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About US Bank Home Mortgage

US Bank Home Mortgage is a leading provider of home purchase and mortgage refinance loans. With various tools, calculators, and FAQ, the US Bank Home Mortgage website provides valuable information for consumer looking to get a loan. US Bank Home Mortgage offers top of the line customer service and highly values each individual relationship with their borrowers, making them great for first time home buyers and returning customers. US Bank has many locations nation wide for consumers to come in and talk directly to a mortgage loan officer.
Bloomington, MN
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US Bank Home Mortgage is one of the top national mortgage lenders, offering a wide range of mortgage products from conventional loans, jumbo loans, to balloon mortgages. US Bank Home Mortgage is home of the Five Star Service Guarantee, which assures customers of certain key banking benefits and services or customers will be paid for their inconvenience. US Bank Home Mortgage has over 3,000 branch locations nation wide, making it easy for you to get help for your mortgage needs. With an easy to use online system, US Bank Home Mortgage allows consumers to easily make mortgage payments online and view the current and previous mortgage statements.

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useful online tools for mortgage planning, a easy to use website, and good service
High fees, rates not competitive

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we will take every penny by law from you

by | September 12, 2014
They call every month demanding their payment suggesting default counseling when every month the payment comes out of my bank at the same amount same day .

Home Loan Nightmare

by | August 28, 2014
8/15 received our approval.Purchase contract has already been extended because US bank did not have their paperwork done. Our closing has to be by the 29th. I called repeatedly and only get voice mail, no return calls. Can not imagine that a loan really is this hard to finish. A return call w a day and time would sure be nice. Tomorrow is our last day and we do not have a closing time scheduled. US bank has been horrible. What a night mare. Giving up on US bank, going somewhere else after the 29th.

Refinancing - Painfully Slow

by | August 15, 2014
Today is day 72 since my refinancing application was submitted to US Bank. My first rate lock expired. They are not waiting on anything from me. The ball is in their court. The processor seems very stressed and talks repeatedly about the volume of loan applications they are dealing with. It appears that senior management of US Bank Home Mortgage is not adequately staffing their underwriting and processing departments.

US Bank Home Mortgage RIP OFF!!!!

by | June 7, 2014
USBank misapplied a mortgage payment. I saw a late fee on my acct so I called cust service to discuss. I received an apology & a promise to fix my acct. The next month there was another late fee. I called & was told the previous late fee was removed but the misapplied payment wasn't fixed. The service rep promised to correct my acct. 2 yrs later I'm still trying to get it fixed but now have $1000 in late fees because they NEVER fixed the 1st misapplied payment & all subsequent payments have been misapplied!

US Bank Predatory lending practices, MERS robo-signing and Dual Tracking

by | June 3, 2014
US Bank,I have been fighting them since January 2010 for a hamp mortgage modification.They continually miscalculate my disability income and then to "even the playing field" between the disabled and the working,add an additional $524.00 to my already GROSS income that nobody gets, not the IRS, Not Social Security, FIca, e- I refer to this as "ghost income". To all of you out there having a mortgage modification problem with US Bank,I have a link for a RESPA letter and by law they have to fill it out by law.

Bad service of good customers

by | May 30, 2014
My wife and I are long time customers of US Bank. We refinanced our home through them quite a few years ago and had our payments withdrawn automaticly from our checking with no problems. Then in January of this year the fun began when they moved our mortgage to their Home Mortgage Division. They have screwed up every auto withdrawl and added additional fees and charges to our balance. We have paid additional principle every month as well which these "Bankers" can't seem to figure out. Stay away from US Bank

Testimony on how i got my loan from a genuine lender of funds

by | April 30, 2014
Hello Every Body, My name is Marian, I am a mother of 3 kids, I want to testify of the lender who showed light to me when I was in need of funds to rescue my children from sickness and to start up a supermarket business after the death of my husband. I never knew that there would still be genuine lenders of funds.

How I got My Loan

by | April 1, 2014
Good day everyone. I can't hide this great testimony that take place in my life. I will love everyone to know it and be partaker that is why I always place it on the internet, I am Mrs Caitlin Poore by name, I live in Texas, United State Of America, I want to thank (Mrs Stella Mavis) for her kindness upon my family life. I never believe that there is still nice lender like this on internet and earth here. Just some Months Back, I was in search for a loan of $25,000,00 as I was running out of money for feed

Wish I could give a zero!

by | March 30, 2014
My mortgage was sold to these yahoos so I have no choice in the matter. Twice in two years they have miscalculated my escrow by huge amounts. One time clearly over, raising my payment, the next severely under. They cut me a check for the difference, caught their mistake and didn't mail it to me. However then the check was never credited back to my account. Then they charged me a $15 fee to cancel said check that I'd never seen so the money could be credited back. Incompetent and horribly rude.

Loved them but they have dropped

by | March 17, 2014
I have always loved US BANk but with this new conversion to a separate Mortgage Corp. there has nothing but passing the problem along. No one will take responsibility for any the mistakes on my mortgage or even the responsibility to fix them. I understand that during conversions mistakes get made but the fact that the bank is not fixing these errors in a timely manner is unexcusable. This is a billion dollar company. I expect more professionalism from them.

Absolutely Inflexible

by | March 14, 2014
My mortgage was transferred to US Bank -- worst thing that could have happened. The customer service representatives absolutely do not care about anything that you say. They have their policy and that is all there is. If you don't like it, tough. If you are having a difficult time making a payment, absolutely no deviation is possible. We had some issues with property tax valuation and got their letter stating that taxes must be paid in ten days or else!

disappointed again

by | March 3, 2014
Customer service at US Bank has deteriated to a new low. My calls are put on hold for 20 minutes and then the automated voice says "call back" CLICK. Well. . . the information on my mortgage is incorrectly inputed since they moved out of the USBank and into the US Bank Mortgage and it seems after 3 calls (that actually I reached someone) it is not corrected. I just received a statement and I have more questions with no one to give me answers. For example: It states Prepayment Penalty YES. WHAT?

OMG US Bank sucks

by | January 31, 2014
I've had my loan for about 3 years now..every few months I get a letter from insurance saying my coverage has been terminated for not being paid (US Bank) now we got a letter saying my payment will double because of escrow. I called 3 weeks ago and they said it was a mistake in there escrow department and will send another one out in 10 days in the mean time to pay what i can on the new note and take the penalty which "may" be refunded. People I just want to pay my note and not have to worry.

They take forever

by | December 27, 2013
Don't use USB unless you have forever to close. These people are slow as turtles.

I got 3.5% with nothing due at closing, no inspection Re-finance at in 26 days..still shocked

by | December 3, 2013
Me: Minimum wage, 40 hrs, no W-2 since '08 due to layoff. NEVER late/missed mortgage payment in 7 years. Credit score 750. HUGE credit card debt I "manage". Was contacted by US Bank. Agent worked around my schedule and we used email for docs to speed things up. I told him I had nothing to bring to the table, not a dime. He kept his word and turns out putting my mortgage payment first matters. That's the key. I was at closing in a 15yr 3.5% and my payment only moved 100+, took 7 years off. Just lucky.

Not good at all!

by | December 2, 2013
I tried to transfer a mortgage with US-Bank from a rental property to my principal residence. I had a home equity line on my principal residence with Wells Fargo. US Bank froze my equity line BEFORE rejecting my loan application because my HOA had over 40% rental. I was left hanging and dealing with Wells Fargo myself to reopen the line. The financial adviser/loan person I was dealing with said many times she was never made aware of that new 40% rental cap policy. BAD BAD BAD!

Do not use US Bank for your home loan poorest customer service in Ohio they just dont care!

by | November 22, 2013
I used to think they were ok but they have very very poor customer service. I have had my home loan with them for years and recently my payment went up with out proper notification from them for the escrow increase. This made my payment late even though It was only short the 8 dollars difference...and they charged me a late fee on top of that and would not waive it. I have referred others to this bank for their home loans but never again. If I can just steer several people away from US Bank I will be happy

Jumbo mortgage took awhile but worth it in the end

by | November 14, 2013
My jumbo mortgage refi application was handled by Ron Campbell in the Beverly Hills, CA office. Our request pushed the edges of the envelope all the way around but Ron and his staff were able to deliver when Wells Fargo could not. Wells was unwilling to count retirement funds to cover housing expense cushion and USB did. Ron jumped through many hoops on his way to our loan approval and we appreciate his tenacity and dedication. Current lending rules are awful so plan and 60 - 120 days to fund.

US Bank Home Mortgage full of Lies And Fraud

by | November 8, 2013
US Bank Home Mortgage is not really doing modifications. They will have you turn in the same RMA packet 20 times, then send you a letter stating that they need 6 months bank statements, all along you comply thinking surely your HAMP review should be complete? Oh wait, there's an incomplete information letter, wait, huh, you want the listing contract with the buyer and sellers signature? You tell them no, I can't produce that; I'm not selling my home I'm applying for a HAMP mod. Rinse repeat foreclosure.

Miss leading

by | October 31, 2013
i had a home mortgage with US bank Since 10years , I was scammed by a mortgage company for 8 months after I received a note from US bank , I worked with the banks to but me back on track I want to keep the house they added $15,000 extra into my mortgage and wiped out my 10 years of paying and start from scratch and yes my mortgage is way under water . thanks US bank


by | October 16, 2013
I had the best experience with the harp refi and, we corresponded daily through emails, it was fast ad awesome and took approx 5 weeks from beginning to end. I now have lower payments on my house, and their closing fees were very acceptable. I see a lot of negative but my experience here in Carlsbad was awesome


by | September 30, 2013
If you experience troubles any troubles, as one person said, write your states A.G., but also write your Senators, The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the White House, FRB, Government Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. Check the web for the Senators and Representatives the have places on these committees. Five (5) years I have been fighting US Bank and they just keep lying about everything. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!!!!!

Please don't use US Bank home mortgage

by | September 10, 2013
Absolutely horrendous experience with US Bank. I had a checking and savings account with them which was handled great, so I thought I would use them for my home mortgage as well. The local mortgage loan officer was incredibly incompetent, uncaring, and unhelpful. So much so that we had to switch loan officers in the middle of getting our loan. And now we are stuck paying an extra $150 a month on our payment in mortgage insurance because of a literal LIE from US Bank. Please, please do not use US Bank.

