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As one of the nation's mortgage leaders, Bank of America Mortgage maintains strong client relationships with responsiveness, innovation, and market knowledge. Bank of America offers a variety of loan products, including home loans, refinance loans, purchase mortgages, reverse mortgages and debt consolidation loans. They have a national footprint and are one of the largest retail lenders in the country, combined with their acquisition of Countrywide. Bank of America has a full suite of fixed rate and ARM products, including conforming mortgage loans and jumbo and subprime mortgage loans.

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Bank of America Mortgage gives borrowers many mortgage loan options with good rates. They have a helpful customer service team and provide helpful information on mortgage refinancing, buying a new home, and foreclosure. Bank of America Mortgage also provides an online tool to check the status of mortgage application to keep you inform of your loan application process. Bank of America Mortgage takes care of returning clients making them good for a long-term relationship.

Charlotte, NC
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Loan Opportunity
by September 15, 2019

Bank of America has made it possible for me to obtain a loan for my business and they’re still creating opportunities for other providing funding to interested investors, individuals and corporations. If you're very interested kindly contact them now.

Never B of A I'm closing all my accounts
by July 27, 2019

I'm a 40 years B of A customer and I will be closing both my business accounts and my personal accounts. I submitted a refi on my house June 27, 2019. I was asking for a 45% loan to value and I my credit score is 740. We have zero debt. Should be a very easy to loan to do. I delivered all papers requested (I was a loan officer for 10 years). On July 17 my husband left message for Troy Reily asking if he needed anything else. No reply. On July 19 I delivered to Troy Reily (loan officer B of A) a disclaimer he needed. At that time Troy told me my loan was canceled because Wells Fargo did not return payment history (this was not on my credit report so they needed payment history). I asked Troy why wasn't I told he needed this? Troy said he thought he had to end of the day. Troy then tried to say because I failed to provide what they needed loan was closed. I told him at no time did anyone from B of A say they were missing anything. This turned into a he said she said. Troy told his manger he requested info from me that I failed to provide BUT Troy did not offer any proof. Troy said it was verbal. This is strange considering B of A has a database system that send emails when they need something. I then talked to Troy manager Edward Steinway. I asked that my appraisal be refunded. Edward said no refund. I told him this is NO way to treat long time GOLD customers. To date nothing from B of A in the mail saying what happened to the loan. BTY, B of A had already put they name on my fire insurance. We had to call our insurance company and tell them to remove B of A. We sent our loan to B of A because we thought we would get brownie points for being a long time customer. Troy told me they do not take that into consideration. So my advice is to STAY FAR AWAY from bofa. Worst customer server ever!

PLEASE DON'T GO WITH Bank OF America Mortgage
by April 27, 2019

All, At any case Please don't go with Bank Of America Mortgage for anew purchase/refinance even though they give you best rate. No communication and they will take hell lot of time and you don't have what's going on. They don't know how to look at the bank statements and transactions. they took 45 days with no response. LOAN officer doesn't have any clue what's going on. There are bunch of idiots working there especially Mr. Brian Roblyer. THIS IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND BELIEVE YOU HAVE LOT BETTER OPTIONS.

Cannot Recommend
by September 3, 2016

Went through mortgage process with a BOA banker in Detroit. Most of the time he acted like I was bothering him. I had no problem qualifying and continued with the process. He delayed sending me the lending paperwork until it was closer to my proposed closing date. It turns out he raised the interest rate on the paperwork, likely thinking it would be too late for me to go with a different lender. I inquired about the change and was ignored. I dropped them and will never use them again.

refi hell
by June 24, 2014

BofA is my current mortgage holder on my condo/primary residence. I called one day and spoke with a very nice, competent rep to take the application. My property is work $730K; I owe $230K. I own another property for which I will take equity ($235K) from the primary residence to pay off, so I'm left with one mortgage and LESS $$ outlay. Credit scores in 800s, no credit card debt, no auto loans, six-figure salary PLUS bonuses, 25 years w/my employer, solid condo wouldn't believe the hell I'm in