. Two months ago I decided to take out a Cash-Out loan at the low interest rates. I was preapproved and told I could do this in 3 weeks. It's going on 2 months and the underwriter keeps dragging it out. The loan rep. told me it's because refs, cash outs, existing customers go to the bottom of the list. I've started the process with another lender.

settlement participant???

by | May 1, 2013
Does anyone know if. PHH. Is supposed to be part of the national settlement for fraudulent foreclosures?

Run for the hills

by | April 29, 2013
This servicer is by far the worst of the lot. The criminal activity taking place on a daily basis by them would have any one of us thrown under the JAIL if we pulled this crap. But not them. They get to pay a BS settlement along with the rest of the thieves and continue their criminal activity. Long short, they forged my signature on the note and mortgage because they couldn't produce the original when asked by way of a Qualified Written Request. It's anyone's guess who really owns my fraudulent loan.

PHH loans is HORRIBLE! Worst Customer Service EVER

by | April 26, 2013
I cant get in touch with these people, ever. When I try to reset my password, no phone number to call. They upped my payment because I was late and it showed that not enough in escrow to cover my account, so they upped my payment. Took me 3 hours to get an answer why., and still I had to figure it out and explain to the foreign phone operator. Worse service ever. I HATE this company with a passion

PHH Mortgage Predatory Lender & Mortgage Fraud Servicer

by | April 22, 2013
We believe PHH Mortgage is a Predatory Lender who has made a financial decision that it is more profitable for them to foreclose on our home rather than comply with the Making Home Affordable Plan or the Home Owners Assistance Program. We have provided PHH Mortgage all information required for this mortgage company to assist us in providing a program that will keep us in our home. Our “Hardship” is well known and documented with PHH Mortgage - they insist on foreclosure methods for profit.

How has PHH not gone bankrupt?!

by | April 16, 2013
In December of 2011, we attempted to purchase our first home through a short sale offer. The sellers' were overburdened by their mortgages (both held by PHH) and needed to move; a short sale was the only way for them to move on with their lives after their house being on the market for a year and a half. Our offer was submitted and we waited months before hearing back from PHH. Our short sale was passed on to Cartus, a third party organization, who we thought would move the sale along. At the beginning of August 2012, we were notified that our offer would be accepted and we would close on 8/31/12. We hurried to take care of our financing and all the other things that PHH asked us to take care of only to have the closing CALLED OFF two days before! Our lawyers & realtor scrambled to figure out what went wrong, but went months without a response. PHH consultants were VERY hard to get in contact with. In October, we, the sellers, and our realtor agreed to concessions set forth by PHH and we thought after nearly a year, our sale would happen. WRONG! PHH contacted our lawyer and decided to foreclose on the property! To our knowledge, the mortgage payments haven't been paid since February of 2012, the house has been vacant since April 2012, but all taxes are up to date. PHH has lost 14 months of mortgage payments, paid out town/school taxes, and is now paying for the foreclosure fees. We realize that banks take a loss with a short sale, but after adding up those losses, they've taken on more debt than what they would have by accepting our offer! This once beautiful property has been vacant for nearly a year now - the foliage is overgrown and who knows what is happening inside. We had money all ready for them and made a very reasonable offer. We're so disappointed with PHH as they turned our dream of home ownership into a nightmare.

Don't be Fooled like I was. Stay Clear of this company!!!

by | April 12, 2013
I am not one to write reviews but I feel so strong about this one. I can't help but share my experience. Without all the details, this company is not customer-oriented, efficient, professional, or considerate. I predict this company will close its doors and, hopefully not, reopen under another name. I'm not sure if the company has no values or hires incompetent people, or both. Either way, they can only get away with their poor business practices for so long. Don't let them fool you. Please! problems

by | April 9, 2013
Our credit union sold our construction loan to PHH in 2007. All was fine with no complications at 6.3%. We refinanced in 2009 at 4.6 %, again - no problem. In mid October of 2012 we contacted PHH again asking to refinance at a lower interest rate. Six weeks later without complication we again closed at 3.1 %. The first loan was for 30 yrs, the second loan was for 20 yrs, and the most recent was for 15 yrs. In 5 yrs our 30 yr mortgage was reduced to 15 yrs. Payment approx the same. Thanks PHH.

Charged after the loan was closed

by | April 9, 2013
I refinanced with PHH and it was a huge mistake. It took 2 and a half months longer than they said it would, then after the refi was complete, they continued the automatic ACH withdrawals on the old account, effectively double billing me - then they blamed me for it because I "failed to notify them" to stop the ACH withdrawals. I am out nearly $3000 and have to wait over 2 weeks to get it back due to their error.

PHH Mortgage and their Partner-In-Crime Morgan Stanley

by | March 26, 2013
A note I'm leaving for a local locksmith who was in my driveway: Mr , If you change my locks - I will add your firm to my lawsuit against Morgan Stanley and PHH Mortgage, their partner in crime. Morgan Stanley was given over $100 Billion in low-interest loans by our government. Yet they have no desire to help the same taxpayers that saved their "Too Big To Fail" bank... PHH Mortgage harasses me & does not respond to my attempts for restructuring. Do you want to help these crooks?

Don't even go near them

by | March 23, 2013
They won't talk to you if you have questions or problems. If you complain, they refuse to accept your payments and then start foreclosure proceedings against you. Once you fix that problem, they put on your record that you had a deed in lieu of foreclosure that never happened which means you can't refinance with a different lender. VERY SHADY!!!!


by | March 11, 2013
I have to agree with other reviews. Our representative did not speak clear english and did not seem to know what she was doing. I was very disappointed with our refi! I had mortgaged with them before, as had my husband and had no complaints. This refi was a disaster. Poor communication, kept telling us we would be closing and then did not...and did not bother to call and tell us we were not. Asked our representative numerous times, do you have everything you need? Only to find out she didn't! Bad!Bad!