Infinite and beyond

by | August 31, 2013
The above title is only fitting for US Bank and should be used in a national ad campaign, as that's how feel about their tedious and laborious process of taking a home loan. All promises and absolutely no delivery. The loan officer called me two weeks ago, to ask has the appraiser been by yet, since then no calls, and no appraiser. I have a rate locked for 60 days, but with the way things are going, this will probably expire and we'll start the process over again for the 3rd time, and each time raising rate

Hooterville At its Best!!!

by | August 29, 2013
Do you want a journey back to Hooterville -- complete with Mr. Haney -- Acquire a US bank Mortgage loan!!! Getting the "Barack Obama approved" Loan modification (process) is a joke. I was approved for and received the program. The process took 7 months. First -- they "lost" my package. They also stated on a few occasions that our paperwork "expired" and/or incomplete. The first HAMP payment has to be certified funds -- via MONEYGRAM. Get a moneygram for USBANK. Has to be cash only. DOn't trust them!

Completely incompetent

by | August 15, 2013
We are nearly one year into a loan modification process. They have repeatedly lost documents, requested more documents, and provided conflicting instructions with impossibly short deadlines. After two denials, the escalation department denied our request because documents in our packet had "expired signatures" after they had sat on them for several months. I would never choose to do business with U.S. Bank.

Very Last Minute

by | August 5, 2013
Ive been an employee with US Bank for almost 6 years. So you think I may have an easier time getting a mortgage through them right? Nope! My fiance and I are on our 44th day of escrow, supposed to close tomorrow, and they are still asking us for copies of statements and checks. Not only is this incredibly unprofessional, it has caused us a lot of unnecessary stress. I, as an employee, would NEVER recommend to do business with them!!!!

Worst Experience with a Bank in my Life!!!

by | August 2, 2013
What a waste of time trying to do business with this company. Impossible to get ahold of anyone. Clearly they do not want your business. Please do not waste your time with US Bank!!! Don't get started with these people because of their "fair rates", as you will be put through a quick sand like process, which will drag on, and on, and on....until you walk away to another lender that wants your business!

Not happy

by | August 1, 2013
I'm with US Bank home mortgage and I'm very disgusted with them.

The longest refinance in history

by | July 30, 2013
Here is "day 75" of our refinance with US Bank on an existing US Bank loan! Every day the underwriters need "more info" and never seem satisfied. Our credit is 800+ and our "new" rate is 2.75% at 70% LTV. So how do we close this deal or tell them "enough already"! We are taking "a little" money out for home improvement and our construction schedule has not stopped but our "funding" has slowed to a "crawl"! We even have a "manager" involved and just sends us quotes from Forbes magazine with a bunch of fodder

Good Service, Bad Appraisal

by | July 9, 2013
My experience refinancing to a 15 year loan was fairly easy. One major issue was the appraisal. They used a computer and gave me a very low appraisal; nobody ever looked at my property. I was not allowed to pay for a third-party appraisal. When I sold my house a year later it sold for almost 25% above the bank's appraisal (an average sale price for my neighborhood). Nice appraisal software, guys! Shop around for a better rate and don't accept a bad appraisal; there are many lenders to choose from.

Unauthorized removal of funds from checking account

by | June 28, 2013
I lost my job in November of 2012, got behind on payments, US Bank offered me a payment plan to repay lat payment while making current payment. I signed and agreement with the 4 consistent monthly payments. The first month was correct, the 2nd month US Bank took an additional $245.00 out of my checking account with out being authorized to do so.."remember, we have a signed agreement". I have an attorney..THEFT IS THEFT...!!!

They Will String You Along

by | June 19, 2013
If you're working toward a HAMP resolve, you will be strung along for about 4-6 months, told your original application is no longer "valid", told everything is fine but continue to receive threatening letters with "intent to foreclose". You're told by the mitigators that everything is fine but collections (at a different branch) will still call wanting payment. You will get a note stuck to your door several times but can never get anyone at USB who knows what it means. Worst experience ever!

Unwilling to work with you!

by | June 18, 2013
I've been with US Bank now for 4 years never had a late payment or any issue with my payment. Never heard from them and the only issues I had were with my online password being locked(no biggie). Wife and I decided to purchase another home, credit scores both 700s, found out I was one day late on Dec '12 payment(my fault totally). Called cust serv to see if they would work with me and they absolutely talked bad to me and flat out refused to budge and I know there's something they could have done!

Experience with Usbank

by | June 16, 2013
We have had a very favorable time with usbank, although I am not sure what will happen in the future with their Merger recently. Although I was referred by a very good friend who does business with a particular loan officer for her Real Estate business. We even refinanced with them for a lower rate and had no issues. Future issues may arise, but we will cross that bridge when we get to them. I make my payments 2 to 3 weeks early, so I am sure that may make them comfortable.

Scam of a lifetime

by | June 11, 2013
I didn't ask for US Bank to be my mortgage company and I would never refer anyone to them. I have been fighting them for the last two years when I lost my job. They added Flood Insurance to my mortgage and raised my payment $200 a month. I didn't sign anything or give permission at all. Every time I get all my paperwork in, they change the person I am supposed to talk to and are always requesting I send in information because they say they never get it. I am on the verge of getting a lawyer!!!!!!!!

What A Scam!!!

by | June 10, 2013
Do not use US Bank for a home loan or refinance. They simply string you along for months on end, with no talk of a closing date. There rates may be solid compared to other banks, but you end up losing in the end with US Bank's approach to business and customer service. I have excellent credit, and not underwater on my home, and I have been strung along for months on end. Horrible company...stay away from these con-artists!!!

Worst Mortgage Company/Bank ever!

by | June 4, 2013
My wife and I made over $311k yet these people refused to verify our income properly. They gave me 6 final steps and I performed each one - the final was my tax attorney confirming on his letterhead that my P+L was 100% accurate. Then they flat out lied and still wouldn't do the simple re-finance. Any reason why a recent poll shows only 27% of America has a favorable view of US Banks and mortgage companies. I lost a $500 appraisal fee and a 4 hr bill coming from my Tax atty to this unscrupulous outfit. Wow

US BANK Extoration!

by | May 28, 2013
Bank is NOT even the word, I think EXTORTION MAFIA STYLE should be what they call themselves... I can not beleive they are holding my money after I have spent money to repair my home at beyond the 66% completion they require and they want to charge me to overnight my money!! And I live in a state that says they owe me interest and they have not yet answered me as to how they are holding my money! I have complied with every outrageous request and still my money sits in their accounts!

US Bank Refinance

by | May 23, 2013
Don't believe a word that US Bank says!!!!

A Refinance with US Bank Mortgage is a waste of time.

by | May 16, 2013
Six months later after verifying every thing they continue with their death of a thousand cuts. Six times it was one last thing needed. My credit score's in the high 700's - I've never even been late on a mortgage payment.They verified every single penny yet still keep asking for one more thing until you finally say, I got it." You can't say no so you play this perverse game. I'm out hours of time and a $500 appraisal.

Wasted My Time and Money Refinancing Through US Bank

by | May 14, 2013
Originally planned to refinance through another lender. A US Bank representative convinced me he would give me the best 30 year fixed so I changed to US Bank. Bad choice. Appraiser didn't use any homes in my neighborhood. He compared my home with several homes in terrible neighboring areas of much lesser value. When I brought this to my US Bank representative's attention he told me I could not appeal but it would be okay. When escrow was ready to close I was offered a much higher rate than expected.

Horribly bureaucratic-highly incompetent!

by | April 28, 2013
My wife died eleven years ago, despite four death certificates they refuse to remove her from the account. Since then I've retitled my property removing her name. retitled again to a trust, re-married and widowed again. Her name is still on the loan! The last correspondence said I'd have o pay for a title chain since the property was retitled. I've made four or five different attempts to get this fixed over the years and I give up. You think they'd be interested in controlling identity theft-HA!

The worst

by | April 23, 2013
USBANK is the worst at trying to help people with hardships to modify their mortgages,they will have you fax them the same paperwork over and over and over,in the mean time, you are getting deeper and deeper into the foreclosure process

  • JF
    Jul, 2013
    Newington, CT
    US Bank has been stringing us along for over 3 mos. now on a loan modification...excuses ALL the time, asking for more info ALL the time...ridiculous. They can see ALL our credit, ALL our bank statements, and our businesses income...yet still ask for more and more and more...VERY shady and VERY unhappy here....

Mortgage documents not reviewed

by | April 9, 2013
Let me make a very long and frustrating story short. Do not do business with this bank. I had a mortgage with them and due to an error on their part I could not complete a short sale on my condo. The representatives lied to me about negotiations with my other mortgage company and due to all of this my condo went into foreclosure which they could not legally do since another mortgage was in first position on the title. Very bad people I have documentation on their errors and I'm preparing a law suit.

VA Refinance

by | April 8, 2013
I have VA Loan guaratneed. They have a refi program to streamline the refinance. I have beein working on it since september of 2012. My credit is good. This is ridiculous. They are so slow, promises, promises, promises. Final underwriting..etc. etc. I heard that in February 7-10 days. this is unbelievable.

took my $390.00 appraisal fee, then had my house unfit for loan.

by | April 7, 2013
I asked for a 15 year loan, but had a 30 year forced on me. I said no I want a 15 year loan. They took my appraisal fee, then said the house has roof issues, false appraisal.

US Bank What a Joke!

by | March 19, 2013
I have banked with US bank for nearly 15 years now, I have NEVER had a problem until now! First my husband and I go in and attempt to get a loan with each of us on it, we were told it wouldn't be a problem and received a preapproval letter, when I contacted the broker to let her know we were ready to put an offer in she told us we were not longer approved because of my husbands credit score! She indicated that she felt like she could get the loan in my name though, 6 weeks later we still haven't heard a back

My experience obviously is out of the norm I guess

by | March 15, 2013
I've had no issues with US Bank. They even went out of their way a couple times for me and are always helpful and pleasant. I complained once when a deposit was messed up years ago and they honored the deposit. That's the only issue I ever had. I am not rich and have no special name... just have a checking and savings account.

US Bank, They are all the same

by | March 6, 2013
I am a person who in today's economic times lives from check to check. I am not trying to get a loan or refinance. I am just paying my mortgage. For the last few years I have paid my mortgage past the due date and right up to the late fee time. I received my tax return and paid it early to get on a cycle where I pay 15 days early. I tried to get automatic payments set up as to not fall behind and get into the same position again. They will not set up a date for withdrawel before the due date. DUMB!

