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Net Worth Calculator - Are You Building Wealth?

 Net Worth Calculator - Are You Building Wealth?
Betsalel Cohen
UpdatedJun 18, 2019
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Key Takeaways:
  • Building weath and increasing your net worth is a fundemental financial goal.
  • Calculate your net worth and then track your progress.
  • Use the net worth calculator with other tools to improve your spending, savings, and debt management.

Improve Your Finances - Increase Your Wealth

Net Worth Calculator

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Net Worth: Track Your Progress and Improve Your Finances

Our goal at is to help you improve your financial situation. Two key components to help you track your progress are your cash-flow and your net worth.

The Net Worth Calculator allows you to analyze whether you are building wealth. However, don't stop there. To truly build wealth, you need to control your budget, save money, take on health debt, and pay off your debt efficiently.

Use account as a basis to track your financial health and let us help you improve your finances.


JJack Tucker, Apr, 2020

I completed bankruptcy and want to get on the right track. I have a good job and am keeping a strict budget. Do you think that I should buy a house? Is that a good way to increase my net worth?

BBetsalel Cohen, Apr, 2020

Thanks for your question about building wealth after a bankruptcy. While each person needs to weigh their situation carefully, in general, buying a home is a long-term strategy to build wealth. A significant advantage of bankruptcy is that it not only wipes out debt, but it also helps you focus on keeping a budget and paying your bills on time. 

I suggest that you check out this article about qualifying for a mortgage and make sure that you have your credit, down payment, and DTI in order.

Remember, like any asset, housing prices go up and down. When building your net worth, and especially with an asset like a home, keep the long-term plan as your primary focal point.