Horrible Company to work with

by | March 4, 2013
When I asked questions they treated me as if I was stupid. They kept asking for more money. They overpaid my taxes. They paid my home insurance to the wrong company and then asked for more money. They mailed me a check for the over payment made out to them. It was the worst and craziest experience I ever had. The refinance took from 5/2012 until 1/2013.

back-door fee

by | March 2, 2013
I make my mortgage payment online each month. This month, there was suddenly a $7.50 fee for paying online. I called customer service, after 20 minutes got to a live person (hardly worth it for $7.50). I asked, "what is up with this $7.50 fee for paying online?" The customer service rep explained that a new policy had recently been put in place. I asked, "what notification did you give your customers of the new policy?" The rep explained that notifications would be going out sometime in the next month.

  • RC
    Mar, 2013
    Grubville, MO
    Did you ever get written correspondence from PHH about the change in policy for the $7.50 charge? I didn't.

  • DH
    Mar, 2013
    Dubuque, IA
    I did finally get a written notice about the $7.50 fee. It was almost a month after I originally discovered it myself, since my next month's payment was almost due by then. I still can't get over that they are charging a fee for me to pay them money. No other bill that I pay online from a checking account charges a fee. I've gone back to mailing my mortgage payments by check.

Truly one of the worst companies in the country.

by | February 24, 2013
I agree with those who have shared dreadful experiences with PHH. My mortgage from Schwab is serviced by PHH. Due to an error on their part, they stopped collecting funds from me in auto-pay. They threw me into the most violent and aggressive collections process I have ever experienced, and it took an executive escalation at Schwab to get them to stop. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.

Stay Away - No Service, No Refiance, No responce - OFF Shored Company

by | February 20, 2013
Unfortunately our mortgage was transferred (sold) from our Credit Union to this Off Shored Company. PHH Mortgage has the worst of consumer ratings possible. Calls go to India. No Service is ever available - this is a virtual company: they do not exist. Requests go unanswered, late fees: they keep tract of that. Don't let your Credit Union do business with this company and sell your mortgage to them - you will live with the mistake for 30 years.

Forced me into bankruptcy

by | February 14, 2013
When PHH suddenly and unexpectedly foreclosed on me (using what my attorney described as a "rare, non-judicial foreclosure") my attorney made repeated attempts to contact their counsel. They did not return any of his calls or answer any of his emails, but continued with the foreclosure at breakneck speed. Finally my lawyer advised me I had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. At the hearing, the judge told their lawyer they had behaved "unconscionably." My credit is wrecked. This organization is monstrous.


by | January 11, 2013
Our mortgage was sold to PHH and their due diligence with the seller who sold my mortgage cost me around $1,300., 3 month (30hrs) just to explain them it is not an error at my end. Transferring me from one department to another and also from one country to another-customer service. If you want to talk to a manager, they are always in a meeting. My frustration and their threating phone calls, penalties, and collection, I decided to pay that amount. PHH is a mortgage mafia which will corner you...

Refinance Fiasco

by | January 9, 2013
This company has been trying to do a refinance on property that I have owned with them for the last 7 years and have never missed a payment. That alone should stand for something. This started in Oct of last year and last week I was denied refinancing because they say my receipt was handwritten and they could not accept it. Hello...all my receipts are handwritten I have provided everything else they asked for except my colonoscopy. 3 months of hell dealing with them to be denied.

PHH Mortgage is not ethical

by | December 18, 2012
I have turned them into the Better Business Bureau only to find they already had 487 similar complaints against them in 3 years. That is a lot folks. If you are thinking about doing business with them I would advise against. I have never been so frustrated with a company. I asked that they stop taking auto payments from an account I had to close and they continued to do so for 2 months. they then returned all payments that I made from my new account and refused to accept any payment at all.

I used to work for this company.

by | December 3, 2012
Ive been a L.O for 12yrs now and I have worked at a few very large companies. I am sorry for everyone who has had trouble, but I promise you employees and companies dont make money off of the cancellation fees or purposely being fruadful. This is a top ten company with only 51 complaints. Google quicken loans and read their reviews. Googel Freedom Mortgage or any other big company for that matter. Of all the companies Ive worked for, PHH was by far the most ethical. I am sorry you all have suffered.

  • EB
    Jan, 2013
    Toledo, OH
    PHH applied part of my payment toward my escrow account (other then the charges that are automatically billed each month)and then stuck the rest of it in a holding account because it wasn't enough to cover the mortgage. This went on for several months until someone actually CALLED me and asked why I hadn't made a payment in six months? I had all my bank statements showing I had made payment. There was not even a record of the payments coming in on the account. We tracked down all the payments (they were eventually sent back to me) and we made a plan of action for clearing everything up. For one month my account showed paid on my credit report and then I received a letter foreclosing on my house. Explain how THAT is ethical.

  • JL
    Feb, 2013
    New York, NY
    I don't think that employees should be allowed to post comments on this site. Unless you've dealt with this company as a customer, you don't know what the customer's experience has been. PHH has a terrible reputation, with many bad reviews on many different review sites. Their conduct has been profoundly unethical in many areas for many years. I'm glad you liked working for them. Are you the loan officer who ignored seven certified letters and over 20 emails from me?

PHH = POOR Customer Service

by | November 27, 2012
I recently fell behind in my loan payments. I was given instructions to bring everything current. Sent payment and they sent it back - forcing me to eat the fees. Called the company to settle and they won't accept payment. It seems like they outsource their help over seas as well - VERY broken English. It's like the want me to go into foreclosure.

Rude, uncaring and most people not fluent in English

by | November 20, 2012
I have never seen a mortgage company treat people like this mortgage company does. Refuse to send payment book after several requests so having to make payments by phone and haven't a clue if my payment went up because they charge a different payment each time. Refuse to take payments after a due date. Everyone sounds like they are from another country and can't hardly understand what the person is saying. Try to intimidate when a payment is late knowing the reason. Disgraceful customer service.

I just refinanced and didn't have any of these issues.

by | November 19, 2012
I just refinanced my home through PHH, the original loan was through PHH so there wasn't much choice with a loan to value ratio of more that 105%. I never spoke with anyone who wasn't in the US, primarily they were out of New Jersey. I have had them since 2004, I haven't seen ANY of the issues that the other posts are complaining about.

