Debt Relief Articles

Debt Relief

Aly J. YaleMay 4, 2022

Debt Relief includes different solutions to pay off, reduce, and eventually eliminate debt more effectively. Learn about debt relief and how it works so that...

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Accredited Debt Relief Review 2022

September 14, 2021

Accredited Debt Relief is a debt settlement company that negotiates with your creditors a debt reduction. Learn about their program and how to qualify for...

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Credit Associates Review 2022

September 14, 2021

Credit Associates is a leading debt settlement company that negotiates with your creditors a debt reduction. Learn how to qualify and how their program...

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Freedom Debt Relief Review 2022

September 14, 2021

Freedom Debt Relief is a leading debt settlement company that negotiates with your creditors a debt reduction. Learn how to qualify and how their program...

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Credit Solutions Review

September 10, 2021

Credit Solutions is a debt settlement or debt relief company. Read more about Credit Solution reviews.

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Debt Relief Programs

Daniel CohenJune 22, 2020

Debt Relief Programs | Don't be confused by all the different types of debt relief programs out there. Use to understand the pros and cons of each...

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I Need to Consolidate my Debt

Daniel CohenMarch 31, 2020

I Need to Consolidate my Debt | Learn how to choose the right debt consolidation option, based on your individual financial situation. Make sure you never...

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Freedom Debt Relief Review

Daniel CohenMarch 30, 2020

We recommend Freedom Debt Relief for consumers with financial hardships looking to resolve their unsecured debts as quickly as possible for a lower amount than

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Debt Negotiation

Betsalel CohenMarch 30, 2020

Debt negotiation is a solution for people in a hardship. Carefully look at your situation and debt relief options. Choose between a do-it-yourself approach...

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Free Debt Relief Programs

Betsalel CohenMarch 29, 2020

Free Debt Relief Programs | Avoid scams that promise you free money or free debt relief. Use the FREE program to help you get the best debt relief program to...

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Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

Daniel CohenMarch 12, 2020

Debt settlement can get you out of debt faster and at a lower cost than other debt relief options, but review the pros and cons before deciding. If...

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Debt Settlement vs. CCCS

Daniel CohenMay 17, 2019

Compare debt settlement from Freedom Debt Relief to a Credit Counseling Service's Debt Management Program. Debt settlement has lower overall costs than credit c

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Debt Settlement Agreement

Daniel CohenFebruary 24, 2019

Debt settlement agreements must include 8 terms and conditions. Learn how to structure a proper letter and how to negotiate to reach the best...

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Debt Relief Comparison

Daniel CohenJanuary 29, 2019

Use's simple debt comparison table to understand the differences between ways to deal with debt. Also, learn the best and worst...

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Debt Settlement History

Daniel CohenOctober 26, 2018

In debt settlement, the debt settlement firms negotiate with creditors to reduce the actual principal balance of their clients' debts.

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Debt Relief and Credit

Daniel CohenMarch 18, 2018

How does debt relief affect your credit? Learn about the effects that different debt relief options have on your credit. Do you know that you must have...

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March 12, 2018

Are you looking for ways to get out of debt? No matter the reason you are in debt, or your personal situation, Get Out of Debt Guide helps you....

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Government Debt Relief

Betsalel CohenSeptember 3, 2017

Government Debt Relief | Compare government debt relief options that can help you save, including government mortgage relief programs available. Make sure to...

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Choosing a Debt Relief Program

Betsalel CohenMarch 20, 2017

Learn three tips to help you choose a debt relief program relief: Check affordability, your credit, and your ability to stick to a program before...

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Debt Negotiators

Betsalel CohenDecember 18, 2016

Need help negotiating your debt, getting lower interest rates, improving your terms, or settling your debt, then get professional debt negotiators to ...

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Business Line of Credit Debt Settlement

Betsalel CohenDecember 17, 2016

Business Line of Credit Debt Settlement | If you can't afford to pay your business line of credit look for debt relief options including debt settlement and...

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Citibank Credit Card Settlement

Daniel CohenDecember 17, 2016

Citibank Credit Card | If you have a Citi credit card and you are struggling, consider trying to settle your debt for less than what you owe. Start by...

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Debt Settlement Companies

Daniel CohenNovember 22, 2016

Debt Settlement Companies | Review how to find the best debt settlement companies in business. Learn what to avoid, so you don't get scammed. Never hire...

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Credit Card Debt Settlement

Betsalel CohenNovember 20, 2016

Credit card debt settlement is a great debt relief solution if you are facing a financial hardship, but wish to eliminate credit card debt through one low..

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Debt Assistance is Available

Betsalel CohenNovember 20, 2016

If you are struggling with debt, or having trouble creating and maintaining a budget, then look for a professional debt assistance program. It can help you...

