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Lexington Law Firm TeamSep 10, 2021
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Lexington Law Firm
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Lexington Law was founded in 1991 to help consumers improve their credit. Lexington Law uses a network of 22 attorneys and over 400 paralegals and has helped over half a million consumers, making it the largest credit repair company in the USA. Using the rights each consumer is granted by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal laws, Lexington Law's process can remove questionable negative items from a consumer's credit report.

About Lexington Law Firm

Lexington Law provides a good service and is transparent in its pricing model. Lexington Law clearly discloses that debts that are not paid off can be re-reported to a credit report, even if the debt is first removed. A+ rating with the BBB. Lexington Law is recognized as the leader in the credit repair industry. Read feedback from readers about their experiences with Lexington Law.