  • JS
    Jan, 2013
    Leesburg, FL
    i have been with phh 13 yrs, 1st mortgage then refinance, great easy transactions through the yrs. always speak with an american when i call with question. i guess most people that come here are angry. the 99 percent of satisfied customers dont post or even look at this site. i stumbled across it accidently.

Fee's for no loan

by | November 19, 2012
PHH was originating a loan for me on a property. At 6 weeks past he closing date the seller was still unable to provide a clear title so I terminated the contract to buy. As soon as I notified the PHH agent, my credit card was charged $415 for "processing fee's".(fine print in the 74 page application) I've had to terminate a number of home contracts and have NEVER EVER been charged a DIME by the mortgage broker or the loan originator. Their a bunch of thieves who will take you any which way they can.


by | November 14, 2012
Started receiving calls from mortgage collection dept. Finally got a live person and informed them my mortgage is not with them and is in good standing so stop calling. They got very defensive when I would not give my SS#. Told the man I was speaking to I was going to report the number as a scam and he became very angry. Cannot believe this is a real business. Pity anyone actually doing business with them.

PHH is NOT Ethical

by | November 6, 2012
I've experience much of what the other reviewers commented on with regards of poor customer service, but I was one of the lucky ones...they sold off my mortgage to a lesser evil lender. Its funny, I remember what a big deal the loan officer made about how they don't sell off their mortgages...what a joke.

I love PHH

by | November 2, 2012
I had the best experience with these people. I cannot believe all of the negative feedback on this website!!! I fear many of the people who comment negatively do not fully understand the mortgage world and are ignorant to Fannie and Freddie's strict rules and regulations. PHH is a safe choice!

  • RC
    Mar, 2013
    Grubville, MO
    You work for them, right?

Beyond Terrible!!!

by | November 1, 2012
Lousy service, untrained staff, lost paperwork, scam, scam, scam. Unprofessional, condescending, disrespectful personel. Three solid months of torture and still no closing. Did I mention taking time off from work for closings that never happened? My lawyer has been notified. I only wish they offered less than one star to "rate the lender."

Stay Away - Far Away

by | October 31, 2012
I cannot believe USAA uses this company. Years ago before the housing bubble burst, I messed up and sent a payment for $10 less than what was owed. They sent in an appraiser to evaluate my property for foreclosure. If they had gotten it, it would have been a nice $100,000 profit for them. Fast forward to 2010 and we had some difficulty. Their help number had over 60 minute wait to talk to someone who knew nothing about options. Could never get a call back either. Stay away from these guys.


by | October 25, 2012
PHH is a scam!!! They took my home of 21yrs for ne missed payment of 650. They retuned one modificaion payment but still we 4 more of 650.00!!! They have outsourced everything to India and 9 of 10 people cannot speak english!! Customer service is a sham as well!!! DONOT DO BUSINESS WITH PHH!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!! NIGHTMARE!!!

Shame on PHH Mortgage / RBS Citizens Bank

by | October 24, 2012
They say that they are "honest and ethical everyday"... well this is for everyone who has been stepped on by the (real) other side of their spin!!! Come join us on Facebook at


by | October 5, 2012
Our refi process was in its 3rd month when we backed out.Our paperwork was lost repeatedly, our loan officer was less than bright.The "underwriter" kept asking for revisions, such as a signature on pg 2..2 weeks later,a signature on pg 5..2 weeks later, Oh,we need a signature on pg 15!Last straw, we need to submit a subordination request to the 2 lien holders on the title.Could take 9 weeks.Regardless that the 2 liens would be satisfied w the refi! Now we have a $500 fee for cancelling. At least that's all


by | September 27, 2012
Miserable company to deal with. I now know why Charles Schwab & Co. decided to drop them and go with Quicken. STAY AWAY!

PHH Loan?

by | September 24, 2012
I don't even have a loan through PHH and they're sending me a bill? I got a late payment notice in the mail yesterday. Called the number and it was a direct line to transfer them money. Called my legal office and they said to bring the bill to them and they would handle it.

  • DM
    Oct, 2012
    This comment sounds completely ridiculous. PHH is a servicing company. Did you ever think to check and see if ther servicing rights to your loan were sold to them?

They are terrible to work with!

by | August 16, 2012
Our mortgage was sold to them when Harris Bank took over Amcore bank in Wisconsin. We didn't have a choice to get them. From day one we have had nothing but problems with them. They do not apply my mortgage payments as I have indicated on the loan coupon. They apply some to principal and some to escrow. They do not have the brightest employees working there. I would have thought that they would require employees with at least a 2 year degree in finance/accting but I think they just get them off the street.

GREAT Customer Service Experience

by | August 16, 2012
Just got off the phone with a real-live person (in india presumably) who was incredibly helpful.

PHH Customer Service is lousy!

by | August 15, 2012
Paid off my mortgage in November 2011 however TransUnion and Experian still show the unpaid balance in August 2012 and that the loan is still open. After several calls and getting transferred I was told I had to fax my credit report to them to review. Can't they run credit reports? They refused to provide the phone number of the person who would be researching their error, claiming she either didn't have a phone or her number was not published to PHH employees. Finally a Supervisor says they will research it.

PHH would not help save my home!

by | August 4, 2012
I purchased my home in 12/2005. I informed them in 6/2009 I needed help and was told they can not help me unless I am behind in my payments 3 months or more. So I fell behind on my payments. The help I got was to fill out the "making homes affordable" paper work at least 6 times. I was denied 6 times for: "making too much money, not making enough money, we lost my paper work." At the same time they proceeded to foreclose on my home. I now live in my foreclosed home waiting eviction. This was not help!

The worst company ever.

by | August 3, 2012
When you are lucky enough to have someone on the phone, they don't address the issues properly, they are rude, they hang up on you. They never call back. I don't know where these people get their training and how they are still in business.

