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Freedom Financial Network was founded in 2002 and has over 10 years of experience in helping consumers resolve their debts. Freedom Financial Network offers two solutions to consumers: credit counseling and debt settlement. Freedom Financial Network will work with you to explain how both approach differs and will review your financial situation to identity the best way to become debt free.

About Freedom Financial Network

Freedom Financial Network is a very good option if you seek debt resolution or credit counseling. The company is a leader in size and in quality with the most industry experience in resolving consumer debt. First and foremost, Freedom Financial Network's debt specialist will help you determine if debt resolution or credit counseling is the right approach to pay off your debts. They carefully explain how each program work, making sure you fully understand both programs' pros and cons. Freedom Financial Network's credit counseling program does a good job keeping consumers on track with their payments and offers great reduction in credit card interest rates and fees. Their program is highly recommended for those looking to reduce their monthly payments without experiencing any drawbacks from a debt settlement program.

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