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Western Sky Loans Review TeamSep 10, 2021
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Western Sky Loans Review
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Western Sky Loans makes high-interest, unsecured loans. Interest rates range from 89.68% to 342.86% APR. Loan amounts range from $850 to $10,000. There are loan fees, too, taken from the loan amount up-front. Loans have no prepayment penalty. Western Sky makes loans in over half the states in the USA.

About Western Sky Loans

You should take a loan from Western Sky only as a last resort, when other, less expensive loans are not available. Even then, it is crucial that you understand the size of your monthly payment, how long it lasts, and your total costs. Western Sky does not hide the high rates it charges. Their Web site makes clear their rates, fees, and the size and number of monthly payments required. There are no prepayment penalties, so this kind of loan makes more sense when you are confident that you can pay off the entire balance early and limit the amount of interest that you pay. Unsecured loans come with higher rates than secured loans. If our rating were made only based on interest rates, Western Sky would get one star. However, for some people, this may be one of the few lenders willing to make a loan that can provide a short-term bridge in an emergency.