PHH Mortgage Home Loan Financing Nightmare

by | July 22, 2012
PHH Mortgage has the most incompletent employees with the worst customer service ever. They don't return phone calls or emails. Beware. Going to PHH Mortgage will destroy your life. Looking for home financing - refinancing - home loan - go elsewhere. Save yourself from the nightmare. A simple transaction can turn into one of the worst experiences of your life. Their customer service is terrible! They can't process paperwork and it will cost you you

statement hell

by | July 13, 2012
We had golden oak lending who used PHH for their mortgage services and we closed on the loan 10/11. I noticed we never got a statement showing our escrow and princle and interest, so I called. Big time run around they told me since I was on a by weekly paymnet plan that we had used before we could only get a statement every 6 month, bull****. I told her that was the worse line of crap i had ever heard, she told me that it should have been explained at the closing. Who are they trying to kid?

Complete idiots

by | July 10, 2012
I'm not in a hurry for my mortgage deed. I want to pay off but they won't take a personal check. Want to bill me a wire fee. COMPLETE CRAP. Most of the time you get someone who barely speaks ENGLISH


by | July 9, 2012
They change policies as you go on and lie about it.(1) After a year of having them as my mortgage co., they decide that they want to escrow my flood ins. & taxes. I tell them NO, that I will pay it, they refuse and tell me its the law & start billing me every month. (2) Then when it comes time to renew my ins. they don't pay it. Then they send me threatening letters telling me they're going to buy me ins. because I didn't renew my policy. Takes me 3 months to finally convince them that they're supposed to pay it.

Would give them ZERO stars

by | June 23, 2012
STAY AWAY! They remodified our mortgage and we owe more than we mortgaged five years later. Their math doesn't add up ever and no one knows anything. They are terrible! On top of everything they always say we have escrow shortages and our taxes are lower year after year. However, they keep hitting us with shortages. It's been a terrible experience. We are hoping the shortsale goes smoothly! Wish us luck

  • RF
    Jun, 2012
    Aurora, CO
    There is no such thing as remodifying. You can either refinance and create a new loan or you can modify the existing loan.

Incompetent; won't help and have no incentive to help

by | June 23, 2012
When this clown outfit got our mortgage they took my wifes name off of the loan paperwork. They said it wasn't their fault and after sending authorization e-mails and faxes, they still won't talk to her. Tried to refinance and they refused with a letter that stated a lower payment amount and a higher income amount than what we sent them with all the paperwork they requested. My wife is now in contact with the NJ attorney generals office and we suggest you all do the same to file a formal complaint.

Payment Scam!!!

by | June 20, 2012
Every year a pay my mortgage on time and in full and they send me letters every year that I missed payments. Even though my Bank Statement says differently!. I am planning to take legal action against them. They also refused to fix the issue...

You will have issues from day one until after you pay off the loan

by | June 19, 2012
PHH and their customer service are difficult to deal with from the day you apply for the mortgage until after you pay off the loan. If you think getting the loan is bad just wait until you need to jump through hoops to make the final payment, get it properly credited and then to get your escrow funds released.

horrible experience

by | June 14, 2012
horrible experience with PHH bank. I tried to refinance. Tons of paperwork and nothing in return... stay away...


by | June 1, 2012
Stay away. Absolute nighmare to deal with. Totally incompetent staff. Phone calls routed out of the country. 6/1/12 - they had no idea how to refi me because I had ground rent. They drug their feet for months, passing me from loan officer to loan officer. Stay away.

PHH bought my new mortage

by | May 11, 2012
I am a new customer, not by choice. Their payment due email went to someone not on the mortgage. Neither the email nor the link provided stated who they were nor provided a phone #. Called, no help, got cut off. Call again. Second rep. thought the email likely spam. Manager was supposed to call me back but didn't. Sent them an email, no response. Finally called and spoke with an unsympathetic manager and later rep. from Office of the President not much more understanding. Is this company for real?

Bad Customer Service.. Stay away from this company!!!!

by | April 17, 2012
Bad Customer Service.. Stay away from this company!!!! They scam you for a fee and don't put your mortgage through.

$0 Closing Cost = $2,600 Costs

by | April 8, 2012
I was solicited by PHH & offered a $0 closing cost refinance package at a fairly reasonable rate. When the refi package arrived, closing costs were listed as $2,600 total. In what mathematical universe does that equate to the promised $0?

continue saga

by | April 2, 2012
after having me sign a final commitment and closing cost they asked for us to pay our taxes in the settlement saying loan took tooo long . their fault it was too long and we pay taxes on our own. never settled.sent me me a paper saying i did not qualify. customer service in manila so much 4 being American. DO NOT GET ANY THING FROM THIS MORTGAGE COMPANY!!!!!!!

Simply Horrendous

by | April 1, 2012
Had a loan with this company for almost a year when they started charging me double insurance. When I called I was unable to get any answers for over 3 months!! Finally they admitted to charging me double but said that it was my fault I did not recognize it sooner. Nearly every month they send a late payment bill which I've had them remove each time I have called them. This month the bill +$200.00, my bank statement shows that the money was taken out 2 days before it was due.They are still charging the fee.


by | March 29, 2012
POOR POOR POOR customer service, I have been working on an issue for three months, and keep getting excuses and more excuses. Nothing has been resolved about the refund I am due. They don't care about their clients. They don't return phone calls or follow up with calls. They tell you they have no way of contacting the service company they hired that sends out request forms except through email, thats BS. I need my 1210.00 refund. BE ADVISED, DON'T USE THIS MORTGAGE CO., YOU'LL HAVE NOTHING BUT TROUBLE

Loan Modification Process

by | March 22, 2012
I applied for a loan modification for my VA loan in JAN 2012 after I lost my job in OCT 2011. The 1st time I submitted the package, I was denied because I was not 60 days delinquent. I reapplied on the 60th day of being delinquent. 2 weeks later I received my loan modification papers. Dont be discouraged. I was constantly on top of this process, received debt counseling, and met with a HUD housing counselor. I am not completely happy with the specifics and can agree that SOME customer svc sucks.

