Consolidation Loan Source

Consolidation Loan Source

What do I need to get a consolidation loan?

What do I need to get a consolidation loan?

You have 2 options for your consolidation loan: unsecured and secured (typically a mortgage) loans. It is technically possible to get an unsecured consolidation loan to pay off all of the debts you listed, but if you have no collateral, such as a home, the interest rate would probably approach that of your credit card.

Most typically, it is the home mortgage rate with your home as collateral that makes consolidation loans advantageous to consumers saddled with credit card debt and other expensive debt. If you replaced your student loan with an unsecured consolidation loan, you would most likely be doing your situation real harm since the insured student loan interest rate is normally many points lower than an unsecured note. The student loan is also unsecured but in most cases it has a feature that operates like collateral--insurance or a guarantee from the federal government in case of default.

With a secured note such as a mortgage or a guaranteed note such as a student loan, the lender's risk is lowered significantly, so a consumer friendly interest rate is usually available.

With an unsecured note, such as the one your situation would likely require, the lender is taking much more risk, as they have few ways to recoup their losses in case of default. The result is a higher interest rate, charged because the lender is taking more risk by lending you the money. However, there are unsecured consolidation loans available, depending on your credit score, so I encourage you speak with lenders to find out what they can offer. The Savings Center is a good place to start.

If you own a home, I'd recommend applying for a debt consolidation loan. Bill makes it easy by starting here:


Alternatively, if you are struggling with your debts, you can apply for debt help with one of our approved debt relief providers by following this link: /debthelp/debt/

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RRay Schweinberg, Apr, 2007
I am in need ao a loan of $1000.00 that will be paid off within 4 months. I aquired this debt because of auto repairs required by the state. My household income is $1387.00 per month, I had a bankruptcy 2 years ago and I need my auto because I live in a rural area. Can you help me find a way to pay this debt?