Re Financing Existing Loan

by | March 3, 2013
I have initiated loan application with US Bank in Dec. 12. They approved the loan and sent me contract with expiration of 2-21-13. As of today (3-5-13) I have not received any indication on the status. I call their office 50+ times, no straight answer. the LTV is 15%. My Score is 780. I am out of pocket for $524 appraisal and credit report fees. Hope some officials in CA or Fed read this. This is nightmare. Even in 3rd world countries they don't treat their customers as US Bank does.

us bank

by | February 25, 2013
This bank is horrible!!! We had applied for a loan mod 4 times and it was denied we had to end up filing bankrupt!!


by | February 21, 2013
We signed our initial loan application for a FHAstreamline refiance in late September of 2012 - here we are Feb 21,2013 still hanging by a string to see if we will close by month end which is looking bleak. Having a background and knowledge of the loan industry I know of criterias needing to be met .I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND US BANK AT ALL.THEY DONT DESRVE A STAR

Home Mortgage was set up as 2 lines of equity

by | February 19, 2013
It has been a nightmare working with US Bank. When I knew that I was losing employment, and incurring additional financial burdens, I called them...before I was to be a month behind. I applied to have a modification through the making home affordable programs. Unfortunately, they would not modify due to the fact that neither of my loans are set up as a mortgage certified under Freddie Mac, etc.

bought houses for 30 years

by | February 15, 2013
they are the worst I have ever dealt. Nothing but delays and needless picking....I think the feds need to get involved


by | February 13, 2013
I was the seller in this transaction. It took them 4 1/2 months of back and forth crap for them to tell the buyer that they couldn't approve her because there was no paper trail for $600 of the total gift her parents had given her for the down payment. They actually delved into her parents finances because of a GIFT! A local bank has now taken over calling BS on US Bank's reasoning. They are uncaring, incompetent and inept. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.


by | February 7, 2013
This is the worst "Bank" I have ever dealt with. I have been having issues with them accepting my payments. So I finally got certified cashiers checks and sent them in.....I tried to pay my next months payment and they said I'm 3 MONTHS BEHIND!!?!?!?!? I called and a horrid women answered saying," If we don't get paid will will foreclose" they have 3 months of payments in certified cashiers checks that are "somewhere" in the system! UNREAL! Never do anything with these clowns!

harp loan NIGHTMARE...

by | February 6, 2013
My harp loan at USBANK in Aug 2012. They said that harp loans take up to 4 months to close [which is VERY ODD] She promised that it would close before Nov. My appraisal came back HIGHER home value so they RAISED my interest rate! Then for no reason they canceled my loan and wouldnt answer my calls or emails. SO I restarted my loan BUT, I had to pay addtional fees! Another 3 months has dragged by and now they won't close they say the appraisal has expired and I owe another $100!

Has anyone had issues with USB not applying the payment when they get it?

by | January 23, 2013
I have two mortgages, one with USB and one with Suntrust. I mail the checks on the same day and USB consistently applies the check days after Suntrust - the centers are about the same distance away, so it's not the mail's fault. Additionally, either the bank of the post office lost my last month's payment.

  • CS
    Jul, 2013
    Little Rock, AR
    Reading all of these horrific Blogs about US Bank is frightening me. I just moved into my new dream home; ( Mortgage Loan acquired by US Bank), sent in my 1st payment ( now - 12 days ago ) and the check has yet to clear my account. ? All of the other bills mailed in at the same time have cleared. I'm considering making a telephone transfer of funds to get this 1st payment in before they label me delinquent. Any suggestions? Chaz

The Inmates Are In Charge Of The Asylum (con't)

by | January 11, 2013
In order to try to get some relief I wrote to the FDIC, Consumer Response Center,1100 Walnut Center, Box 11, Kansas City , MO 64106 and the President of the US Bank, Richard K. Davis, Office Of The Corporate Secretary, US Bancorp BC-MN-H 210, 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402-4302. We'll see if I get any response.

The Inmates Are In Charge Of The Asylum

by | January 11, 2013
I mailed a payment with specific instructions that it be applied to principal only, but USB split it between principal and interest. When I spoke to the USB rep over the phone he said I should make the payment at a branch office because if I mailed the payment USB would continue to make the same mistake. I did so and got a receipt, but USB mishandled the check. In spite of my receipt USB would not credit my account because it couldn't find my check in its possession. It turns out USB had cashed my check.

E-bill $3.50 Fee no mention of it until you pay.

by | January 7, 2013
My loan was sold to them last month. I had to call twice to have them reset my password because I was locked out of my account. When I was finally able to log in and went to pay my bill, they charge $3.50 fee. That's $42 a year to pay on-time and on-line. No where did it say a $3.50 fee when I signed up for E-bill. Not happy with that.

The Worst Mortgage Servicer!

by | December 14, 2012
Can't stand US Bank! Takes forever to maneuver through their automated phone system, their website asks for several security questions just to make your payment. They charge you fees for everything, even paying online. They take the taxes out of your escrow a month ahead of time but do not send the payment until it is due. When you pay off your loan they take out an extra payment of mortgage insurance.

Worst mortgage company...

by | December 3, 2012
My mortgage was just purchased by USbank three months ago, my payments were made every 1st of the month and to my surprise when I tried to make my December payment online I wasn't able, because my account is showing 3 months delinquent. All of my past payments were suspended, for a reason customer service can't figure it out. I have to now wait 24hrs. so now they want over $, this is unbelievable. I have purchased 3 homes and USBank is the worst when it comes to accountability.

Thieves in waiting

by | November 23, 2012
I became ill and was off work for 8 months. US Bank reps told me that there was "plenty of money for people like me" who have fallen on hard times but still have an income coming in (67% of my pay). I applied for the loan modification and after another 7 months I was denied the modification and was given 10 days to pay over $14,000. I paid. Now I had 1 pay to make to catch my loan up (Nov. 30) and they returned the $1888 payment that I had made on 11/2 because they received it 3 days late. I quit.

U.S.Bank are crooks. Richard Davis should be ashamed.

by | November 21, 2012
Mr. Davis has an annual compensation of over $19 million dollars. His staff is most rude and threatening. Tried to get a fraudulent loan corrected but they will not correct or admit. Mr. Davis lives in a very large mansion in Minnesota and I cannot afford to heat or cool my home with a leaking roof. They would rather foreclose. Unfortunately, I can rate no lower than one star. I patiently wait for their downfall because I believe in Karma. Mr. Davis shame on you.

No reporting to credit agencies

by | November 20, 2012
In 2007 we had to file for bankruptcy but were able to keep our home and continue to make payments monthly with US Bank. Noticed this year that my credit score is low and looked up free credit reports and US Bank does not report our payments to them. I called them and was told since we declared Bankruptcy they do not have to report our payments to the credit bureaus. I ask if they would start reporting and they flat out told me they would not because they are not required to do so by law.

locked in rate

by | November 18, 2012
started harp refi with chase with a 60 day lock in rate of 4.39.the rate is extended by chase but they told us that there would be a half a point because the harp refi has gone beyond the 60 this fair? also since it is past the 60 days why can't we get a lower rate now and start this over since the mortgage rates have gone lower.any help with this? and if so who do we go to for help?

  • PS
    Jan, 2013
    Scott, MN
    I encourage you to stop working with them and anyone you know that is....I have worked for this place and found them to be the most disorganized. They have the longest lock ever and if it has to be extended you will pay for is the slowest process I have ever least 3 months to close a loan. That is rediculous! they have no communication between departments. I strongly encourage you no matter how far you are in the process to go somewhere else.

Worst Mortgage Company EVER

by | November 15, 2012
I have dealt with many mortgage companies, and unfortunately US Bank bought my mortgage. Why we paid to bail these jokers out I will not understand--They should ALL be unemployed.

Ridiculous service fee!

by | November 8, 2012
They charge a $3.50 service fee --per payment -- to pay your mortgage online! They promote paperless e-billing as a way to "save money", but the only money saver is the bank. My former mortgage holder charged nothing for online payment (Wells Fargo). My mortgage was sold to US Bank, so I have no choice but to deal with them.


by | November 7, 2012
Dont forget: Americash is known as one of the Nations top originators of residential mortgages. Americash pursues cost effective advertising, primarily through the internet, and passes the savings through to the consumer in the form of lower rates.

Horrible Experience

by | November 4, 2012
This bank is the worst. Gave us competitve rate June 2012 and we have yet to close! Income and credit were no problem, but each time loan processor and underwriter came up with silly excuses, requesting additional information. This is beyond ridiculous!!! Currently, November 2012 and still have not gone to escrow. Horrible Bank! Horrible Staff! Horrible Experience.

  • KW
    Nov, 2012
    Stratford, WI
    This sounds similar to our situation...but we didn't start in June...we started in August. I sure hope we don't have to wait two more months!

Garbage Mortgage Company

by | October 30, 2012
Very Tired of being told DENIED over and over again by their stupid INVESTORS. They should change there name to Denied Bank Home Mortgage. US Bank is good for 2 thing good for nothing and good for S@#t.

Loss my home...

by | October 24, 2012
Facts, I was late, 90 days. Fact, I was speaking with a representative & coordinating a repayment. Fact, I had the money in hand and was trying to find out how to send it to in order to clear the debt & make everything right. Fact, with money in hand, the rep said they didn't want it & that they were going to proceed on the foreclosure. Fact, I'd explained to the US Bank representatives that the US Government was taking roughly 80% of my check to satisfy a year old debt of 7k, & to please work with me.

  • DM
    Oct, 2012
    Union Gap, WA
    Our home is in foreclosure now because US Bank would not work with us and reduce our payments so we could make them. we sent in applications over and over plus all sorts of personal info and they said they didn't get it, so they are selling our home on 11/02/2012. We have filed a lawsuit against them but they haven't answered. We have ordered a Title Audit also to see who is the legal trustee and benificary on record.Right now it shows MERS and I hear that is not legal. Is anyone else facing this kind of problem?

  • LS
    Mar, 2013
    Chattanooga, TN

  • LD
    Jun, 2013
    Lisa Shortcakes
    Indianapolis, IN
    Hi. I'm wondering what became of the law suit and what attorney you used.

Awful customer service, I am scared to have my loan with this business!

by | October 10, 2012
My loan was sold to them unfortunately. I did not think that it would matter who it was sold to since we never had late payments. However even though our payment was due on the 1st and then not late until the 16th, they still called my phone daily after the 1st with a message for me to call them! When I called, they had an extremely long wait time. When I finally spoke to a lady she was rude and also hung up on me. We have never been treated this way by any business EVER! And we are current on our payments!

Liars from Top to Bottom

by | October 1, 2012
I have went up the corporate ladder for help forhome mortgage with 50% in equity on paid off home. The loan officer has yet after 2.5 months return a call as to the status. So I contacted his boss and was told to email him and his Superior any problems or concernsI try to get my Fed Tax Forms back. Main Supervisor has yet after 2 weeks to respond to any emails. I have started my own complaint with the Mo. Attorney General because we gave our orig Fed Tax returns & W2's to the orig officer with no return yet

Never use

by | September 30, 2012
These people are horrible. I refied my home and originally did not want any additional money. Later I changed my mind and was told not to worry I could get a "home line of credit." I agreed, and upon closing was told that I could not get a line of credit. BIG LIARS TO GET YOUR BUSINESS -- NEVER USE THEM!!!!