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Judgment Proof

Daniel CohenJune 5, 2015

Your creditor may consider you judgment proof if your assets are off-limits from its collections. Learn how to tell if you are judgment proof, but beware...

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Debt Relief Solutions

Daniel CohenJanuary 19, 2015

There are six Debt Relief Solutions, each with pros and cons. Learn which debt relief solution is right for you, and which can harm...

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Credit Card Debt Relief Companies

Betsalel CohenNovember 26, 2014

Credit Card Debt Relief Companies - Options and Reviews | Debt Settlement companies offer one type of debt relief. Look for AFCC accreditation, and don't...

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Debt Settlement Company

Daniel CohenNovember 19, 2014

Debt Settlement Company | It is crucial to do your homework before selecting a reputable debt settlement company. First, look for AFCC membership, then....

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Debt Negotiation Plan

Daniel CohenJune 20, 2014

Read this article to learn about progress and timeline of debt negotiation plan. See how long it usually take to start seeing results only on

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Charge Offs & Settlement

Mark CappelJune 16, 2014

You can reach a debt settlement before charge-off. A quick settlement benefits both sides, and may cause less damage to your credit score...

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Credit Card Debt

Brad StrohMay 29, 2014

Credit card debt | Get out of credit card debt for good with help from Find debt resources and information in one convenient place.

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Comenity Credit Card Debt

Daniel CohenSeptember 15, 2013

Comenity Bank issues credit cards for 100+ major retailers, like Abecrombie & Fitch and Victoria's Secret. If you can't make your payments, be sure you...

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Debt Relief Companies

Daniel CohenOctober 22, 2012

Trying to choose among different debt relief companies? Review basic tips that will help you avoid debt relief scams and find the right firm to help you.

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CFPB and New Ideas for Private Student Loan Relief

Betsalel CohenJuly 26, 2012

Private Student Loan Relief | There are few relief options for private student loan borrowers. The CFPB's July 2012 report called for changes, including...

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Get Debt Relief Now

Mark CappelApril 26, 2012

Get Debt Relief | Learn which debt relief strategy is best for your needs, and the positives and negatives of popular debt relief strategies...

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How to Settle Credit Card Debt

Daniel CohenApril 25, 2012

How to Settle Credit Card Debt | Free tips on how to settle credit card debt on your own. If you lack the skills to settle, hire a debt settlement firm that...

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Credit Card Relief Plan

Daniel CohenApril 23, 2012

Credit Card Relief Plan | The right credit card relief plan depends on your individual financial situation. The plan that saves you the most money may not...

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Putting Together a Debt Reduction Plan

Betsalel CohenApril 22, 2012

Debt Reduction Plan | Put together a debt reduction plan that meets your financial goals and situation. Learn about the steps it takes to...

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Payday Loan Settlement

Mark CappelApril 19, 2012

Debt Settlement Loan | Learn how to negotiate a payday loan settlement. It's not easy, but learn the steps to fight back against payday...

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Debt Relief Plans

Betsalel CohenApril 19, 2012

Debt Relief Plans | The right debt relief plan for your individual situation, depends on your income, assets, and credit score. Make the best choice by ...

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Credit Card Debt Elimination Programs

Betsalel CohenApril 18, 2012

Credit Card Debt Elimination Plans | Don't ignore your debt. By creating a budget and financial plan, you set the foundations to eliminate...

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Your Credit and Debt Relief

Mark CappelApril 12, 2012

Don't fall for a debt relief scam! Learn five signs of a scam, and 5 pros and cons of debt settlement and credit counseling.

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Free Credit Consolidation Services

Betsalel CohenApril 12, 2012

Free credit consolidation services may not exist, but you do have debt reduction plan options that will, at no or little cost, help you consolidate your debt. R

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Credit Card Relief Programs Basics

Betsalel CohenApril 3, 2012

Credit Card Relief Programs | Free tips and advice, so you save money and find the right credit card relief program for your individual situation. Start by...

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Settle Credit Card Debt |Take the First Steps

Betsalel CohenApril 2, 2012

Settle Credit Card Debt | If you are struggling to meet your minimum monthly payments, then learn how to settle credit card debt by yourself or with...

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The Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program

Betsalel CohenMarch 26, 2012

The 2009 Obama Credit Card Act exists, the Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program does not. Be wary of false claims. Instead, to solve your debt problems...

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Non-Profit Debt Relief

Mark CappelMarch 22, 2012

Non-Profit Debt Relief | Non-Profit Debt Relief can help you with credit card debt, bankruptcy, and student loans. It's important that you understand exactly...

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How to Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Faster

Betsalel CohenMarch 20, 2012

How to get rid of credit card debt | Make the decision to get out of credit card debt faster. No matter your financial position, you can find the right...

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Debt Reduction Services

Mark CappelMarch 15, 2012

'Debt reduction services' can mean the Boise, Idaho provider of credit counseling services, or companies offering debt resolution services...

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