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Personal Loans For Bad Credit - Get Rates for a Bad Credit Personal Loan

Personal Loans For Bad Credit - Get Rates for a Bad Credit Personal Loan
Betsalel Cohen
UpdatedMay 12, 2019
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Key Takeaways:
  • Personal Loans for Bad Credit can help pay for emergencies of consolidate debt.
  • Expect to pay higher interest rates.
  • Use the Personal Loan Rate table to find offers from legitimate lenders.

Personal Loans Bad Credit: First Check Rates

Yes, it is possible to find personal loans for bad credit.

Use Personal Loan Rate table to find a loan for borrowers with bad credit. Enter your zip code, the loan purpose and the loan amount. Then click on the "continue" button to get a real-time offer from a Bad Credit Lender.

What is a Bad Credit Personal Loan?

Maybe you thought that lenders only offer personal loans to people with excellent credit? After all, a personal loan is based on your financial situation and capability to repay the loan. Why would a lender want to offer a loan to someone with bad credit?

While lenders offer loans with the best rates to people with excellent credit, they also offer loans at higher rates to borrowers with bad credit. While there are different credit rating scales, here is one that the Personal Rate Table uses:

Personal Loans for Bad Credit - Credit Score ranges

To keep tabs of your credit, it is important to check your credit reports periodically and make sure that all of the reported items are accurate. Any negative account is going to hurt your credit and make it more difficult to qualify for a personal loan.

Why Take a Personal Loan for Bad Credit?

The most common reasons to take a personal loan are debt consolidation, pay for medical bills, make big purchases, or cover emergencies.

Probably, the best reason to take a bad credit personal loan is to cover emergencies. While the best strategy is to save money in an emergency fund, anyone can run into a situation where they need money quickly and don’t have liquid assets available. What should you do if you need money to pay for medical bills to allow further treatment? Or you need to fix your auto so that you can get to work? .The high rate is justified if it helps you get the required medical treatment or saves your job.

Debt consolidation is a common reason to take a personal loan. However, if you have bad credit, then the interest rates might be too high to make it a good alternative. Before you take a personal loan make sure that you can afford the monthly payments and you are reducing your interest.

Should You Consider a Bad Credit Personal Loan?

A personal loan for bad credit doesn't sound like a great idea. After all, if you have bad credit, then you must be facing some financial hardship, and you can't afford to make payments.

Maybe your bad credit was due to temporary problems, or old items that are still on your credit report. If you now have a steady income, a balanced budget, and a good financial plan, then the loan might help put you back on your feet.

However, If you are in serious financial hardship and cannot afford the monthly payments, then consider other options.

Before you take out a bad credit personal loan, consider all of your alternatives. Then shop around and compare lenders and rates.

Find Bad Credit Personal Loan Lenders

Not all lenders offer loans to people with bad credit. Comparison shopping is the key to getting the best deal available. Get pre-approved, and if a lender rejects your application, then ask them why. If you keep hearing the same answer, it gives you an idea of steps you need to take to improve your chances of getting your application approved. Personal loans for bad credit have higher interest rates. However, interest rates can vary widely from lender to lender. The difference in interest rates you may be offered can be gigantic. A higher interest rate means a higher payment on a loan for the same amount with the same number of payments.

The lenders who offer loans to borrowers with bad credit specialize in this area. You may be less familiar with the names of the lenders, which is another reason to do your homework on any lender you may use and to comparison shop.

Here is an example of terms using three lenders. All of them offer personal loans to bad credit borrowers. If you borrow $10,000 and to repay the loan in 36 monthly payments, here are the total cost and monthly cost. The interest rate shown is not the highest each company charges but serves as a good comparison.

  • OneMain Financial 36 months, 22.74% APR, $385.75 monthly, $13,887
  • Avant 36 months, 26.99%, $408, 14,688
  • NetCredit 36 months, 94.5% APR, 842.50, $30,330

(Note: The interest rate and payment numbers are within the range offered by the three companies, but are presented for illustrative purposes and not real offers).

In general, the higher the rate loans are intended to help pay for a significant and urgent emergency. Make sure you can afford the monthly payment. Lenders look at your ability to make timely monthly payments. However, it is possible to be approved for a loan that makes it hard to pay all your other bills.

Get more information about these bad credit personal loan lenders: OneMain Financial and Avant.