One of the worst

by | August 28, 2012
U.S. Bank bought our mortgage and we had nothing but problems. My password was reset numerous times on the website by their system. I had to call each time to have it reset again to pay my bill. Then, when we refi'd, my refund check never came so they charged me $15 to have it reissued.

Find another lender

by | August 23, 2012
Our mortgage was transferred to US Bank. We have excellent credit. We tried to refinance and were told there would be no problem therefore we paid the origination fee in good faith. They are now, 90 days later, requiring that we change the homeowners insurance that we have had for six years in order to close. It will cost us over $2K per year more. FIND ANOTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTION TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

Applied for refinance...

by | July 31, 2012
over the phone with them (presently have a (freddy mac loan with them). Written app. was send the following week with incorrect math all over it. When I called loan officer to clarify the math I was sent to another 'loan officer who sent my call to 3rd who then sent my call back to the original 'loan officer's' voice mail. Now I have an appraiser and title agent calling me and I haven't even mailed the app. back, which I won't do either. I'm going with a broker now from what I've read.

Tried to refinance my mortgage

by | July 18, 2012
They are a terrible bank. I had my mortgage with them and thought it would easy to refinance since I had a score of over 800 at all 3. I sent all my paper work in late January and by may 7 I still didn't close. They also lied to me about doing a cema in NYS which they said their lawyer said could not be done. In realty they could not due it in NYS, but never told me the real facts. I gave up and went to a new lender and I closed in about 4 1/2 weeks and got a Cema that saved me approx. $4,000.

US Bank exemplifies all that is wrong with financial institutions these days.

by | July 18, 2012
Going on 4 months for a refinance. Our first mortgage and HELOC are with US Bank, have excellent credit scores and plenty of equity in home. We were told the hold up was the subordination of the HELOC; however, other lenders are closing in 30 days. Closing canceled and we were asked to pay additional money for a drive-by appraisal due to a fire that occurred on the complete opposite side of Salt Lake County. We're taking the loss of initial fees and appraisal and going elsewhere and getting a better rate too!


by | July 6, 2012
I believe any company should send bills and statements so that the customer can know that they have received the payment. However U.S bank does not. And I think it is unprofessional.

Terrible customer service

by | July 5, 2012
I have had two mortgages with US bank. I tried to refinance with them recently and they kept telling me they would get back to me in a few weeks. I obtained financing at 3.50% on 30 years through another lender. They were going to be 3.75% with a 4% APR. I called to get a copy of my mortgage note and they kept delaying a will be 72 hours...than a week. They are in no hurry to help their customers. Stay away from US Bank!!


by | June 28, 2012
We were approved with a letter to close two months ago. Bank changed their mind next day. They needed "one more thing" to close. WE COMPLIED. They AGAIN changed their minds and demanded just "one more thing." We gave them more documents they needed. They approved it, and "CHANGED THEIR MINDS." "Just one more request before closing" WE COMPLIED. P.S.-WE ARE SUPPOSED TO CLOSE TOMORROW. They still have not given our mortgage broker an answer. It is 4pm. RUN, don't walk! Can we say INCOMPETENT AND SCAMMERS!!


by | June 3, 2012
1. US Bank did not show up on our date of closing for our new place. This put our deposit at risk and led to thousands more in legal fees and other costs. 2. Paying the mortgage every month has been a nightmare. They charge a fee for paying online (why???), my account is locked for no apparent reason about once every two months and then I have to spend 30 min on the phone trying to get the password unlocked. Their customer service hours are terrible as well. Avoid at ALL COSTS.


by | May 22, 2012
I am just annoyed with US Bank home mortgage as a whole.

Worthless mortgage company

by | May 14, 2012
Early last month my house was damaged. My insurance company has been pleasant and helpful throughout the process of getting it fixed. US Bank Home Mortgage has not. First I had to sign the insurance money over to them. Then I had to download a form missing from their packet off of their website because they can't manage to email or fax it. Now I'm informed that the inspection they promised has been cancelled - my estimate isn't on the right letterhead. The contractor has finished and wants paid, but...

Have used US Bank twice in 6 months, A++!

by | April 20, 2012
I've read through most of the negative reviews here, and unfortunately 95%+ of them were from people in very unfortunate situations with their homes, jobs etc. who should be frustrated with the "system", ie Fannie Mae, big bank bailouts, federal government regulations etc., and not US Bank. Times are tough. Don't blame US Bank if your home is worth 40% of what it was 4 years ago, mine is too! Bottome line, we've used them twice in 6mo, had excellent customer service, nearly zero fees and great rates.

  • MN
    Oct, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    They cashed my $900.00 mortgage check 2 times for $9,000.00 and then sent me a debt collection letter as my bank refused to honor the check

Fire this bank

by | April 20, 2012
They dragged feet for month when I was perfectly qualified for loan modification. They said my problem was that I have never even been late on any payments from any loans. Do NOT miss payments to try to get a loan modification, they will ruin you. Previously, I opened a mid 5-digits account with them. They sent my checks to a teller's home. Then the call center woman insisted I give her my FULL social security number. She attempted to bully me when I refused! Crooked from the ground up, from my experience.

  • AM
    Aug, 2012
    Took 4 months to tell me wasn't qualified for modification on my loan because I was not late. I then became late and after 2 months they threatened me with foreclosure. They would not accept my payment at the branch or online. They returned a payment I mailed to them. They tell me to pay by Western Union (another $20 for them). It has been a nightmare getting them to accept my payments ever since. I get conflicting instructions EVERY TIME I CALL. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a company of any kind.

Simply the worst.

by | April 18, 2012
Stop what you are doing and use another bank instead. Thank you U.S. bank for making my life a living hell.

US Bank Holding Money That Not Their

by | April 17, 2012
I am a contractor in the state of Tennessee who employes about 30 or more people. We had 2 contracts with home owners from the April 2011 storms. We repair over 100 houses. Most insurance companies and banks have provide our funds in a reasonable amount of time. US Bank has been the opposite. Both homeowners sent their insurance checks for disbursement. One job has been compeleted for over 90 days. We had to placed a mechanics lien on their property. We yet to received the remaining balance for work perform

Horrible Company

by | April 16, 2012
My wife and I bought our house a year and a half ago. It was through a different lender which sold it to USbank. The first year was great. I switched jobs and inquired about delaying one months payment so I could get my first paycheck at my new job and catch everything back up. 3 months later i get a call in December saying my September payment was late... we negotiated an extra $400 a month for 3 months to catch it up. Well I did my 3 months now they are saying i'm behind OVER $1900!! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!

US Bank Loss Claim Department is a word I can't use here

by | April 16, 2012
The now almost month-long headache of trying to get a simple materials check so I can fix storm damage to my house has reached ridiculous. They said it would take 10 days to get the check - 26 days ago. I've called back every two days now for almost a month. Every time I am assured that the check is being sent and I call to learn that it wasn't. Today I was promised that the check would go out today. Another lie. I have been promised that the check was coming four times now. Horrible experience-period

  • SD
    Apr, 2012
    Albuquerque, NM
    I have honestly never had a mortgage company that sounds as if it should be reviewed by President Obama himself. Their individual departments do not connect--each person from each department gives different opinions. I was told by several individuals from US Bank that they themselves were trying to get their loan modifications completed,after more than 8 months! They told me that I could expect months before my file was reviewed. Unfortuately, I was told by US Bsnk employees that I should stop paying my mortgage to receive help from Obama's new regulations--I could not qualify if I continued to make timely payments as those programs were sponsered by homeowners who were behind in payments or underwater in mortgage payments. I have never missed a payment since I bought my house in 1997, nor have I been late! I have spent well over $200,000 in updates since the purchase $310,000. I lost my job in 11/11. I asked for help after realizing getting a new job would be a long process--this request began in Oct. as I was living on my savings and terrified I might not be able to make my always on time payments. Things became strained when I skipped a payment in Jan. After 5 default letters putting my perfect mortgage record at risk and into default--I paid both Jan. and Feb. together at a local branch and handed a certified check in the full amount for both months and handed the money order in hand to the bank manager--it was written "overnight delivery". It took the bank over 20 days to post my account despite many telephone calls to each and every dept. that sent me "delinquent" and default letters. I am still taking detailed notes and logs as to how many telephone calls I have made to correct this problem. They finally posted the two payments on my account and then messed my account as a short sale as I had mentioned the house was on the market (checked the wrong box) which led to another long series of nightmares. Proof of house taken off the market, no one seemed to receive the faxes--always fax your docs and date them and keep records. I keep receiveing mail that this or that is missing for reveiw--therefore, my file closed after months of sending whatever is needed as it changes form with each letter. And, by the way DO NOT trust your loan counselor as the calls you make are not returned. I still continue to make my mortgages on time--I have two roommates who make up most of the necessary income. My advice--contact your congressman and drag in all the necessary proof--He has made a amazing difference in my case! Other loan options are available--try HOPE and Springboard--they do adovcate on your behalf--and DO NOT listen to US employees when they tell you to miss payments. Bad,bad advice! Two US Bank employees told me that the only way to get some attention was to stop making payments.

Find another mortgage company to use

by | April 16, 2012
I've been with USBank Home Mtg for almost 3 years now and I have something to be worked every month that I have been with them. They always have to transfer me 3-4 times to speak to the 'right' person. The customer service is horrible. My mortgage payment was drafted twice one month and they told me to fax my statement and I did. Then they said they didn't receive it. I was supposed to have the money put back in my account in 48 hours. They didn't even know what I was talking about.

The worst nightmare imaginable!

by | April 13, 2012
It has been over 4 weeks since I first applied for a mortgage with USBanks. It's been passed off to four different underwriters and still they can't figure it out. They have asked me to prove I didn't own over 25% of 8 different public ally traded limited liability companies because I reported $2,000 in k 1 dividend income from the 8 companies combined. Really? If I even owned 0.001% of any of them I wouldnt have to ask this stupid bank for a mortgage! They stall you so long that you can't go anywhere

first experience calling customer service

by | April 11, 2012
after reading the awful reviews I was very nervous about dealing with this bank. We just bought our first home and our loan was sold here. I had a lot of questions that needed to be worked through. I spoke to Marsha on the phone and wow, she spent ten patient minutes being very thorough and answering all my questions with great detail and no rush. Thanks Marsha!