  • KM
    Jun, 2012
    Garden Grove, CA
    So..did you receive approval on your loan mod? Just because they send you the paperwork, that means nothing. We sent our paperwork in FOUR different times via registered mail and they claim they didn't receive it, next they didn't receive in time, then they were missing a paycheck stub. Hmm..I copied the paycheck stubs onto one piece of paper, how could they receive one and not the other?

Run while u can

by | March 22, 2012
this is by far the worst company I have ever delt with. Broken web sites no customer support and outrages billing practices. RUN, RUN NOW and RUN FAR

Avoid PHH mortgage at ALL costs. Why would USAA partner with this dismal institution?

by | March 21, 2012
Why would USAA "partner" with this pit of DIS-service? Words can't describe the poorest customer service. 36 years with USAA and a top credit rating nets this? Examples; 1. No one seems to do their job - leaves the customer "at fault" when - and they will be - at fault - but it's your problem... 2. Long holds then you're disconnected - arrggghh! 3. Poor employee training - no one knows what they are doing - see #1 & 2 JUST STAY AWAY - borrow from your parents, friends - anyone but PHH - USAA; take note!

The REO dept.

by | March 21, 2012
After my wife was involved in a very bad car wreak last february. WE gat behind with our payments . Called them about some help. They never sent any paper work for use to fill out. This Januray we got 7 letters from some law firm saying they forclosed on the house and sold it at the court house after we received the letters. We called the court house and they had no record of the sale. We call the news paper and it was never listed in the paper. We have called PPh 7 times have yet got any answers. VERY BAD

No HARP subordination agreements

by | March 20, 2012
we are trying to get a HARP loan due to our high LTV that PHH put us in. All we needed is for PHH to sign the subordination for our HELOC. I received a letter from PHH yesterday that was dated February 16 that was postmarked March 6th stating the request for the subordination was received. Our subordination request was then denied on March 7 due to a CLTV ratio higher than 80%. Something PHH should have mentioned when they received the subordination request. PHH is a predatory lender.

I needed help and they said why should we.

by | March 19, 2012
I recently called PHH to see if they would lower my interest rate from 6.375% to something more around 4% seeing I have never been late on a payment in 6+ yrs and we are having trouble paying. The guy on the phone told me no, why they should. I told him 3 families have walked out of their homes on my street alone and he told me "that's an option" He did not care. So we are basically screwed trying to pay as long as we can before we walk.

Terrible FHA is investigating for me

by | March 13, 2012
I was told that they didn't participate in programs like the unemployment and hamp program. When I called FHA directly I was told that on my loan they didn't have the option. Unfortunately, I already listed and signed a contract for a pre-forclosure sale. I basically lost my house because the would rather rip off FHA than offer me any help. When questioning them about it I was told that "we cannot speak for everyone that answers the phone here". I think they are going to have to when FHA calls.

Fee for everything

by | March 13, 2012
I wish I never went with this company!!!! There is a fee for everything you do!!! I am surprised they don't charge a fee just to pay your monthly mortgage!!!

If you want high blood pressure refi with this company

by | March 8, 2012
PHH has my loan wanted to pay off home equity from another bank and alittle lower rate.started in dec.2011 and now it mar.2012 and 149 papers later many duplicated. I was told my husband needed not to be involved due that they used my signature on the application and my work history only and most important I got the mortgage when I was single. I was to close four different times never mention about that they needed my husband signature. Wrong LIE LIE you do. Did not close but still asked For more documents.

PHH is a lousy consumer mortgage company

by | March 4, 2012
All PHH cares about is booking more loans for their real clients, banks and credit unions. They don't care at all about the consumer. They are rediculously difficult to deal with and non responsive to the consumers questions and concerns.


by | March 3, 2012
If it was possible to give a negative rating on here, I would. PHH Mortgage fraudulently forecloses on your home even if you have kept up with all your payments. They refuse to produce original loan documentation, increase your principal amount as you make payments instead of decreasing it, steal your money, and destroy your credit. The Federal Govt needs to shut them down!!!!!!!

I didnt have a problem

by | February 28, 2012
I bought a Home using PHH this february. I had great experience using the company. the loan officer stayed in direct communication with we the whole time. I was incouraged to shop around for loans and found the best rate and lowest closing costs with PHH. Everything went smooth and closed on time under the G.F.E. I am not a actor and i do not fork for PHH.

I used to work at PHH

by | February 27, 2012
I worked there for 16 months. It was TERRIBLE! Customers waited on hold for hours because the call volume was so high and PHH did nothing about it. They will hire ANYONE off the streets and provide VERY little training! I feel sorry for their customers!

this is not a reputable company

by | February 25, 2012
it would take far too much space to detail the harassement & fraud perpetrated by phh. i will see them in court, after 1 year of submitiing documents, systematically being told they weren't applicable or eligible, offereing packages whenever they did not assuage the has been amazing that they have not be sanctioned. but, they will be. and, after wasting my time & money for a year, i will see them in court for damages. jo-anna sparta, easton,md ps-poor ratings are too good.

These reviews are bogus!

by | February 20, 2012
I am a licensed Realtor working in the state of MN. I have been selling real estate for the 9 years w/one of the largest brokers in the world. The loan officer that I recommend is with PHH. NOT ONE of my hundreds of clients have anything but wonderful feedback for the loan officer, rates, loan products and overall experience! A majority of the reviews here refer to their experience with loan modification and foreclosure prevention... These are difficult products with delayed/broken procedures.

  • PW
    Feb, 2012
    No, Walter, your review is the most phony I've read. PHH is THE WORST company on the planet to deal with, and only a paid actor would give it the glowing review you did. As Elaine said on Seinfeld, "Fake. Fake. Fakefakefake."

  • LO
    Mar, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    You are exactly right...90% of these complaints have to do with loan mods, not purchase money...NO BANK is doing loan mods timely IF THEY ARE DOING THEM AT ALL...unfortunately the government can not make the banks lend on assets with no value...its just the way it is right now. Only 1 out of 25 people applying for mods are getting approved and it takes 6 to 9 months to complete the process...I understand the frustration you feel, but your anger is misdirected...the gov't tells you banks WILL help you but they have not agreed to. They SHOULD but we cant make them.

