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Bank of America - Debt Consolidation Loans

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Bank of America - Debt Consolidation Loans
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Bank of America is the second largest bank in the USA, with over $2 trillion in assets. Bank of America is a known and trusted provider of a wide range of financial services and has over 4,600 branch locations in the country.

B of A used to adverstise a debt consolidation loan called the CleanSweep or CleanSweep Line of Credit. Currently, for people in need of a debt consolidation loan, Bank of America offers two alternatives, One is a balance transfer offer on a credit card (though you can't consolidate an existing Bank of America credit card). The other debt consolidation loan option is to use your home equity and consolidate with a cash-out refinance or HELOC.

Bank of America is a leading issuer of credit cards and debt instruments, and also offers debt consolidation loans to Bank of America consumers with debt. Related Provider Reviews: Bank of America Mortgage and Bank of America Reverse Mortgage

About Bank of America Debt Consolidation

Bank of America no longer offers debt consolidation loans. They used to advertise a debt consolidation loan marketed to consumers with good credit. It had no annual fees and no collateral was needed for loans up to $25,000. Rates ranged from 9.49% to 25.49%, with credit score a big factor in determining the rate.

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