  • AB
    Jul, 2012
    Chicago, IL
    I have my mortgage with us bank and I have A+ credit but these people are so busy with purchase and refinance loans that my mortgage application for a lower rate has been taking months in the making. They approved me months ago and still I am waiting for closing. Had I known I would have gone to other banks. I am not used to this backlog, I usually close in 15 days, not months.

loss processes

by | April 4, 2012
My home had pretty bad wind damage back in December of '11. Its now April of '12 and i finally got them to cut me a check .....needless to say it was supposedly lost in the mail. So now I have to wait another 3 weeks for them to send me another check? Its raining right now and while im waiting for the check im getting more water damage. . I HATE U.S. BANK WITH A PASSION

Can they sue me if I let them Foreclose?

by | March 29, 2012
I have looked at every option, and so far foreclosure looks like our best option.I just want to know if I foreclose and they sell the property for less than is owed, can they sue me for the difference? Has anyone had this happen to them?

Help is Available

by | March 23, 2012
For all of you having problems with US Bank you do have an option and its free. Contact the office of your State Attorney General the consumer protection division and file a complaint. They will investigate just make sure you have all of your documentation to speed the process.

Gross incompetence - complete lack of customer service

by | March 23, 2012
I received a phone message to call the bank re my home mortgage and spoke to a extremely rude person who wanted to know when I would pay my overdue March bill plus the fees. I had paid it in January, using the bank's form which showed the bill due 3/1/12. I was informed that because the payment was early they thought it was principal. They were not obligated to write me or send me a bill and said a bill is a courtesy only although I have received one every month for 22 years. No April bill, I am responsible

(no title)

by | March 22, 2012
Just the worst experience ever! Sitting on the phone a week straight with at&t or getting a root canal at the dmv would be preferable to this lousy waste of life. I have waited over 5 months for a simple pre-approval. They lost my paperwork, they lowered my credit score by ordering too many reports, they failed to return phone calls 80% of the time, they lied about the status of my pre-approval. What ever you do PLEASE do not ever use this bank for a mortgage loan, bank, or anything else ever.

  • EK
    Jul, 2013
    Cincinnati, OH
    We are going through the pre-approval process right now. I sent US Bank the most thorough possible accounting of every cent of our finances. It took me hours to compile every necessary document, every spreadsheet, statement and tax form. I reconciled all of our assets for them. I wanted them to have the most comprehensive information that I could provide. It has been 7 weeks and they just sent us a loan application that they need us to sign ASAP. What? NO! We don't want a loan for a house we haven't even seen and we certainly don't want it from US Bank after all of this! We just want to know how much we're pre-approved for so we can start house hunting! And now I can't even get a response out of them. We are at the age where many of our friends are also becoming first-time home buyers so they are going through all of the same stuff around the same time we are. Everyone says that their pre-approval process with other banks literally took a day. Maybe a week - you know, if their loan officer was on vacation or something. You would think that this would be something that a bank wants to do fast and well. If the pre-approval process goes smoothly, people like me would be inclined to say, "Oh we got such great customer service from US Bank and their rates are pretty much the same as everyone else's, let's just go with them" when it comes time to actually sign loan applications. But there is NO WAY those words will ever come from my lips after all this nonsense. I hope we don't end up waiting 3 more months for our pre-approval like you!

Good rates but lousey service

by | March 15, 2012
It takes a lot for me to yell at someone. My USBank mortgage purchase made me yell. It also made my realtor yell (he doesnt yell at people). It also made the sellers agent yell (he may yell at people, I dont know) Never again!

Time sink

by | March 13, 2012
Don't bother with this bank you would be wise to have your local credit union handle your loan. I picked a local bank and they turned it over to US Bank and now I am stuck with them or pay more then 5k for refinance...

I guess I will go with a "write a review".

by | March 8, 2012
I have also tried to come in contact with U.S. Bank and never have gotten a hold of them at all, not for almost 5 yrs. I now want to refiance my home because of illness (of myself) I live alone and only paycheck. Plus, my interest rate is horrible. I think I will go for a foreclosure this time, I am sick of being ignored.

US Bank won't remove PMI even after paying 22% of my original loan value.

by | March 7, 2012
I am currently trying to get US Bank to remove my PMI. I contacted them when I reached the 20% and was told I would have to pay for an appraisal and if my house appraised at more than my current loan value and the 20% then they could remove it. So I waited until I was at the 78% mark, where I was told it would automatically be removed. Now they are telling me unless I pay for the appraisal and my house appraised well, they can not remove the PMI until the scheduled date of 10/2014. Can anyone help?

Home mortgage customer service phone hold more than 30 minutes

by | March 5, 2012
I have been trying to talk to a customer service just to reset my online login information. Every time I called the wait was 30 minutes or more!! Ridiculous!!


by | March 3, 2012
Unfortunately US Bank is the worst bank I ever dealt with in my life! I can't do anything whether I call them or not. First of all, you wait up to over an hour to accomplish nothing if you are not hung on. Secondly, their fax numbers don't work. Folks I hope you see this as there are many unfavorable reviews!!! Don't take a chance with US Bank, you will regret it!

Unable to Communicate

by | March 1, 2012
After a horrible refinance debacle last year, I gave them a second chance. Unfortunately this year is no different. After two and a half months last year of jumping through hoops to refinance, the last two days for the rate lock, they decided to ignore all my emails and phone calls. I missed the rate, and the refinance. Against my better judgment, I tried another refinance this year, and with only a few days left until the rate lock is gone, I have had "radio silence" on their end for 10 busines


by | February 27, 2012
Just like the previous poster said, call the 800 number. It's too busy to answer you, and will hang up on you! They bought my mortgage from Wells Fargo - GOD HELP ME!! On the back of my monthly statement, they want a fee to re-do escrow! They call you if your a day late paying them (paid WF the month they bought my loan, US never sent a statement), called me 8am day after due date wanting money but can't answer my call!? Want concierge service? Don't pay! They're as "Bank-ish" as a bank comes!

No Big Problems Yet

by | February 24, 2012
I bought my first (and only so far) home about three years ago, and my mortgage is through US Bank. I used a mortgage broker who chose US Bank to do my mortgage. I've only called US Bank a few times with questions on PMI and taxes, and they've answered my questions well. One complaint is that when I called to have my PMI removed, they said the home would need a re-assessment (only 2 years after purchase), and that assessment will cost $200, and it must be done by US Bank. That didn't sit well with me.

Trying to Refinance

by | February 21, 2012
We're trying to refinance to stay in our home, we put a lot of sweat equity into it and really want to hang onto it - but there is a HUGE disconnect with these people. We keep getting packets to fill out for refinancing, yet they refuse us. They call us every week to ask us when we're paying as though we're vacationing with the money they want! :D (Really, it's not funny) Having rudimentary knowledge of business, I can't imagine they WANT all these houses back, but maybe...

One of the Worst Mortgage Payment Online

by | February 20, 2012
I have mortgages with BofA, Chase, Wells and US Bank. US Bank has the worst online system of the other three. Not only is it bad but they make you pay to use their system. My opinion is Chase has the best. WAMU was better however Chase changed it.


by | February 18, 2012
Don't be misled by the first reviews, apparently by US Bank. All Lies. I closed all accounts over 3 years ago and will never go back. I am selling my home/. The buyer used US Bank, and it's been nothing but delays, by them. After everything was finally settled and just waiting for closing day, US Bank does what they do best, delayed closing. I now have to make a 200 mile trip back, the buyer has to cancel moving plans and no closing given by US Bank.

Stay Away From USBank

by | February 16, 2012
USBank is not for the consumer. Unfortunately, I am losing my home and am attempting to short sell it. USBank will not agree to it because they want $2,000 more than the first is willing to pay. Rather than get some return on the investment, they rather the property go to foreclosure, in which case they would be wiped out completely. Logical? I understand however they have insurance to cover that loss. The customer service representatives are arrogant, rude, self-service, the list goes on.


by | February 16, 2012
I have a mortgage with US Bank, at a rate over 9%!!! Make my payments and they refuse to budge in giving me a better rate. You would think they would prefer to get their money and less profit instead of not at all. But I guess not. SO, I am walking away...I am positioned to get a better home cheaper in price and a rate of 3.2% thru another lender but I'm not even sure I want to do that. I really think I may just share a home with friends for a while and we all save money. What a crazy world we live in.

Customer Service

by | February 13, 2012
I got notification that my insurance was not going to be paid because the home address on the policy was incorrect. I immediately picked up the phone and called & have been calling for the last week only to be told to call back later because all representatives are busy helping other customers. I have sent 3 emails and we are supposed to get a respone in 24 hours. STILL WAITING! I would give this bank a VERY VERY POOR rating if it was available. Guess I have to settle for poor.


by | February 13, 2012
This was an awful experience. We were approaching the closing date on our house. Everything seemed to be going fine. Our loan ended up in underwriting for over two weeks. Our loan officer kept telling us everything would be fine. The day before our closing we still had no update. We were lucky and able to extend the contract date by a week, and still get the house. The only reason we were able to finish the last step was because we got several managers involved. We very easily could have lost the house.


by | February 4, 2012
The worst banking experience I've had. I WISH they would sell my account!

  • SG
    Feb, 2012
    Snellville, GA
    I have to say US BANK is the WORST. I have the same story as everyone else. They don't even try to help you. They put you through the process then deny you. I have a rate close to 10% on a HELOC and they are robbing me blind. It's sad when you try to do the right thing and make all your payments and they still just laugh at you. So now I'm just going to have to short sale it or walk away. I really don't care anymore.


by | February 2, 2012
We have had many wonderful results in restructuring home loans. Give me a call for details.

  • LS
    Mar, 2013
    Chattanooga, TN

  • DH
    Jun, 2013
    Cleveland Heights, OH
    Hi can you tell me something to do i am about to loose my house us will not help me refinance or modify because i am 3 months behind even when i was on time for 6 years they did not look at that they will not help at all. Do you know if save a dream program can help i am appling for that now

  • BA
    Jun, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    Start by getting a free consultation from a HUD-approved counselor, such as HOPE NOW. You can reach them at 888-995-4673.

Refinance Options

by | February 2, 2012
I'm in an adjustable rate mortgage with USBank. It has been fixed for the first 5 years at 6.95%, with the first adjustment going up 2% soon. The property, like everyone else, has decreased in value between 40%-50%. I've been trying to negotiate a refi with USBank. Because of the loss of value, they can only offer me another adjustable rate loan, starting at 6.75%. This is "the best" they can offer me according to their underwriters. They would rather foreclose than negotiate a reasonable refi.