  • HM
    Aug, 2012
    Cashmere, WA
    You may have been a licensed real estate agent for 9 years, but I have been a PHH customer for 12 years, and they are TERRIBLE. If, by some miracle, you get a real person on the line, they don't know anything, can't do anything, or won't do anything. The website does not work. It does not even recognize the loan number on my documents that came from them. The whole experience has been incredibly frustrating. I used to dream of how great it will be to pay off my mortgage, but from reading reviews here, I don't know if that makes anything any better.

  • HP
    Nov, 2012
    Happy With PHH
    Virginia, MN
    Sorry to go against all of the haters on this site, but I also have a loan with PHH Mortgage in MN and they have been wonderful from day one. They also continue to provide me with great customer service. Then again, I am on top of my payments and have never been delinquent on my account. I work for one of the global leaders in the auto finance industry and I can say that mistakes happen. That is a risk of doing business. There is a human element to these businesses and no one is perfect, including my company. I'm not saying that any of the complaints listed are not valid, but judging by the grammatical errors, spelling errors, and the issues raised, maybe some of you should be renting instead of owning a home. It is also apparent that some of you are in financial don't blame your woes on the finance company that took a risk by giving you a loan. Do your homework before you make a big purchase like a vehicle or a home and live within your means. PHH, keep up the good work in MN.

PHH Gets Zero Star Rating From Me!

by | February 16, 2012
Demanded money in escrow for work that had to be done on the HUD house we purchased. Sold my loan the day after I mailed 1st mort. payment. Never forwarded payment to new bank. Late charges and credit bureau report because of them. Only clicked the stars because it was required. I would never recommend this company! POOR POOR POOR! POOR! They should not be in business! Get rid of them! Quick to take money, slow to return it! Could not even find my loan number the 1st time I called! Yuck!

Under Investigation

by | February 14, 2012
These guys are under investigation by multiple Federal agencies for mortgage fraud. Do your homework!

phone call for web address

by | February 10, 2012
The womamn on the line was very rude, and would not ensure that I had the proper website. I am trying to make a payment and am unable to because she would not tell me what appeared once I found the website because I could not find the appropriate site! Not very happy and I am sure this company would like to receive a payment! Not very pleased.

Refused Refinance over a few minor repairs

by | February 8, 2012
Met all requirements, finanical, credit score etc... Needed to make a few repairs on house but wanted to do a nice job and not a crappy one like they insisted just so we would meet the standards. We couldn't come up with money out of pocket (hence reason for cash out refi) so we ended up losing lock in rate and too much time lapsed, everything was closed out. I understand their side but they could have held a majority of the money until the repairs were finished. Such is life I suppose

Worlds Worst Customer Service and Website

by | February 7, 2012
I should have followed my instincts and, after they asked me to submit the same paperwork numerous times< I should have gone elsewhere. The loan was originated by a friend with Caldwell Banker so I did not want to cause grief for him by stopping the process. When I spoke to him about it, he stated that if we stop the loan now we would need to pay a processing fee. Almost to him to take a hike and, in retrospect, I should have. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY OR ANY OTHER WHO USE PHH as there mortgage service company.. Every time I need to get on the website I wind up calling as the passwords don't work, the account gets locked, etc. I am a government trained IT person, This company sucks PERIOD. I am doing a refy with a local credit union to get rid of them and my loan is only 3 years old.

Seems okay.

by | February 7, 2012
I just refinanced my $360k mortgage to a lower rate at the end of last year. (I'm not upside down or ever late with payments.) The online access to account balance is great and detailed and they responded promptly to my emails about changing my homeowners insurance carrier.

  • MH
    Feb, 2012
    Winston Salem, NC
    You must work for them... Add up all these stories and believe they are real because I have two notebooks of proof on how PHH operates. They are getting money from everyside. If you are a tax payer as well as a mortgage holder they are getting you too, you just don't relize it. It's called denial. This many folks would not pour there hearts out had they not been robbed, lied too, and just totally done wrong. The get money from the Government, from the properties and from hard working folks who have put a lot of sweat into keeping their homes.

  • FP
    Mar, 2012
    You need a hobby...

by | January 27, 2012
I went through PHH, but they must have sold my mortgage to was a hassle to work with. Ended up refinancing without even checking with PHH as they'd just sell my mortgage again. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. The process of the closing and stuff went fine but after the initial closing date, wasn't happy.

Terrible Experience

by | January 27, 2012
I was employed but could see that my job would be in danger in the future. So, I submitted a loan mod request. I called every month to find that they had not gotten to my file yet and it would be another "30-45 days". After 6 months, I had lost my job, I finally talked to somebody who told me that I had to be at least 30 days late in order to be considered. So, I got over 30 days late and they told me not to make any more payments while they reviewed. They started f/c and then denied my request. Idiots

service and policy stinks

by | January 27, 2012
They provide the worst customer service ever. I applied for a loan modification and never heard back from them until I started to call them. When I called to inquire they would say that it was being reviewed. I was told it would take 60 to 90 days. for them to review and make a decision. After several calls they finally told me that it had been 60 days since I applied and that I would have to start the process over because too much time had past.

Waste of Time and Effort

by | January 20, 2012
I did not read the reviews until now. We are in the process of buying a new home and PHH was selected as our lender and I can't even get the fricking loan processor to call me or return emails in a timely manner. He is always "Out of the Office"! Our loan has been delayed because they have been sitting on paperwork which needed some additional items, but never made a single attempt to call me to rectify to move the loan forward. I called them and some pissed off worker who wasn't interested in listening

USAA needs to stop referring their customers to PHH for their Mortgages!!!!

by | January 18, 2012
Gonna buy a home because the rates are so good,??? REALLY NOT a good idea. But if you so choose....atleast don't use PHH Mortgage for your lender! If only I had reviewed these customer reviews before I bought my home, perhaps I would have been spared all of the stress I've gone through! I made every effort to be in constant communication with this company when my husband received orders to move (Air Force). We tried to sell our home, and couldn't. They misinformed us about! D.I.L. and still are foreclosing!

