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Auto Insurance Articles

Auto Insurance Questions TeamFebruary 18, 2015

Browse through our auto insurance questions and answers to learn more about auto insurance coverage options and how to lower your auto insurance cost.

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Auto Insurance on a New Car TeamDecember 1, 2010

Learn how auto insurance rates are set and how they affect your car purchase.

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Auto Coverage Explained

Daniel CohenDecember 1, 2010

Educate yourself on the fundamentals of auto insurance and what you need to know to get coverage from an auto insurance company.

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After a car accident TeamDecember 1, 2010

Car accident 101. Educate yourself on what you need to do if you end up in a car accident.

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Shopping for Auto Insurance TeamDecember 1, 2010

Shopping guide for auto insurance - learn what to keep an eye out for when shopping for auto insurance.

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Filing Auto Insurance Claims

Mark CappelDecember 1, 2010

Be sure to file an auto insurance claim properly, to ensure that your claim is paid in a timely manner. Use the following tips to guide you, including...

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Long Term Care Insurance

Betsalel CohenNovember 17, 2010

Long-Term Care Insurance | Planning for long-term care requires foresight. Review your coverage and protect yourself from potential financial harm by...

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Safe Driving Tips TeamNovember 4, 2010

Get helpful driving tips to reduce your chances of an accident and keeping you and your passengers safe.

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Tips for Reducing Premiums TeamOctober 19, 2010

Look to lower your auto insurance rate by following these cost saving tips. Get the best auto insurance rate possible.

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Discounts on Auto Insurance TeamOctober 19, 2010

Auto insurance companies often provide many discounts to make your policy more affordable. Save money on your policy by looking for these discounts.

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Auto Insurance Cost TeamOctober 19, 2010

Auto insurance companies consider numerous factors to determine your auto insurance premium. Learn about these factors here from

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Auto Insurance Coverage TeamOctober 15, 2010

Learn about the different auto insurance coverage options available and how they protect you.

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Accident Drives Up Our Car Insurance Rate

Mark CappelJuly 22, 2009

I was involved in a car accident that is now raising my wife's insurance because i was not on the policy. How can I help reduce her premium?

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Accident and Wrong Coverage

Mark CappelOctober 2, 2007

If you've been in a car accident and need advice or help on how to handle the insurance, see the advice that has given others to help them manage thro

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Cheap Auto Insurance TeamApril 5, 2007

If you are looking for advice on Cheap Auto Insurance, look to for all of your auto insurance questions and answers.

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