  • MG
    Feb, 2012
    North Canton, OH
    I agree with you . . . they would rather foreclose than help the customer. Struggling with this bank for months now. My home modification workout package was in review for over 6 months. I followed up weekly with them on it, they are a very difficult to get any answers out of. Then if you ask for a supervisor you get transferred to a voice mail. I had a special agent I had been assigned to, when you called her you get voice mail and no return calls. They won't even take my mortgage payments anymore, they return them to my bank. Now they say tomorrow my house will be in foreclosure. I have contacted a lawyer and I hope they will have to face consciousnesses for their unlawful and rude attitudes. They do not even follow the HUD and FHA rules, they tried to so say the only thing I could do is a forbearance agreement and it was a crazy amount they wanted me to pay every month. They refuse to give me any other options. Beware the customer service is very rude at US Bank and not helpful at all.

Sad, betraying, Utterly disappointing, deceptive, and completely unfair

by | January 30, 2012
If anyone is thinking about getting a loan/bank account/credit card with US Bank DO NOT DO IT! I've had a credit card with US Bank for 4 years and never once have I paid interest because I always pay it off before interest accumulates. So I get a letter today that they are charging me a $40 annual fee. I call them up telling them to take it off because it was not in the contract. They tell me they won't do it.

Work out Package is a joke!! They lie to you!

by | January 24, 2012
Horrible Bank! In 2009 applied for a work out package. Got a forbearance for 6 months. After 6 mo, they asked for 5,000. Few months later, they filed for a foreclosure. Bank said that during the Work out Package, foreclosure procedure will continue until the package is approved. We filed for chapter 13 to stop Foreclosure. 2 yrs later, we get the workout package in the mail to sign and we have been paying mortgage by Chapter 13 for over a year. US Bank does not care about you, and customer service sucks.

US Bank Needs An Education

by | January 24, 2012
I would think if 1/2 the people dealing with US Bank either has problems or gets ripped off that should be a sign that others could also get the same. Why would anyone do business knowing that there is over a 50% chance that they are going to have a bad experience. I had several bad dealings with the bank, from incorrect bank fee's, incorrect coin counting when I cashed in coins, but the most aggrevating was a two week hold on a good deposited check . When I complained they added two days to that wait.


by | January 20, 2012
Never have any account with US Bank. Plain and simple, it's the most inefficient bank in the world. Their Internet Banking is a joke. I have excellent credit, pays many times over the minimum payment due and yet the balance never moves. The current balance, even after payment is even higher, than the last statement balance. Avoid the frustration of dealing with people who should not even be in the business of banking. DO NOT EVER WORK WITH US BANK.


by | January 14, 2012
Worst Rate and Fees worst customer service, they are holding our mortgage payments on purpose to charge late fees, guess they are going to try and take our home next. We have excellent credit, since we don't have auto payments we still try to maintain some kind of control by writing a CHECK. first time ever in 16 years charged a late fee. Is that the only way you can make money is to Screw good customers over or you trying to take our house. BS Please don't take out any loans with this Bank bailout bank

  • AA
    Nov, 2012
    That's just silly. First off rates and fees you agreed to with your original mortgage. You received your first late fee but you state the mortgage payments are being held in order to charge you late fees. My issue with that statement is you have one late fee but speculate that this has been done on more that one occasion. Another funny remark you had made is stating the bank wants to take your house. You have one late fee. REALLY? were you high when you wrote this. If you Getting anything about foreclosure you are obviously 3 to 4 months behind. PS check your facts U.S. Bank just so happens to be one of the few banks that did not use bailout funds and returned the funds. Do your research its very possible its not us bank you should be upset with. Maybe you are the culprit. Understanding mortgages would help most people. Also understanding that odds are that usbank home mortgage doesn't own your loan. I bet they are following the guidelines set forth by the investor or owner of your loan.

What is wrong with US BANK Home Mortgage Lately?

by | January 14, 2012
US Bank claims they never got my payment in the mail. Paid mortgage payment at back through checking. Stopped payment on other, we knew they would try and cash. Well 2 weeks later, nasty letter saying they couldn't cash check, oh great the one i stopped payment on. 30 bucks wow, Sent Jan. Payment, letter once again telling us they never recieved and will charge another late fee. What are they doing? Trying to make us automatic pay or they just swendeling us out of more money. So disappointed with USBank.


by | January 14, 2012
I wanted to thank Donotwalkyet for the friendly and timely service. I really thought I was getting evicted, but thanks for being with me throughout the whole process and guiding me about my rights.


by | January 7, 2012
tried to modify in 2009. Paid for 5 months then was told no with no reason. Feb 2011 they contacted me for a new 1st morgage refi.paid 300 ap fee NO DOC, NO APRAISAL.In may they demanded an apraisal. house was damaged by storm in April. told them no to the apraisal,I asked 4 my money back. Told me NO. they kept me LOCKED in a RATE for 6 MONTHS. ILLEGAL?? we are now being foreclosed on and have been told lie after lie. qas told ppl like me who stop making payments is what caused all the problems. STAY CLEAR

U S Bank Stinks

by | January 7, 2012
I aplied for a modified loan when they 1st came out. payment went from 890 to 1400. was told I had to pay 1400 for 3 months. I paid it for 5 months then they denied the modified loan. In 2011 they called and offered me a no doc, no apraisal loan at 5%. I paid 300 aplication fee in March. in april a storm damaged the house. In may they called and said they would now have to do an appraisal. I said my house was damaged and it would take time to fix it, so I did not want the loan and wanted (SEE PART 2)

Loan Modification

by | January 7, 2012
Do not try to do loan modification the reason being lost of job, i did entire process and at the end they told me did not qualify . Two weeks later i received foreclosure papers.I ended up getting another loan to get mortgage to date , and now they want to charge me for home inspection they did on their own , what a joke

Great Refinance Experience

by | January 6, 2012
We bought our first home in 2009 using Fifth Third Bank (also a great bank). We refinanced 4 months ago to a 15 year at 3.5%. I was a bit worried after reading these reviews but we had no trouble whatsoever. The process took quite awhile because of so many people trying to refinance right now, but other than that it was painless. We set up a checking account with them and have money deposited into it from each pay. They take the mortgage payment out automatically. We don't really have to think of anything. We will even have a small savings built up over time because of the automatic deposits from our pay. I would caution those that are worried based on the negative reviews here to take them with a huge grain of salt. If you have a good credit score, low debt-to-income, and solid work history - you're fine. If you make your payments on time, which is most easily done how we do it, you're fine. Most of the people complaining on here are those who are losing their homes. While I feel for them, a bank isn't responsible for that, nor are they required to modify your loan. I've never had a problem with their customer service, either. Then again, I don't believe in being rude to people (flushing the toilet at them like another poster...really??).

  • PW
    Mar, 2012
    Santa Monica, CA
    This has got to be a plant from US bank!!!

  • RW
    Apr, 2012
    New York, NY
    Are you sure you're not from Wells Fargo or Chase?

  • CS
    Jun, 2012
    West Alexandria, OH
    I am very happy that the first poster had a good experience wit US Bank, however I am more than appaled that the poster would say that the reason they could have had bad experiences with USB is because they are behind in their payments. We have been trying to work with USB since October and are NOT behind in payments. We have been given nothing but the runaround since day one. 9 months later they still "lose" our paperwork, say we have not filed it timely...etc....we have submitted the same paperwork at least 3 times now...and have started the process over twice. Now give me an excuse for that behavior!


by | January 4, 2012
well I guess I'm not as unlucky as the rest of you. I re-financed and THEN my loan was sold to USBank. No probs so far but am haveing a hard tiome trying to set up online payments.

  • JG
    Jan, 2012
    Castle Hayne, NC
    This is my experience too. My loan was sold to US Bank two months ago, they are still telling me I can't set up online automatic payments. If they tell you something over the phone, you could call back the next day and hear something completely different from somone else. If you try to email them to get something in writing, you have to wait forever for them to get back to you. Just awful. I didn't think anyone could be worse than Wells Fargo.

Worst Customer Service Ever

by | December 21, 2011
Trying to straighten out a flood damage claim. No response to emails, on hold forever when I call, then I get the "this is our policy" speech with a promise to send more forms. I'm current on payments, have a FICO over 800, and still get treated like crap. Veterans beware!

Nearly 5 months and still giving us the run around on a refinance

by | December 19, 2011
We had a loan representative at US Bank named Thao, at the Costa Mesa, CA, Branch. She was really nice in the beginning but eventually stopped answering our calls and emails. She originally said that it would take about 45 days for approval and it has been 4 months and they keep dragging it on. They cancelled our home appraisal 2 hours before it was supposed to take place and still haven't refunded the $600 appraisal fee. We have since refinanced w/ someone else and it took 2 weeks to get approved.

CRAPY customer service!!!

by | December 19, 2011
no wonder people are letting their homes go into foreclosure!!! it's imposible to get anytihg done with US Bank Home Mortgage. I have to spend hours of my day to attempt to get anything done, on top of everything they are rude, not helpful at all. We have NEVER been late on our mortgage but can't seem to get anything done about our escrow. HORRIBLE SERVICE

U.S. Bank

by | December 18, 2011
I have read most of these reviews and my experience with U.S. Bank is the same...awful. I would suggest to everyone that they file complaints with their states' Attorney Generals Office (in Massachusetts this can be done online.) Massachusetts just filed complaints against many banks for committing the same fraudulent acts people have listed on this site...the complaint can be read on it...our Attorney General is Great!


by | December 14, 2011
this bank will charge you 35 dollars for others trying to pull money out of your account! everytime you look around its 35 dollars for this, 35 dollars for that. THEY even charged me 23 dollars a month when i wasnt even using my account. When i complained, it was for non usage. WTH!!!? thats crazy!!!!! the management is even worst!!! they guy has attitudes when you complain about a charge you didnt use on your account!! when i said i wanted to close my account he wanted to me to go else where to do it!!

  • JS
    Dec, 2011
    Minneapolis, MN
    Yes, worst bank ever.

  • CC
    Sep, 2012
    made sure they sent me into repeated overdrafts by refusing to post my friday deposits until Mon

US Bank Home Mortgage is terrible

by | December 13, 2011
I could write a book about my whole loan modification process with this shady lender. I would really love to start a class action lawsuit. B of A and Wells Fargo had to clean up their acts, why can't US Bank? Everyone you talk to there is vague, they won't provide you with any contact information, if you ask for a manager they won't put you through to one. In the months of struggling with them I think I actually spoke to someone who so called was handling my file like 3 times. Unacceptable.

loss draft department a nighmare

by | December 12, 2011
Home hit by and nearly destroyed by a tree in Sept 2011. Loss draft department a nightmare. Repairs completed 31 days ago and inspected by their inspector. Never received one cent from US bank yet. Keep asking for more information never heard of before which makes you start over at the beginning. Lost documents sent overnight mail. Say they never received faxes sent. Will not release amount of insurance proceeds in excess of the remaining amount of the outstanding loan balance.Mortgage in good standing.

