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Finance My Home

Daniel CohenNovember 2, 2010

Finance My Home | Your mortgage is the biggest debt you have. Make sure to read these home purchase tips before you apply for a mortgage loan, so you can get th

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Home Value

Betsalel CohenOctober 26, 2010

Home Value | The market value of your property is determined by its location, plus its amenities such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms..

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How to Buy a Home

Mark CappelSeptember 15, 2010

Purchasing a home will most likely be among your largest and most important investments. Determine the pros and cons of owning a home to make the best decision.

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Home Buying Guide

Daniel CohenSeptember 15, 2010

A guide for home buyers - preparing to get a mortgage and buy a home and then find the best mortgage for you

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First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit & Short Sale TeamMarch 14, 2010

The fact that the property was sold as a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or REO is irrelevant to the first time homebuyer tax credit.

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Can I Purchase Another Home If I Have Done a Deed In Lieu?

Mark CappelMarch 5, 2010

If I do a deed in lieu of foreclosure can I get approved to purchase another home in a couple of months?

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First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

Mark CappelFebruary 17, 2010

In general, you can claim the credit if you are a first-time homebuyer or a long-time resident of the same main home.

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Buying a Home While in Chapter 13

Mark CappelDecember 28, 2009

Convince the mortgage broker or loan officer to give you a conditional or contingent letter of credit for a mortgage/deed of trust in the amount of the loan you

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Delinquent Utility & Mortgage

Mark CappelAugust 20, 2009

I found out I had a utility collection on my credit report and paid it off immediately. Will my husband and I still be able to get another home mortgage?

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Apply for a Mortgage

Mark CappelOctober 1, 2008

Given the current housing market decline, find out of this is a good time to apply for a mortgage for a first time home buyer.

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Buying a House While in Chapter 13

Mark CappelAugust 7, 2008

See how long you need to wait before you can make a major purchase such as a home, while you are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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First Time Home Buyer and Consolidation TeamNovember 19, 2007

First Time Home Buyer and Debt Consolidation | As a first time home buyer, if you have a significant amount of equity, you may be able to refinance or take...

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Mortgage with Bad Credit

Mark CappelOctober 18, 2007

Learn about applying for a mortgage with bad credit and if you can qualify. Learn it all from

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Mortgage When Spouse Has Bad Credit

Mark CappelOctober 7, 2007

Applying for a mortgage with bad credit and a spouse isn't as difficult as you may think. Learn the what lenders look for when one spouse applies for a...

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First time homebuyer program

Mark CappelOctober 7, 2007

Learn about a first time home buyer program and what it entails. Find it all out on

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Pre-Approved for Mortgage

Mark CappelSeptember 29, 2007

Got a pre-approved offer for a mortgage? Read more for tips on how to improve your chances of getting a better offer.

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Rent to Own a Home

Mark CappelJuly 15, 2007

Is renting a home with the option to buy a wise choice? Yes, if the local market conditions are weak, your credit is poor, and the owner is eager to sell...

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'A Paper' Mortgage

Mark CappelMay 17, 2007

Learn what an A Paper mortgage is, how it compares to other mortgage loans, and the real deal with subprime loans. All from

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Real estate roi TeamApril 12, 2007

Learn all about real estate roi and how to make financial decisions on your home. Get the information you need on the Financial Blog.

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