Credit Card Consolidation

Credit cards are a basic financial tool for most households. They are convenient and provide a simple and easy way to pay off a bill, especially an emergency bill, such as an auto repair or a medical expense. However, if you have high interest rates on your credit cards, unaffordable payments, maxing out your credit lines, or have a lot of bills that are hard to manage, then you could probably benefit from credit card consolidation.

Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt Now
What is Credit Card Consolidation?

What is Credit Card Consolidation?

Credit card consolidation is the process of paying off any high interest credit card debt with a lower interest solution. This allows you to pay less interest on your balance, save money, and pay off your debts faster.

Options for credit card consolidation include 0% intro APR balance transfer credit cards, personal loans, HELOCs, and debt relief. Credit card consolidation allows you to pay off multiple debts into one affordable payment at lower rates and fees.

Learn Your Credit Card Consolidation Options

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Credit Card Consolidation Considerations

Lower your interest Rates

Lower your
interest Rates

Lower your monthly payments

Lower your
monthly payments

Protect your credit

Protect your

Get Out of Debt Faster

Time to Get
Debt Free

Card Card Consolidation Options

Credit Card Consolidation Options

In general, credit card consolidation can be achieved in two ways. You can either consolidate your credit card debt with a new loan or credit card (balance transfer, personal loan, cash-out mortgage or Home Equity Loan); or, consolidate your payments through a bill consolidation program such as debt settlement, credit counseling or bankruptcy.

Credit Card Consolidation Guide

Learn about the pros and cons of various credit card debt consolidation options. Some of them are easy to do by yourself, and others require professional assistance. Pick the debt relief option that best fits your financial situation and personal goals. One important thing to look for when considering credit card consolidation is lower rates, affordable payments, and financial savings. In most cases, you will need good to excellent  credit to get the best rates. 

Debt Settlement

Not everyone is able to consolidate credit card debt through a loan, or a balance transfer. If you are suffering from a financial hardship, then consider a Debt Settlement program that consolidates your payments, but not your debt. Debt settlement firms obtain reduced pay-off balances by negotiating with your creditors. SInce you stop making payments directly to the creditors, debt settlement harms your credit rating, but it is the cheapest way to get out of debt while avoiding bankruptcy.