Unfair Business Practices

by | December 9, 2011
US Bank will lie to you. Get an attorney. They can not be trusted. You do exactly what they want, and they still will forclose on you with no recourse. Beware.


by | November 30, 2011
Unfortunately, our home loan was assumed by US Bank. We are now in foreclosure with them. They did not operate in good faith in trying to modify our loan. They reduced the payment $7. Now in foreclosure with a sale date of 12/14/11, yesterday they sent 6 thugs over to our house. They broke in through our front door came in and smashed our alarm system. When we finally got someone from the bank to talk to us, they said "oops sorry, I guess we jumped the gun! The people that they sent weren't even licensed!

  • FM
    Dec, 2011
    Gepp, AR
    Here in Arkansas, there would be 6 less thugs in this world. That is not a threat; that is a warning. We too are in foreclosure due to the economy. I was riding high for years with my carpentry business until Oboma took control. Our experience is that I catch them in a lie and they don't care. Our contact at usbank logs into the notes that she has tried to call us and both of our phones never ring from usbank. We are in the process of contacting the ceo and see what happens.

  • TT
    Dec, 2011
    Douglasville, GA
    How do you contact the CEO? I can't get past customer service. US Bank lies. US Bank told me on Friday, send in 3 payments by cashiers check on Monday. I did. They said too late. Now we want 4 payments, and sent the 3 back and foreclosed on me. Just like that. Sent my home to their attorney just like that, al in one day. Refused all payments. refused to talk to me any further. Demanded my EX be on the work out package after releasing him from the loan years ago. He has an attorney. I can't afford one. My daughter had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer and no insurance. She is in remission, but has had many surgeries this year. I was doing the best I could. Why do they do this to people? Banks have more power than the President. US Bank, please stop and help us. Not hurt us. We need you.

  • TT
    Dec, 2011
    Douglasville, GA
    What do you eman they sent 6 thugs to your home? They broke in? Why? Now I am scared and crying. I live with my sick daughter alone. Will they hurt us?


by | November 16, 2011
I missed 3 payments, 3 years ago. They increased my payment to 50% of my income, then told me four times they could modify my loan, lost my info 3 times, lied to me, and are taking my house tomorrow. I don't trust them and I don't think they are nice. They are GREEDY, charging me about $36,000, for missing 3 payments. Their customer service reps are liars. They do have the knowledge on how to approve you for a loan, but their knowledge of basic human morals sucks. Desireen Chowning

Online Payment Fee

by | November 14, 2011
It looks like they now have a $5 online payment fee. Completely ridiculous

Foreclosed on and lied to repeatedly!

by | November 12, 2011
We started working with April Jones in March on 2011 after we fell behind on our mortgage. She was great! She helped us get a Forbearance for May, June and July. July they went to a centralized fax number. That is when everything went to HELL! Faxes are INSTANT! But they say it takes 48 HOURS TO RECEIVE! Faxes were 'not received' even though we sent them multiple times and have the confirmation to prove it! Long story short, The last time we sent in our modification package, They foreclosed and won't help!

Its like any thing or any other place, there are good and bad employees, Sue, ours is 100%

by | November 5, 2011
We are going on our 3rd house loan with US Bank, we moved 2 hrs away from our old bank, and asked if we could still do business with their branch, she said it was unusual, but yes. Thank God, yes their rates are a partial% higher, but her service can't be beat, she has helped in too many ways to count. They have never shafted us in any way, and all their people in that branch are great. I don't know if you'll print this, but my bank is in Wisconsin Rapids WI.

Poor Service, Incompetent people in all departments

by | October 29, 2011
This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. Not only are most of the people who work for this bank totally incompetent they are not even helpful to their clients. I have been a customer for over 15 years and have had the worst service the past two years.

Loan Modification Application Nightmare

by | October 27, 2011
Feedback - Product - Complaint US BankHome Mortgage Loan Modification - HAMP October 27,2011 I first applied for a long modification request in July by submitting all required documentation. I had to fax this documentation 3 times before US Bank confirmed receipt. In August my application was reviewed for the WRONG loan modification. I was declined for the wrong loan modification, was not notified and my case was closed. I have been calling US Bank every week since July (it is now October 27) to check on the status of my account. This is how i learned in September that they reviewed me for the WRONG loan modification program, that I was declined, and that my case was closed. The rep at US Bank reopened my case but nothing has happened. I learned on October 19 that more documentation was required. I submitted that documentation on October 20 and it was received and added to my file on October 22. On Oct 20 I spoke with USAA Representative Amanda Richardson who is supposed to be my Representative for loan modifications. She said she would be in contact with US Bank to find out when they will review the most recent documents submitted. US Bank can not tell me when they will be reviewing this documentation to verify they have all they need to begin the review process. I was told yesterday by Natasha ID TCA that US BANK is not required to make a decision on my case until they have ALL the documents they need. They cannot tell me when they will review these documents to see if they have everything they need to make a decision. This is an absolute nightmare. Sonia Field of USAA just told me that there is nothing USAA can do to assist me. I have been doing everything that is asked of me and yet I risk loosing my home. I do not know who or where to turn for some assistance

  • MT
    Nov, 2011
    Benton, AR
    you need to call or contact the CEO ......try to call FHA OR HUD call the local news papaer too. I ahve been dealing with them too and they closed my case the first time for a surplus and now again for too far in the negative they are not following the guidlines at all !!!!!!!I never had such a bad mortgage experience........

Wish we had known

by | October 25, 2011
Hope and pry that you never have any storm damage to your home. We had 2 trees fall last April. Insurance gave us money which had to given to bank for control(our protection). First contractors were fired due to phoney charges and not doing work requested. That started 4 month delay in getting roof repaired during very rainy period. House now has drenched insulation in roof and walls, blue mold and mildew in at least 3 rooms and ceilings falling in those rooms. Insurance will not pay for damage due to delay

extreme prejudice and descrimination

by | October 17, 2011
12+ years with US Bank in Chicago and legally married in IL as a civil union couple. I moved a few miles west to a new location and usbank refused to cash a check addressed to me and my partner, which he endoresed. apparently they are one of the few banks that have written in their corporate policy the right to refuse to cash a check of this type. I went to my regular US Bank and had the check deposited and withdrew $20. The branch manager from the bad bank called my regular bank had them cancel the check

Awful Crooks! Stay AWAY!!!

by | October 11, 2011
I've never had problems paying my mortgage. My bank was bought out by US Bank. There are no branches near me, so I mail my payment in each month. I'd like to use the online service but they charge $3.50 ($5.00 after the 10th of the month) to use online payment. There's no way I'm going to throw money away like that each month. They send scams to you in your payment stub that look just like the stub, trying to get you to sign up for additional services. Nearly impossible to find pay address on their website.

U S Bank Home Mortgage Customer Service , Minus 5 Stars

by | October 7, 2011
If you are in need of relief , based on the information supplied by the web site " know your" and try to do refinance with USBHM be wary. These people do not know the difference between Home Affordable Modification Program ( HAMP), Home Affordable Unemployment Program ( HAUP ) and Home Affordable Refinance Program ( HARP or in their lingo HASP)I requested refinance info and someone coding my account for a Modification plan , and then locked my payments out . They care not for their customers

Questionable Marketing Technique

by | September 30, 2011
As it happens, I'm on the verge of filing bankruptcy. I came home from grocery shopping and found a red doorhanger on my doorknob stating, "URGENT, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE." I didn't know whether my hard-money lender had sold my note to them or what, but I did call the number. I got a recording that referred me to their website, after first stating, "If you are a US Bank customer, press 1. If you are making a third-party inquiry, press the star key." Except when you press the star key, nothing happens


by | July 19, 2011
We currently have 2 home loans with US bank both in good standing. I emailed to possibly get a lower rate and the agent emailed back asking the typical questions which I answered, ahe also ask what the house was worth but told me do not go out and get a appraisal. After answering all the questions she ask what the house was worth and my credit score, I told her I was not sure. She basically at that point was not interested in my business. I think US bank will be losing a great customer! Credit score is 951

  • MN
    Sep, 2011
    San Jose, CA
    Credit scores only go up to 850...

  • RB
    Oct, 2011
    Santa Rosa, CA
    My wife and I have been trying to get loan modifications for well over 4 years. U.S. Bank took over our loans from Downey Savings & Loans. Eight times we have been denied, loss of pay, homes underwater, pick a pay loans adjusting every year, etc.. This will be the first time we won't be making a house payment, U.S. Bank doesn't care about their reputation and has no customer service worthy of anyones respect. Credit scores at 780 now and about to tank. I've never thought of not making a house payment, scary deal, scary times, and evil bank to do business with. Wells Fargo beats U.S. Bank in customer service hands down. --R.B.

US Bank Mortgage is terrible.

by | May 25, 2011
I struggled with US Bank Home Mortgage and give them a thumbs down. I have my acount and Home Loan with them and will close my account ASAP. They treat their customers terribly and all you get is the run around. I give them one star and will not use them again.

I flush the toilet when I speak to US Bank Mortgage

by | April 28, 2011
Call me immature but everytime I speak to a customer service agent I end with "this is not meant towards you but towards your organization" and I flush the toilet. I refinanced and the bank sold my mortgage to US Bank and it has been the worst experience of my life. Their website stinks. They charge you $3.50 to pay online, so much for going green. They lock you out of their website and then can't gix it so your payment is almost late. Terrible terrible terrible.

  • CM
    Sep, 2011
    Forestville, CT
    you are correct. us bank makes it difficult to make a payment through their website. They make you change your password every 6 months. When you forget the password (because you have changed it so many times already and can not remember it) you get locked out of making the payment, which can make you late. I think this is a criminal way of doing business.

Refinanced denied, but I was still charged

by | April 19, 2011
We were denied a loan, and we have a perfect credit score! I was charged for an appraisal that took several weeks for the appraiser to come out, so the bank had plenty of time to determine if we qualified. I think it is terrible we were told that it has to do with us having an adult daycare facility in our home. I told the bank that I do adult foster care for the DD & MR population, but I was still turned down.

Disappointed with US Bank Home Mortgage

by | March 15, 2011
I've had a mortagage for different homes for over thirty two years and have never been charged a fee for paying my payment withinm the 1st through the 16th until now, thanks USBank! Why is US Bank Mortgage different than the other thousands of banks and the twenty or so I have dealt with?

