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Mark Cappel
UpdatedApr 26, 2010
I am young and want advice on paying off my bills.

I am pretty young I think to even discuss my bill options. I want help on how to get my head above my bills. I am a college student and I work full-time, I also have my own place which may not have been a good idea at the time i decided to move out. At the time I was only working part-time and going to school full-time and I was way in over my head. Anyways I have rent and car note and utilities and insurance and a credit card that I really want to pay way down or pay off. I also have medical bills that arent really that high but I want to clear them up. What type of plan I could I possible use to keep me focus and on the right track, I feel so much pressure on me piling up day by day. Thanks Brittany

Miss Bee, thanks for writing to us and congratulations for having the financial maturity and foresight to plan for a solid financial future! You have no idea just how many people write to us daily with serious financial problems that could have been solved early on if only they would have done what you have done and sought out advice early on.

Unfortunately, too many Americans make financial decisions based on monthly payment and not on what is in the long term best interest, so most people just kick the can down the street until it is too late to solve a serious problem.

For you, I think that you really have an issue of: i) payment prioritization, and ii) financial discipline. For both I would suggest that you check out for budgeting and sticking to your plan and then maybe more relevant for you is a cool new tool and service called debt goal where you can prioritize your debts and debt paydown in a way that can help you payoff your debts in the best way possible.

If you ever struggle to make payments and need more aggressive solutions, and if you want specifics around debt relief and debt resolution options, I answered a question similar to yours in my blog recently. Please go to the following link to read my answer to a fellow reader: /30000-debt-consolidation-and-looking-to-consolidate-my-bills/

Thanks for your question and good luck Miss Bee!

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