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About Security One Lending

Security One has worked hard to build a friendly and comfortable relationship with their borrowers, which has made them a trusted reverse mortgage lending company.
San Diego, CA
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Founded in 2006, Security One Lending initially specialized in reverse mortgages and has expanded its product offerings to traditional mortgages. Security One Lending has grown to where it is now licensed in 40 states. Security One Lending has become one of the top reverse mortgage lenders and ranks in the top 10 of HECM lenders. Pat Boone is a spokesperson for Security One Lending.
Competitive rates. Retail branches located in the California region, Georgia, Missouri, Texas and South Carolina with over 200 loan originators. A+ Rating with the BBB.
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Jacked around by Security One

by | April 27, 2013
I have been jacked around over and over in the last few months with the demands of one person at Security One...that being Ms Tina Roe. She very clearly didn't get the memo on Hud requirements as I had to go to Hud myself and prove her wrong...only to be given more unreasonable hoops to jump thru in trying to get my loan to close. This has cost me $ 600 so far and still no closing...or any loan

Satisfied Customer

by | March 7, 2013
I made a good decision getting a reverse mortgage, in general, and getting a Security One Lending reverse mortgage in particular. I am a lot less stressed and have the money I need each month to live comfortably. Very pleased.