PHH Should be investigated by the government!

by | January 4, 2012
I have been dealing with PHH since I got my mortgage.I asked for help on the HAMP program and was told I would have an ansewer in 90 days. 2 years later,after taking my payments for two years, they sent me ALL my money back and foreclosed on me.I called them, I was on hold for hours.I finally got to talk to someone and was told I didn't qualify because my income was "unverifiable".They took 2 mts. to give my lawyer an amt. to get caught up and the amt. went up by 8k from what they told me. PHH is a crook!

Buying out of foreclosure

by | December 30, 2011
This is the most unethical group of people I have even met. They lie and maneuver and change things even after they agree to them. Do everything you can to stay away from these people.


by | December 15, 2011
We waited 13 months for them to tell us we were not eligible for any assistance. I followed up on the status weekly for 13 months only to be told "you have to be 3 months delinquent". They couldn't tell me that in the first call? This company is absolutely worthless and has no customer service.

PHH is not a tight ship

by | December 14, 2011
Unfriendly and awkward website to discourage customers from making online payments. Ridiculous fees charged for making online or phone payments. Almost impossible to contact a human for service (hint: pretend you want to borrow more money). PHH generally is not very consumer or borrower friendly.

Don't Use PHH Mortgage Services

by | December 10, 2011
In refinancing a mortgage, the company failed to communicate required information, didn't follow up on phone calls, sent incorrect closing documents which required follow up on our end to prove they were incorrect. After completing the refinance, and confirming the old loan was paid in full and no further $ was due or would be debited from our bank, the company debited our bank account anyway for a payment on the old loan. Though acknowledging the error, they advised it was our responsibility to prove it.

FRAUD and LIES straight to your face

by | December 9, 2011
PHH is the worstcompany in America. I lost my job, my husband lost his and three years later, we have applied for loan modification 15 times and they still have not given us a reply. They have lost the paperwork, thrown it out, asked us to redo it 14 times, lied, i can go on and on and on!!!!!!! they are disgusting thieves and liars if i have ever seen any. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AT ALL- THEY ARE THE PITS.

Shortsale nightmare

by | December 4, 2011
Have to sell home due to divorce in a shortsale (at 100k underwater)- we receive an offer that was submitted to PHH in July 2011 - it is now December 6, 2011 with absolutely no answere in sight - they lose paper work - and leave the file just sitting on a desk waitng to be "assigned" to a negotiator - we are now hitting our sheriff sale date - and at that time we have six months to close on this offer - if no answer in that time period they will foreclose vs the shortsale - awful awful place to deal with.


by | December 2, 2011
I am a contractor who did work on a house that was mortgaged through PHH. Its 8 months after completion of the job and still no payment. The homeowners are very happy with the work. Each time we call to find out where our check is, we are asked to jump through a new hoop. As I am writing this review, I am on hold with PHH. You will not believe it until you experience it yourself. My condolences to anyone who has to go through this. Kurt Kephart - Rocky Mountain Restoration - Billings Montana


by | November 30, 2011
We have had nothing but trouble with this company. First, everyone I speak with is not even from the US. They are of no help with ANYTHING at all!!! Second, they did not pay our home ins. as was setup in the contract and then faulted us (while they still charge us for the home ins every month...?) We were just told that they need to charge us an additional $200+ a month due to an error THEY made. BS! Refinancing ASAP! They get 1 star when they do not deserve that...can someone add negatives to the ratings?

PHH the worst

by | November 18, 2011
Refi'd with these idiots because of my bank. They double paid my property taxes it took two years to get them to even admit that they made a mistake - nyc fined me thousands in late penalties and they took that from my escrow too - never told me. Make sure they pay your taxes!

will not give me a payoff and return my check

by | November 17, 2011
They never follow through with their promises. I have been trying to get a payoff on a mortgage for 3 weeks and they never send it. I estimated the payoff myself (adding a few dollars for cushion) and the refused the check and returned it. I can never get a supervisor. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!

they suck

by | November 14, 2011
My husband was laid off twie in one year...I immediately began modification process and all i got was delay after delay iwas told to wait 60-90 91 again i was told 60-90 days. then paperwork was lost or they needed to new paperwork...or new form filled out. it has been three years and I have not been given an answer. I am still in the process.....i have no savings left waiting for them to respond and now I have to turn the house in. now I am homeless....thanks PHH


by | November 9, 2011
I have had incredibly awful experiences dealing with these idiots. It's not worth anyone's time to go into the details, but between my re-fi and now trying to get them to endorse a FEMA check, I'm like nothing more than to never deal with them again. If it was simple to transfer a mortgage, I would have done it years ago! The customer service is absolutely terrible.


by | November 8, 2011
The company is a joke. They lead you on and lie to you through out the process. The HAMP program, PHH has mad an mockery out of it. The Government need to do something about this company mis-guided (unclear) practices. Financing with PHH was the worst mistake of my life

Worst customer service ever

by | November 1, 2011
I have never in my life been involved with such a screwed up company. When people tell you they keep you on hold, transfer you constantly or don't return your calls, they're not lying. It's a nightmare. Do not get involved with these people. If you are, refinance with somebody else, preferably a bank that doesn't sell your mortgage. Believe me, you'll find out the first time you have a problem.

Took TEN months!!

by | October 31, 2011
PHH took TEN months to process my HAMP package and in the end denied it because my loan "was not eligible because it was not signed up before Jan 2009". Every week for MONTHS, I would email them asking for status updates and I had to jump through a hundred hoops - getting screeds of bank statements, documents they needed, getting my ex to sign a Quit Claim Deed, the works!! Then they deny me for something they could have told me the first day?????!!!? Yea, they SUCK!!