  • DS
    Apr, 2011
    Owensboro, KY
    You don't get a late fee if you pay by the sixteenth.

  • SF
    Apr, 2011
    Saint Paul, MN
    When you send US Bank a certified check in certified mail it might take two weeks for them to post it but at least you have recourse when they attempt to charge a late fee.

  • TC
    Oct, 2011
    Henderson, NC
    I do not know about that because I made my payment and they took their time getting my payment from the post office they say and it was after the 15th and guess what? I was charged a $28.00 Late fee this is crazy! One person told me that they check their post office box everyday and the other personI spoke to told me that they check the post office box once or twice out of the week. So when I mailed my payment in a after 7 days they still have not recieved it. I tried doing it western union , but was told even if you send it that way and they get it on the 15th of hte month they do not post it for the end of the business day and therefore I am still considered late. So guess what another $28.00 late fee

  • KW
    Mar, 2012
    Ridgefield Town, CT
    Wow. We just got a mortgage with US Bank and I am already having trouble paying my first payment. I mailed my check on the 1st of the month, along with 9 other bill payments. The other 9 have cleared but US Bank has not received my payment yet (it is now the 8th)? I get harassing phone calls from some guy named "Tom" three times a day and I called US Bank to inquire about my payment, and got a very rude woman who said, "we don't control the post office." We have had three other mortgages with three other companies and I have never had this much trouble, especially with the FIRST PAYMENT! They had better not post it after the 15th. I am already frustrated!!

no help at all from US Bank Home Mortgage

by | February 28, 2011
The way I was treated bu US Bank was completely wrong. I know I'm just a number to US Bank; but when I ask for help and beg for help, you just set more hoops for me to jump through. As many times as I faxed my stuff to you and as many people that got it, maybe you need to get your organization skills in check at US Bank. I went to 7 Can Help. You put me into foreclosure. There is only one guy that works at US Bank inside Papillion, Nebraska that has helped me. If you want to know more on how I was treated, feel free to contact me. My email is This is just a sample of how I was really treated. Joseph Zemek

Where is u.s bank mortgage?

by | February 22, 2011
I have been trying to get out of foreclosure since I got in it with US Bank Mortgage. I've talked to fifty different people at US Bank, sent in and faxed every so called" workout package" available to the point that they are sending me the same ones over and every time I get denial letters for reasons not listed and appear to be fabricated. Therein no one that ever gets back to you and no one specific person to talk to ever so you can never get the correct information or any information because they will tell you someone else is doing it never the people. US Bank is terrrible to its clients.

I was treated like I trash by US Bank Home Mortgage

by | February 18, 2011
I recently contacted Loan Officer Andy S at the Hamilton, OH (Cincinnati) in regard to a mortgage. Mr. S was a total "suck up" on the phone until he learned I wanted a minimal loan of $40,000. His total demeanor changed and I was spoken to like a piece of trash. He did not follow up as promised and failed to return my calls. My credit rating is 751 and I have been a US Bank customer for 7 years. He did not hesitate, however, to charge me $12 to pull my credit. Would NOT recommend US Bank Home Mortgage!

Refinance my mortgage with US Bank Home Mortgage

by | February 18, 2011
I currently have a FHA loan on my townhouse, and I wish to refinance into a conventional loan so that I can purchase a single family home with an FHA. Can it be possible?

Pray your bank doesn't sell your mortgage to US Bank

by | February 15, 2011
Does Mickey Mouse own US Bank? Based on our experience with them, and their awful website, it's probably an insult to Mickey Mouse to suggest he owns this incompetent bank. US Bank wants us to go green and bank online but they charge fees to pay your mortgage using their website--crooks.

loan modifications from US BANK

by | January 27, 2011

  • KD
    Aug, 2011
    Fernandina, FL
    Can you tell me how long it took you to get through the loan mod. review. I applied in late May and it is still in review when I call. What was your hardship? Mine was divorce by abandonment and no alimony and I am a breast cancer survivor.

  • MT
    Oct, 2011
    Benton, AR

  • CB
    Oct, 2011
    How did you get through the loan mod process and give them such a great rating? I have been involved in this process since July and they still have done nothing. It is October 27.

  • CT
    Nov, 2011
    Wingo, KY
    GET A THIRD PARTY>>>>>> we went through this for 13 months they would not even start to help us . we were only 2months behind due to a layoff when we first asked for help. they put us off for months .we were listed in the local newspaper 4 times as having our home auctioned off on the court square for embarrassing. we are very well known around our town. we were soooooo depressed. we finally ended up borrowing 1400 from our family and hiring a company ...and they took care of everything. it still took time but we got to keep our home.hang in there.

  • DC
    Nov, 2011
    Plainfield, IN
    They messed with me over a loan mod for 3 years and are taking my house tomorrow. I would advise you to get an attorney. If that fails please feel free to join me in suing them!

  • SB
    Nov, 2011
    Falcon Heights, MN
    US Bank seemed to want to help us. But even after being in the Home Modification Pgm for a few years, they have suddenly raised our mortgage escrow up again to give us again a challeging, difficult, monthly payment amount to achieve. In Oct.2011 I was offered a deferment by their US Bank representative to put 3 late payments onto the back of my mortgage. US BANk sent an over night letter for my husband and I to sign, which we did and overnighted back via their envelope. 4.5 weeks later I get a call from a new rep....he says our deferment was declined. No letter/ paperwork or anything came formerly to tell us that, in a decent ,business TIMELY manner. I think they are in a mess their now. Big turn over too! I have a lawyer in the family who I am consulting...if you have another resource I can consult with, I'd be grateful...

Run the other way and DO NOT USE this Bank for a mortgage

by | January 14, 2011
I have spent the last 6 months trying to work with this bank to secure a personal construction home loan. This is the absolute WORST experience of my life. They loose paperwork and lie to you about everything. We were told in the beginning that it would only take about 3 weeks to process the loan now 6 months later they are still stalling to get it closed. At one point when my husband questioned them about a lie they told him that it was their job to lie.

  • JM
    Jan, 2011
    Springfield, OH
    People don't go around telling people it's their job to lie. It's one thing to be disappointed but, to make a statement like that is crazy. Find a new lender if it's that bad.

  • FC
    Nov, 2011
    US Bank is the absolute worst bank to deal with! When redoing our loan we had to submit the same paperwork at least 7 times! If I had to hear about a glitch in the system one more time I was gonna scream. The last time I sent in the paperwork, I sent it with a signature required on a freturn reciept. Magically all of a sudden, when we had a name who recieved it our paperwork suddenly appeared. When the market is better, you can bet I will be looking for a new and more accessable loan company, these people just plain suck.

Get ready to wait!

by | December 27, 2010
Our loan was bought by US Bank on July 1st. We signed the refinance package after working with a loan rep. to get pre-approved. It has been 5 months since we signed those documents, 2 round of rates, and 2nd appraisal. They tell us every week that other customers are waiting just as long as you, the market is just flooded with refinances. Yes, I agree, but not to the extent of 5 months.

  • LS
    Feb, 2011
    Ankeny, IA
    I agree with you about US Bank! You call and wait and wait, and after you enter all your information, they hang up on you. And you have to start all over, custom service is a -1, web site is a -10 they could learn a lot from wells fargo!! think twice before you remorgage or refinance with this BANK!!!!! US Bank is too big for its own good.

  • NM
    Apr, 2011
    West Seneca, NY
    BE CAREFUL... I was doing the samething and the bank in Owensboro,KY had me "going through the motions" and I lost my house anyway....If too much times passes...good luck trying to get a hold of them the lady we had in the refin department was either NEVER at her desk, out to lunch, or on vacation. I have more to this story ...JUST BE CAREFUL

  • CW
    May, 2011
    Olmsted Falls Twp, OH
    That is so true! They are VERY difficult to reach, and when you finally talk to someone, they are rude. I have faxed information to them at least three time in an effort to refinance, but they always say they did not receive it. The fax number they give you rings busy all day and night! I had an alternate number, and they still say they didn't receive it. They keep sending me forclosure notices! I am at my wits end!

  • PC
    Nov, 2011
    Horse Cave, KY
    Detail: I have had the worst experience with US Bank not knowing what could and would happen. I refinanced my home in 2006 with a 5 year balloon duh!!! Auto payments from account for 2 years. Husband lost his job due to unemployment. Stopped automatic payment which cost me and late on payments now the mature date is here and on my second round for modification just called haven’t received paperwork which on the first round of this 10 Didn't receive 2) Sent by fax papers od 3)Was denied because I made too much. Now, Iam going another time and as of Friday they haven't received next day air!!! I feel they want to foreclose. They know noting locally and no one at US Bank has tried to help. Just talk foreclosure. Can anyone help us keep our home???

  • RC
    Dec, 2011
    Syracuse, IN
    We have tried to do a loan modification with US Bank multiple times. Even after losing my job they still only want to see months & months of bank statements. We actually had someone from US Bank that if we couldnt pay our mortgage payment we should get our priorities straight & stop paying our credit card payments. The same guy said "we aren't in the red, so we dont care if you foreclose". They dont seem to care that you are trying to pay all of your bills & all we wanted was for them to lower the interest rate. We feel your pain. We also feel they could care less if the house goes into foreclosure.

  • BN
    Feb, 2012
    Raytown, MO
    Been through the same refi story. Loss of paperwork, inconsistent stories each month (provided you get to talk with someone). After 10 months, we finally gave up on any hope of a refinance.

  • CS
    Feb, 2012
    Folsom, CA
    All of the folks stating they never received the paperwork... I have the reason! I just got someone else's loan docs for a modification after waiting EIGHT MONTHS and the whole time being threatened with foreclosure. No they don't want to help, and yes, they won't mind foreclosing! Beware of US BANK. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what I can do about them sending my docs to someone in OH and I live in CA? Because I got their paperwork with their address, loan number and new mortgage info in MY ENVELOPE addressed to me. It's obvious the paperwork got switched and they most likely received mine. Is this even LEGAL?

US Bank Home Mortgage - A Winner for Me.

by | December 18, 2010
US Bank is the same bank that i use for my banking and checkin accounts and they got me a mortgage loan. I thought that they were really flexible and fast. So I rated them higher.

  • DS
    Feb, 2012
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    USBank cust. service were disappointing & unsatisfactory. They are not good in mortgage industry.!

US bank Home Mortgage did a great job for my refinance mortgage loan.

by | December 2, 2010
I am not sure if I got the best rate, in fact i saw some lower rates online, but my loan agent from US Bank was super nice and helpful guiding me through the refinance process (and mine was complicated, since my husband has bad credit) so I was very happy in the end with US Bank and their mortgage process. Thanks. Sally.