  • MM
    Nov, 2011
    Clyattville, GA
    We tried back in March to get some help with lowering payments. We sent in all the documentation only to find out 3 months later a few days before our case was to be closed that they did not have all the paperwork that I sent in to them. NOT ONCE did we ever receive a letter stating they need additional information or a phone call to let us know the status. I had to call them several times and answer the same questions each time about the same issues. If it wasnt for me calling in to find out the status a few days before they were going to deny it for insufficient funds on their part. I was told there was a letter that was going to be sent out but for some reason it was not sent. They are quick to send out paperwork telling you about the payments being late but nothing to help you. In one letter they stated they were sending paperwork for us to fill out but nothing was attached to letter. We are trying to pay our mortgage but when you dont have the money you just dont have it. There is no way you can pull it out of your ass so they just need to get off our backs. At least we are trying to pay the damn bill!

Poor service

by | October 21, 2011
Sat on hold for 25 minutes at 8:30 a. eastern (opening time), was taken off hold and hung up on twice until finally getting someone who was interested in assisting. She was very helpful, it's too bad that I had to be hung up on twice and talk to three people before getting someone who cared


by | October 18, 2011
Go ANYWHERE else, but do not get a mortgage through PHH, and do NOT use USAA to get a mortgage because they work through PHH also. Among a whole host of irritating things they do, PHH uses Western Union to take in payments online, payments that should be FREE to send from your bank to PHH, anytime before the 16th. They call this a 'fee' but not a late fee, because that would be against the rules, but that is exactly what it is, a late fee. HORRIBLE customer service also. They do NOT care about helping.

Do Not Choose PHH For Re-Fi

by | October 11, 2011
I did and what a mistake. Wasted 3 months and a good rate. They could not get underwriting done in 3 months for a re-fi. You wouldn't hear from them for 3 weeks, then they would ask for stupid stuff like reprinting documents because of small type. And then when the closing date and rate expires, they want additional points to continue because they are not done. I lean toward incompetence. I went elsewhere!

  • RH
    Feb, 2012
    Henderson, KY
    They're doing the same thing to me! I started the re-fi process 5 months ago, and all I've gotten is "it's in review, you've been approved, we need another bank statement (which they already had), we need last year's tax info (already had that too)" this went on and on until Jan., when an old credit card of mine decided to close the acct due to lack of use and it dropped my credit score to one point below their threshold- so I had to wait another month for my credit score to recover the two points. If it wasn't so close to being over I'd take my refi somewhere else, I'm still considering it. And I feel like they owe me the difference I've been paying on my higher mortgage while they've been fooling around. It only took one month for me to purchase the house, and 5 months to refi....

Ridiculous Amount of Time with PHH Mortgage

by | August 8, 2011
My husband and I went through a mortgage broker who used PHH for our VA loan. PHH has delayed this mortgage several times. They have returned bank statements because they believed the 'print was too small' (which it was not). Each time paperwork got turned in, PHH would come back a week later and want something else. Our loan was supposed to close July 15th and we are STILL waiting to hear back from our last round of paperwork. We are considering abandoning the loan altogether at this point and working with someone else.

  • TF
    Sep, 2011
    Elkhart, IN

  • CD
    Sep, 2011
    Lignum, VA
    When I tried to refinance to get my rates down I decided to stay with PHH. BIG MISTAKE. They lied to me every step of the way and dragged it out over 4 months. Charged me over $8,000 in closing costs and made me pay another $2,000 after closing into escrow which was already paid in the closing costs. This company is so full of fraud I would never use them nor recommend them. I am refinancing again just to get away from these jerks. FYI the only thing I owe on is my mortgage. I pay off my credit cards every month in full and my cars are paid for. My credit rating is the highest possible. PHH just being jerks about everything and ripped me of a ton of money. Now, I am disabled and need the money for medical bills and home oxygen and these rich %^&*( have it.

  • GT
    Dec, 2011
    Plantation, FL
    CORRECT! I asked to refinance as well. This Rude guy said "Go to or something like that, they'll get you into a program, we can't do anything". DONE. Just refinanced, paying $800.00 less per month! So long PHH.

  • KD
    Jan, 2012
    Milton, GA
    With whom did you get your refinancing ?? I also have PHH and I am STUCK with them. They are truly AWFUL can you help me?

  • MA
    Feb, 2012
    Savannah, GA
    who did u refinance with?

PHH is a rip-off

by | May 9, 2011
I have been with PHH since 2007 and went into foreclosure twice. Each time I asked to be considered for a loan modification and was denied 5 days before the sheriff sale. PHH used the law firm Shapiro & Zielke who lied about the figures when I first called. Within a 7 day period they increased the amount $1166.22 and finally to $11,798.41 to get it out of foreclosure. PHH did nothing when I told them what happened.

Poor customer service at PHH Mortgage

by | February 18, 2011
Recently I had refinanced my house through my own bank and they handed it over to PHH Mortgage. On my first mortgage, PHH was my lender. I had sent in a payment by mistake during the time I was refinancing. When I called PHH to ask them to send the money back to me, they fed me with all kinds of political garbage of why they couldn't do it and insisted they put that money into escrow. I can't imagine they being so hard up for money that they needed to keep mine, but I would definitely not recommend PHH Mortgage.

  • AW
    Feb, 2012
    T/o Cheektowaga, NY
    Anytime you send a payment after the loan has been paid in full (refinance) it automatically gets applied into the escrow account on the old loan. The funds in escrow are then transferred to the newly refinance loan. At which point, would cause an overage. Provided there was no serious change in taxinsurance payments you would've seen a check after the escrow analysis.

  • LO
    Mar, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    exactly right

It has been a HORRIBLE experience!

by | January 8, 2011
I bought a house through USAA in 2006, which is served by PHH,and lost my job and went through a divorce. When I've turned to them for a loan modification I've gotten nothing but games and lies. First, they claimed they didn't receive the paperwork, then while my package was "being reviewed" I received a foreclosure sale date and had to file for BK, and now after applying again and having to turn my Chapter 13 into 7 I got a foreclosure sale date in less than 3 weeks while my loan is still being reviewed!